6 Most Powerful Forces That Will Determine Explosive Business Growth, Anytime, Anywhere

The inconsistency and the seeming collapse of the building blocks that make up the business, career, family, and global walls are threat to the growth and progress of the world today.

Hitherto, in most countries like Nigeria, the Arab nations, among others, oil was paying for the sustainability of the citizens. But today, oil says “No more … All men should be responsible for their destinies”. Little wonder why a nation like Kenya that seemed poor is today becoming richer.

The truth? Exchange rate is the value of your life in comparison to the lives and businesses of other nation.

In the course of this year, I have personally been invited to teach business growth strategies in many organizations, especially among Churches, the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International around Port Harcourt city, among others. I have also mentored and monitored the Business Growth Mistakes made by some of my clients at Gabriel Onyekawa Consulting. I have written and published extensively some e-books on the areas of business establishment, growth and other related subjects (Locally CLICK HERE! and Globally CLICK HERE!)

Therefore, I stand a better chance to rightfully inform you on the subject the six most powerful forces that will determine explosive business growth anytime, anywhere

There are six most powerful forces when applied and utilized rightly will guarantee explosive business growth, but when undiscovered or abused, they form the major reasons why most people, regardless of their being too busy working for money, end up working hard, only to keep paying bills  and being indebted, without achieving the financial freedom and prosperity they earnestly desire.

Fortunately, a wiseacre says it rightly, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

In the next few articles, I shall be teaching you “6 Most Powerful Forces That Will Determine Explosive Business Growth, Anytime, Anywhere”

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