Could This Love Fail? Find Out!

Everything You Need To Know About Marriage (Episode 5)

Could This Love Fail? Find Out!

In today’s blog post entitled, “Could This Love Fail? Find Out!” I hope to bring to limelight what true love really is and what it’s not. I’ll also reveal to you why some relationships fails and how to overcome such failures.

I believe you enjoyed the episode 4 of this series, How To Spice Up Your Marriage?

Hear these: Any relationship outside God can never guarantee a true love. I know some married women who complained to me severally that they were not in love with their husbands, they were just “managing the man” quoting their exact words.

May I quickly ask you these questions: Have you being in such a situation? Have someone sometimes ago dejected you? Has someone broken your heart? May be, you gave your virginity (I am referring to both male and female) to someone who claimed to be in love and today you regret ever knowing him/her. Maybe, your so- called, “lover” has abandoned you for another person. There is still hope! You don’t need to die because of it! God has the key.

In this blog post, He shall speak to you in a language you’ll understand through the Holy Spirit.

Friedrich Nietzsche, speaking on this subject of love said, “There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness “The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death”. Regardless of what you are passing through now in your relationship, you don’t need to give up on yourself. You don’t need to give up on your partner.

Maybe you were told that the only happy people are those who have found someone; some cause to love and belong to.

Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend. You can still find true love, even in your current relationship. The only reason for frustration, stagnation, and gross failure ravaging your relationship and life today is IGNORANCE.

Hear this: there is no mountain anywhere every man’s ignorance  is his mountain. There is no special problem any where. Every man’s ignorance is his problem. So, there is no special challenges in your relationship or life entirely but special ignorance. You cannot enjoy what you do not understand. It is knowledge and revelation that culminate into manifestation. There is no better truth than these.

And ye shall know the truth, And the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32)

Beloved, let me shock you with this mystery, “It is not the truth (The Bible) that sets free! “ Would you believe me? Now, hear this: It is the truth you know that sets free. It is not the Bible that sets free but the knowledge of the Bible that sets free. That is why we have many believers and leaders fail in leading their families (Wives and children) aright. They may be Graduates, Professors, Teachers, Pastors, Bishops, Deacons, and other related persons. But they are not professionals. They lack the knowledge of the Truth. That is why they end up as failures in relationship affairs.

Until the light of what love is shines on you, you remain frustrated in every relationship you delve into. Thus, stop flirting around! Stop moving from one husband to another! Stop moving from one wife to another! Stop it!

Have you noticed that even the last person you ended up with, thinking that you have arrived, ended up disappointing you? All that glitters is not gold. If it is not from God, it can never be very good (Genesis 1:31 and Joshua 1:8). Until the foundation of love is discovered and built upon, glamour in your relationship with any body remains a history (Psalm 11:3).

If the foundations be destroyed, What can the righteous do?

You are the reason why God asked me to write this blog post. You are the reason why I was born. Even if you were the only person in this world, God would have sent me to rescue you from relationship decadence. Believe me love is a mystery. It is not real in the life of unbelievers (sinners). It is not real to satan, their master. Can satan, who is darkness himself give you love, which is light that he does not have?

Hear this! Love is light. And light is from God. God is light. He sent Christ as the light. And Christ has handled over the baton to as many as believe in Him to become the light (John 1: 1-12). Stop looking for love where love is not! “And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehended it not“(John 1:5). Till eternity, there will never be any meeting point for light and darkness.

Many people flirt around, refuse to get born again, but come to church to scout for believers to marry. But, they fail to understand what the law of attraction does in marriage. Hear this truth: Who you are is what you attract in any relationship! If you are good, good people will come around you. If you are bad, evil will follow you. That is why in marriage, who you are is who you attract. Thus, stop fooling yourself, thinking that you will get a good man or woman in the church. Hear this story:

A young man, who has messed up his life through womanizing, smoking and other related social vices, wanted to “settle down”. He decided to go to a church and claim to be born again. So that he would marry a decent lady. And make a good home. He was seemingly lucky to be attracted to the head of the choristers (the choirs). Few weeks later, they were married. It was not up till three months, their true nature started manifesting.

The man went back to his former life; the woman was seemingly begging him to stop those negative attitudes. But, he would not listen. To his utmost dismay, he never knew that his wife had dated all his friends and their co-tenants; even his younger and elder brothers; but, had always claimed to be born again. Until one day he decided to come home with one of his concubines. On unlocking the door to the bedroom, he saw his own biological father on top of his wife.

This is exactly what the law of attraction does in relationships. Who you are is who you attract. Thus, stop blaming your partner for not loving you, check the foundations. The problem you are facing in that relationship is not that your partner is bad. It might be that you are the one who is bad. You might be the problem.

Love has an attractive force in it. It is a magnet.  It gives momentum to objects that are at rest (Human beings inclusive). It propels actions in opposite and equal directions. Think about this!

Dear, I believe that you now have a clearer understanding of what love is. But, what are the requirements for being in love? What do you need to look out for before getting connected to a person in love? What does it take to walk in love? All these and many more will be the focus of this book:

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