How To Build A Successful Blog (A Step -By -Step Guide)

Part One

How To Build A Successful Blog (A Step-By Step Guide)

How To Build A Successful Blog (A Step -By -Step Guide) 

Do You Want To Become A Professional Blogger?

Do You Wish To Know How To Make Money Blogging?

Do You Desire To Become Financially-Free Through Blogging?

Then, look no more!

I have finally taken out time from my busy schedule to answer these seeming hydra-headed questions of my clients and readers who have been calling me on phone, sending e-mails to me or chatting with me via WhatsApp.

Little wonder why John Mason once said, “A single conversation with the right person can be more valuable than years of study”. Therefore, in this series, I shall be dealing with some of the major questions intending bloggers and other bloggers have been asking me. At the end of the season, if you seriously follow me, without missing any blog post in relation to blogging, you will become a seasoned professional blogger. Interested?

Questions I Hope To Answer In This Series?
What is a blog?
When and where did blogging start?
Why should you blog?
What should you blog about?
How to create your blog
How to make money with affiliate income
How to make money with e-books publishing?
How to make money through digital advertisements?
Why to build your own e-mail list
How to write great contents that get shared
How to grow your blog and get more readers
The secret means uses to make money through blogging
How to grow your blog and get more readers
How to become irresistible in the blogosphere
How to make money with your blog
The best businesses you can do with your blog and make money
And many others

Lesson #1


Quoting the words of Hugh Hewitt, from his book, BLOG, (2005:ix),
“Blog is short for weblog. Log means “diary”, as in a captain’s log on a ship. Weblog means a diary of sorts maintained on the internet by one or more regular contributors. Usually just one, sometimes two or three, rarely more than three.

The first blog appeared in 1999. Give or take a year.
There are now more than 4,000,000 blogs. Think about that. From 1 to 4,000,000 in five years.

Blogs first got noticed when they invaded the real of politics and journalism in a big way. An entire universe of poliblogs sprang up to do commentary on politics and, necessarily, about media. These blogs raised huge sums of money for candidates, changed the contours of citizen political participation, and altered the course of the 2004 presidential election…”

Hugh Hewitt, summarized by saying that a blog is an online site with time-dated postings, maintained by one or more posters, that features links and commentary.

A blog is thus an online site that is updated by its author(s) frequently which is bound to attract visitors consistently. Hewitt further stated that Blog is book about TRUST; how old media-mainstream media-lost it and how new media is gaining it.

Blogs brought radical transformation, if not revolution, on news and information dissemination system.

In today’s world, an individual blogger can compete favourably on equal footing with multinational newspaper publishing companies. With specialized knowledge and information, anyone can become a professional blogger and Internet Millionaire. This is because the Internet is creating more millionaires faster than any other medium in history.

The Internet has redefined the way people around the world work, access information, socialize, communicate and buy/sell products.

A BLOGGER: A blogger is one who churns out readable postings at intervals on a blog. A blogger who dedicates himself to his work (Blogging) will at the long run establish a reputation on the internet much more quickly than he/she imagines, especially if supported by genuine reciprocity and other media.

“Blogging is nearly cost-free opportunity to establish or defend a brand and introduce new products or buzz, and to do so over and over again.” Noted Hewitt.

Lesson #2


Generating blogging business ideas is both complex and simple. If you pick a topic to blog about which you are not passionate about, you will soon get tired.
In the same vein, if you blog about what you are passionate about which is not what your prospective readers long to read about, you will lack adequate traffic and will soon burn out and be phased out.

If you know the rules and play by them, you will not run into problems.
Hear these: Ideas are the real wealth of life. Those who lack ideas end up as nobodies on earth. Money is not the cure to poverty; transformative ideas and consequent application of these ideas beneficially are the real cure to poverty. (You Can Read The Comprehensive Blog post or l Article, CLICK HERE!)

John Mason once said, “A single conversation with the right person can be more valuable than years of study” Thus, regardless of your question in relation to Relationships, Get Answers From An Entrepreneurial Guru/Mentor In Minutes, Anytime!

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