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Good To Know That You’re Interested in our business ideation, development and GROWTH Consulting Services!

Do You Desire To Grow Your Business…More Customers, More Profits, and More Success?

Then, Gabriel Onyekawa Consulting has the solution!

Do You Aspire To Start A Business?

Gabriel Onyekawa Consulting via AlaNaija.com will educate, inspire, and prepare you for efficiency and effectiveness. We also help you prepare and file the necessary documents needed to start your business in any state. We help you REGISTER or INCORPORATE YOUR BUSINESS NAME WITH the CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION (CAC), Abuja; among other professional services that are geared towards your business growth.

Already In Business?

AlaNaija.com will mentor and coach you to achieve extraordinary peak and profitability in such business/career. We are FAST, DEPENDABLE, AFFORDABLE and GUARANTEED!

However, sequel to the fact that Business Growth, if not well managed, somehow, has an inherent failure seed in it, we at Gabriel Onyekawa Consulting aims at helping OUR CLIENTS to ANALYZE and DEFINE the Internal Threats to their long-term business and organizational success.

Gabriel Onyekawa Consulting is a Personal Branding and Business Growth Consulting Outfit devoted to making our client’s enjoy Entrepreneurial Support, Locate Business Funding Ideas, Know Vision Analysis Strategies, Connect to Business Growth Tips, Network with other Business People, among other benefits.

Gabriel Onyekawa Consulting is a team of professionals with Global Focus, who are willing to partner with Individuals, Governments, Industries, Academia, Non-For-Profit Organizations among other related bodies.

At Gabriel Onyekawa Consulting, OUR SERVICES cover:

Business Growth Consulting

Research and Development

Web Designing and Hosting

Marketing, Career, Training and Personal Branding Services

Public Speaking Services

News, Media and Publishing

Digital Advertising

University Project Writing Assistance

Professional CV Writing and Development

Professional Business Plan and Proposal Writing

Business Name and Company Registration

Book Editing And Upgrading Services

Product Ideation, Packaging and Marketing

Blog/Web Management

Human Resource Management (With focus on Recruitment and People Problem Prevention service)


General Contracts

We also Stock and Supply Bibles, Motivational, Christian And Educational Materials (E-Books, Books, Audio-Visual files, etc). No matter the book or information material/product you may want, Gabriel Onyekawa Consulting has access to it. Contact us and we shall get it for you at the cheapest price ever.

Of a truth, you cannot regret HIRING US (Click To Hire Me) because we mentor and consult our clients to move speedily from ideation to total growth and sustainability.

Our Services are actually real time (Online). Thus, we can reach out to any of our clients, no matter where they are located.

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Not just these, we also do Professional Network Marketing Consulting! See Sample! or Visit our BLOG