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Attention All Unmarried Singles Seriously Searching! “3 Alarming Questions Before Marriage…”

Find out how a young man, ready to marry, seriously searching, wasted a period of 9 years, 6 months searching for a wife. How he discovered this SHOCKING SECRET CODE for a successful and sustainable marriage and dramatically located his ideal wife, got wedded in exactly 6 months, 14 days.

This marital success breakthrough code has been there from time immemorial but has been the exclusive reserve of some select few. Its revelation through this blog post will shock you (Though randomly positioned to be discovered by a seriously minded reader).

Believe me, you will never understand just how wrong you have been, searching for a soul mate until you finished reading this blog post and the attached DOWNLOADABLE e-book!

Therefore, even if you are in a relationship leading to marriage now, do not print your wedding cards until you finish reading these materials. (I bet you, it will be a shocker to you!).

In today’s blog post, “3 Alarming Questions Before Marriage”, you will…

  • Discover how I went from the ‘seriously searching for a wife association’ to becoming a father of three great kids.
  • 7 shocking revealing questions before marriage that teaches you more about love, sex, and marriage with your partner.
  • What most unmarried persons do not know about getting married that has been seriously defrauding them of their marital destinies.
  • 7 powerful tips most couples have refused to tell you about marriage that has kept you unmarried.
  • Everything you need to know before you say, ‘I do!’
  • And many more!

My Personal Experience

It is quite unfortunate that some people today see how I positively relate with my wife, kids, and household, and think that I was lucky.

Do you think that I found my wife on a silver platter? Wait until I finished telling you my story in this session!

It all started many years ago when I made up my mind to choose a wife for myself. I never knew that I was doing it out of ignorance because I knew nothing about marriage then, except the glimpses of pictures I saw in my parents’ marriage and that of closer neighbors. The truth was that most of these pictures were pictures of unsuccessful marriages rather than successful ones. 

I made my mistakes in the process. These mistakes I would not like you to make. Hence, the need for this masterpiece.

Severally, I entered into seeming relationships that I thought would lead to a sustainable marriage, but, in all I was wrong!

I remember; on one occasion, on a prayer ground, my only prayer was, “Lord, I need a wife!” On that same ground, I met a lady, fair in complexion, with all the curves in the right places, fluent in English, and well adorned. I felt that God had answered my prayers “Sharp! Sharp!!”. I foresaw a sustainable marriage; but, I was wrong!

I approached her, “wooed her” and presented my “Manifesto” to her. She was almost accepting my proposal, when she voiced out, “Let me pray about it; and get back to you!” Though, this was in the pretense of being a godly lady, when in actual sense, she was not even born again. Meanwhile, that statement later manifested as a blessing to me rather than delay or disappointment.

I waited patiently while lavishing money on her, in the name of ‘Treasure”. I did one significant thing during that period! I decided to carry out research about her. Guess what I discovered? She was a mother with a son of about three (3) years old, as at then, she never had any intention of disclosing it to me.

How did I get to know about her undisclosed secret?

Now, hear these:

On that fateful day, I booked an appointment with her for us to visit a fast food joint and chat more about our private lives. This was when the bump-shell was let loose. How?

I called her on the phone that day. While I was still chatting with her on phone, a voice (The Holy Spirit) told me that she had three important issues she was hiding from me, among which included her three-year-old son. I screamed and shouted, “Impossible!” But, the Spirit urged me to verify the truth from her, which I did and she denied.

Just like an average lady desperate to hide facts and get a man entangled before letting loose the truth, she lied to me.

She told me that I should wait until the said time for our appointment, then, I should look at her body and ask her again the same question, then, she would know that I was serious.

She wanted to deceive me with her firm body, even after giving birth. I nearly believed her response, when a thought came to me to confirm the fact from her cousin. That I did and the truth was unveiled.

Since I did not want to marry someone who has given birth to another man, I broke the relationship with her. My major reason is that a relationship that was anchored on lies can never stand, “For if the foundation be broken, what shall the righteous do?” (Psalms 11:3)

I forged ahead with my life and my prayer point, “Lord, I need a wife!”

Meanwhile, even before this lady came forth, I had a relationship I nurtured for more than two years.

The lady’s father happened to be a close friend of mine; a respected mentor. It would have been my honor marrying my mentor’s daughter; but, two persons cannot work together, except they agree.

My relationship with the lady was emotionally balanced, intellectually respected, and upheld; however, I later discovered that she loved me just as I did but, she was not my kind of lady. We were simply incompatible!

Beloved, the reason why I was able to escape the sneers of the enemy (The devil) and later married God’s Perfect Will for my life, as a wife, was because I was able to test all things; holding fast that which is good (1 Thessalonians 5:21). I did not buy into the deceptive appearances of the ladies who came my way looking for who to deceive. I majored in choosing the right partner for me based on the truth and facts and not on fantasy and fiction.

Want to find out How To ATTRACT And SUSTAIN The Opposite Sex For A SUSTAINABLE MARRIAGE? I would be exposing that in the next few lines of this blog post. However, if you are about to tie the nuptial knot with someone, do not go any further, until you read the remaining session of this blog post thoroughly.


3 Alarming Questions Before Marriage

So many people are still confused on the subject of choosing the ideal marriage partner: “How do I know the right marriage partner for me?”   

Choosing your ideal marriage partner is simple; but, ignorance and laziness have made the process tough. 

You do not need to wait for donkey years before you locate your marriage partner. It does not take time. It only takes God! 

Connect to God. Discover and apply His principles for choosing your ideal marriage partner. Practice the principles and your result is guaranteed, in less than no time. 

#1 Alarming Questions Before Marriage


The following Bible-based facts from Dr. David Yonggi Cho buttressed this point, in his book titled, “The Fourth Dimension” (1979:8-9):

The Lord never welcomes vague prayers. When the son of Timaeus, the blind Bartimaeus came running after Jesus Christ, he cried, “Oh, thou Son of David, be merciful to me. “Although everybody knew that Bartimaeus was asking for the healing of his blindness, Christ asked, “What do you want me to do for you?” Christ wants very specific requests. Bartimaeus said, “Sir, I want to see” Jesus replied, “It shall be done unto you as you believe.” Bartimaeus opened his eyes.

…When you bring your request to the Lord, come with a specific request, with a definite objective, with a clear-cut goal. 

… What kind of husband or wife have you been asking for? …God never works by Himself, but only through you. God is the eternal source but He only works through your requests. 

Thus, if you had ever wished to get married on your terms, you will need to sit down with some plain (white) papers and a pen, write down who your ideal husband or wife is in plain (clear) terms. 

What kind of husband or wife do you want? Write it down!

Do you want your husband or your wife to be as tall as six feet, or as small as five feet? Write it down!

Do you want your husband or your wife to be slim and nice-looking, or just pleasantly plump? Write it down!

What kind of hobby do you want your husband or your wife to have? Write it down!

What kind of job do you want your husband or your wife to have? Write it down! 

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Then, close your eyes. See your husband or your wife mentally and spiritually. This is because until you see your husband or wife clearly in your imagination, you cannot access him or her. Unfortunately, God will never answer!

See your husband or wife clearly before you begin to pray. God never answers vague prayers.

Afterward, take your written paper and paste it on a central place, where you visit often; for example, your make-up mirror (If it is large enough), by the side of your bed, behind your room door, or any other related places of your choice.

Finally, every evening, before you go to sleep, read those points aloud, and every morning when you get up, read them aloud and praise God for the answers.

Believe me, if God is God, you shall be gloriously celebrated in marriage soonest in Jesus’ name! Amen!

#2 Alarming Questions Before Marriage


Vision is the discovery of purpose. It means having adequate insight into God’s ordained Assignment for your life here on earth. Without vision, you end in confusion and frustration.

That a man hustles to make quick money is not enough guarantees to make a good husband! Hustlers do not make good husbands but vision-bearers do! 

You do not get married to a hustler, except you wish to perpetually struggle like him. Even among the female folks; any lady whose focus is on money alone can do anything to make money, including evil. That is one of the major reasons some marriages wreck. The wife is always unsatisfied because of the seeming average level of the husband’s wealth. Some take to selling their bodies just to make extra income. But, is it worth it? 

As a woman, look for a vision-bearer! A man whose vision you respect and desire to partner with; a man who understands his purpose for existence and is passionately pursuing his dreams; a man whose vision is compatible with your life’s goal (purpose). Look for that man! This is because vision is a powerful tool. 

Vision in a man’s mind can create a definite result. Stop following hustlers! They can ruin your destiny!

Hear how Dr. David Yonggi Cho puts it:

…We dwell in limited bodies, whereas the Holy Spirit in His omnipresence can simply incubate over the whole earth. But we are so limited in space and time, and the only way for us to incubate is through our imaginations, through our visions and dreams.

This is the reason the Holy Spirit comes to cooperate with us – to create, by helping young men to see visions, and old men to dream dreams. Through envisioning and dreaming dreams we can kick away the wall of limitation and can stretch out to the universe.

That is the reason that God’s Word says, “Where there is no vision the people perish” If you have no vision, you are not being creative; and if you stop being creative, then you are going to perish. 

Believe me, marrying a man who lacks a definite vision for his life is gambling with your destiny. Both of you will soon perish; no matter how much he seems to have in his bank account now!

As a lady, before you accept a man’s proposal for marriage, check out his vision and know whether it is compatible with your own. Same goes with the men; look out for compatibility in your vision with that of your wife-to-be before saying, “I do!”. Make sure her vision aligns with yours. 

Find out if she is ready to make sacrifices, just like you hope to do, to bring the vision to pass.

(For a clearer understanding of vision and how it affects your marriage, purchase a copy of my best-selling book, “In Pursuit Of Love” -It is available on Amazon and other global bookstores worldwide).

But, What Are The Demands For Discovering Your Vision on Earth?

#1: Be Born Again: Salvation guarantees manifestation (Matt. 6:33). Until you repent, access to revelations (the hidden secrets of God) is not in view. God is a God of mysteries, little wonder why Jesus Christ came on earth and spoke in mysteries. 

It takes mysteries to become a master. And vision is one of the mysteries of God’s kingdom. 

Vision creates masters on earth. We are created to have dominion on earth (Gen. 1:26-28). But, it takes vision. And without being born again, you can never have access to your divine vision; at best, you access worldly ambition, which can kill; for there is a way which seems right onto a man but the end thereof is the way of death. 

As such, until you are born again, you cannot enjoy any relationship. Be born again and you will become sensitive to the voice of the Spirit.

#2: Be filled with the Holy Spirit: Being born again is the foundation for a Christ-like life. But, you must be filled with the Holy Spirit to make an impact on the earth (Acts 1:8; Acts 2). 

Have you cared to ask why the same Peter who could not stand for Jesus at the point of Jesus’ death was able to lead over 3,000 unbelievers to Christ when he was endued with the Holy Spirit? 

It takes the Holy Spirit to access Power and manifest purpose on earth. Think about this!

You cannot successfully make the right choice in marriage without the leading of the Holy Spirit. This is what is called Divine Direction. The Bible says:

The meek will he guide in judgment: and the meek will he teach his way. (Ps. 25:9)

And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.

And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers. (Jn. 10:4-5) 

And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.

And it was so, when Elijah heard it, that he wrapped his face in his mantle, and went out, and stood in the entering in of the cave. And, behold, there came a voice unto him, and said, What doest thou here, Elijah? (1 Kings 19:12-13)

The spirit of man is the candle of the LORD, searching all the inward parts of the belly. (Prov. 20:27)

Divine leading makes the journey to getting married easy and fast. When God speaks, all doubts dissolve; and obstructing forces cease from their operations. Thus, success is guaranteed. You cannot be consistently directed by God and end up missing your way in life!

#3: Consciously Ask For It! What you do not desire, you do not deserve. Until you desire a thing, it might not be given (Matt. 7:7-8). 

The desire for the purpose of God for your life (Vision) is what guarantees your receipt. 

To discover vision, ask God for it. Ask God in prayers and fasting (Prayer of enquiry).

#4: Go For the Word: The mysteries of God’s kingdom are wrapped up in His Word (The Bible). Until you locate the right Word for your life, manifestation is not guaranteed (John 6: 63; John 1:1-5; John 1: 14). 

As you look unto the Word, darkness in and around you will be terminated! (John 1:5).

However, you can locate the Word by listening to great messages by the spirit of just men made perfect (Great men of God), reading and studying the Bible, reading great Christian books and literature, having fellowship with others in churches and Home cells and being sensitive to the voice of God.

#5: Be Meek: To be meek means to be teachable. It is only the meek who has access to the deep things of God, including divine vision. 

Without meekness, you weakness becomes visible; you cannot have access to God’s vision without humility in place (Ps. 22: 26; Ps. 25:9; Ps. 37:11; Ps. 147:6).

Some Of The Ways Of Discovering Your Vision

Discover And Pursue Your Passion: Of a truth, vision is the opposite of ambition. Vision is selfless while ambition is selfish. Vision is from God while ambition is man-made. Thus, divine vision is from the heart while ambition is from the head. 

However, a lot of people seem to be frustrated and stagnated because they have been waiting ignorantly for God to speak concerning His vision for their lives. But, to no avail.

They just want to hear God boldly say to them, “My son (or daughter), I want you to marry Nkechi or Brother Kingsley…” Yes, it is possible for God to speak that way, but, it is rare!

When you have not heard clearly from God about who to marry, look inwards; who are you passionate about? Study him/her and ask the Holy Spirit to show you who he/she is…the inner glory, character and future charisma. This is because charisma without a good character equals confusion.

If you are satisfied with what you see in the person, go for the person. Just take a step, God will perfect the rest. It would not take long, soonest you will see that the vision of God for your life has been fulfilled.


Stop saying, “I’m waiting for God’s time!” in ignorance. Otherwise, you will be grounded. God forbid! Not for You!!!

Bishop David Oyedepo, on his own, in his best-selling book, “Ruling Your World” (2005:40-45), stated the following as some of the ways through which you can discover your purpose in life; following Biblical approaches:

1. Through visionary encounters

2. Through prayers of enquiry

3. Through natural endowments

4. By Pursuing Your Passion

In addendum, culling from the works of Dr. Mike Murdock, in his book, “The Assignment”, I discovered the following additional ways of discovering your God ordained Assignment on earth. Below are his suggestions for discovering your purpose in life:

1. What You Love Is A Clue To The Gifts, Skills, And Wisdom You Possess. 

2. What Grieves You Is A Clue To Something You Are Assigned To Heal.

3. What You Hate Is A Clue To Something You Are Assigned To Correct. 

4. Observe the opportunities and threats inherent in the environment where you live.

5. Research to discover solutions to existing problems.

#3 Alarming Questions Before Marriage


As a woman, ready to get married, what do you know about the subject of marriage, love and sex? Are you aware that you have to be TOTALLY SUBMISSIVE to your husband? That is unconditional submissiveness. 

As a man about to marry, do you know that you will have to love your wife, even as Jesus Christ loves the church? Your love to her should be unconditional. That is why I say, “Marriage is the only platform where you will be annoyed with your wife and still give her money to feed the family and protect her, even in the heat of that annoyance.” It might not be logical but that is what marriage is all about in reality.

Marriage is not just a function of money availability. Marriage is beyond money. Money spices marriage. Money is not a determinant of how successful a marriage will be. You can be married to a multi-billionaire and never be happy in such marriage for one day. 

Unfortunately, some people still accept men or propose to women for marriage because of how “loaded” they are in pounds and in dollars! Little wonder their marriages lack fulfillment. 

When you marry for money, mockery becomes your portion. When money accumulation is your major standard for measuring an ideal man, suffering soon takes over the trend. I am not saying that you should not marry a rich man. Rather, I am asking you to look beyond the money; see his real person.

Marrying for money is gambling with your destiny. Any game of chance is not a worthy game. Gambling with your marriage is dying without knowing it.

A lot of destinies have been wasted because their sole purpose of getting married is not to fulfill the Words of God or love but to go out of the shackles of poverty.

Why are you in a haste to rush into marriage? Is it because you think that you have suffered enough? Why do you want to say “Yes” to that young man? Is it because he has abundant money? What is your major motivation?

Remember, if you marry for the wrong reason, your life becomes a disaster. And all your seasons in marriage will become seasons of woes and regrets.

You need to have adequate information about your suitor, marriage success formula, financial intelligence, goal setting skills, planning, among other relevant to enjoy a successful and sustainable marriage, home or family.

Information means “Light”. It means “Insight”. It means revelation. It is the only guarantee for impact and revolution in any relationship. 

Information is the foundation for transformation. Thus, when you are not informed, you are deformed. Information attracts reformation and dramatic revolution.

Information has a great role to play in any relationship. It is a yardstick for measuring true love. This might not make meaning to you now, but read this:

A man who is informed ought to know what to do to take good care of his wife. 

A man who is well informed knows his rights and can defend his partner’s right; same with a well-informed lady.

In any relationship where information is lacking, deformation is the order of the day. 

Information makes you know what to do in a relationship in order to secure your relationship.

Do you know that with information, you will never be reckoned as a dullard? Even if you do not know how to cook, there are books in the market that will cheaply teach you. Of course, Google search is your friend! 

Maybe you do not know how to make love, there are anointed books that can teach you how. Or, maybe you do not know how to dress professionally; there are books that can teach you the best steps to follow in order to be fashionable. 

Information is light. Light guarantees your manifestation. A well informed person can never flirt around looking for illicit sex. Why? Because there are books that you can buy, read, study, and practice, that will secure your marital destiny.

Beloved, before choosing a partner, check the information level of the person. A man who is not well informed on the subject of marriage might not lead you aright. He might not take good care of you. Same is any lady who does not understand marriage; she would always listen to gossips and third party advice to run her family. 

A woman who is not rightly informed will wreck her marriage even before it begins. Ignorance is not sin. It is a heavy weight. It can lead you to sin. Ignorance is a destroyer. It attracts hatred for no reason.

Information precedes love. Without knowledge love is in shambles. Loving an ignorant man or woman is connecting to darkness without knowledge. That is why I personally advocate that everyone should make oneself an asset by getting educated. 

By being educated, I do not just mean being schooled, but tangible studying and discovering of vital insight for running and sustaining productive, successful and sustainable marriages.

Information makes a man to love you with reasons and not just emotion. A man who loves you only emotionally is bound to leave you when the emotions subside. 

I have personally discovered that what sustain a relationship is not just love; but, information and commitment.

What you know about your prospective or real marriage partner is what entangles you in the relationship, even when others suggest that you abandon the relationship. 

Many have been deceived with the statement, “Love is blind”. Hear this: Love is not blind! When you close your eyes to some vital factors of consideration before entering into a relationship, you end up regretting over that relationship. 

When you close your eyes and choose a marriage partner, you may open your eyes and discover that you have done it wrongly or chosen the wrong person. God forbid!

Information is a criterion for measuring a prospective marriage partner. Examine the suitor who wants your hand in marriage: how informed is he? What does that lady, you want to propose to, know about managing a home? How well are you managing your life? Are you responsible to your parents? How do you relate to your mother?

Sister, any man who does not take good care of his parents cannot take good care of you. How can one give what one does not have? A person who is not informed cannot inform you!

Marriage is a meeting of two seeming imperfect persons, a man and a woman, with God as the controller. But, that does not mean that both of them should be fools. 

Believe me; a union of fools will produce foolish descendants as children. An uninformed person is also limited in his finances. This is because it is financial literacy that produces financial abundance. Money gives wheel to marriage. How can you be taken care of without money?

Information produces financial abundance and guarantees marital manifestation. Without information, marriage might not work. That is why jumping into marriage without knowing what marriage is all about is jumping into the marine without considering the consequences.

Information brings money; and money manifests marriage. Are you already in a relationship? You need to re-assess your relationship; for if the foundation be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?

Information illuminates a woman’s mind to come to the realization that the actual owner of her breasts is the husband and not the children. The children are temporary owners while the husband is the permanent owner. Little wonder why those who abuse their breasts, maybe by exposing them in the marketplace (Public), in the name of breast-feeding their babies, end up having their husbands cheat on them. Why? 

Unseen things seem to be better than the seen ones. Package your breasts well! Make it appealing for your husband’s ‘usage’. There is power in the breasts of a woman! (Don’t ask me to prove it! Ask other men…Hahahaaa!)

Believe me; if you do not take good care of your breasts and make them comely to your husband, you may end up pushing him into temptation without knowing it.

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Why would you be dishonouring your breasts by exposing them provocatively in the marketplace (Public) and think that your husband would be happy with you? No! Only a few uncultured men would tolerate such!

At home, you constantly appear dirty because you have given birth to two kids. What a shame! Were you like that when he found you worthy to be his wife? Where you publicly exposing your breasts to the public before he found you attractive and chose you to be his wife? If yes, then, continue. If No, you need a rethink!

Information is not just about going to our secular schools to acquire distinctions and credits. Information precedes successful and sustainable relationship. Until you have at least a pass mark in personal branding, your relationship hangs precariously on the altar of abuse. May you never lose your partner!

Information means adequate knowledge. Until you have adequate insight about marriage, you do not enjoy marriage. Little wonder why Myles Munroe said that what actually sustains marriage is not love but knowledge. 

The level of your insight in relationship affairs determines the level of your impact in relationship. 

Those who take time to study relationships end up manifesting mightily in relationships. Except you have enough light in relationship affairs, you do not make enough impact on it. Light (Knowledge applied correctly) rule the world. 

The major factors responsible for your seeming frustration, stagnation, and gross failure in relationship and life today are IGNORANCE and LAZINESS.

Bishop David Oyedepo said that there is no mountain anywhere every man’s ignorance is his mountain. Thus, there is no special problem anywhere; every man’s ignorance is his problem. 

In the same vein, there is no special challenge in your relationship or life entirely but special ignorance and laziness. 

You cannot enjoy what you do not understand. It is knowledge and revelation that culminate into manifestation. There is no better truth than these!

If I were you, I would sit down and study what marriage and successful relationship is all about; and not jumping from one relationship to the other; and getting consistently heart-broken in the process. 

Study and you will be separated for a successful relationship. Study if you do not want to be stupid!

The love that speaks is the love that applies knowledge. It is the love that is based on information and not emotion alone. 

Emotion can draw two persons together but it is logical information that sustains them. Information leads to commitment. And commitment leads to commandment. And when you are in command, the devil loses control and barks off your relationship. 

You cannot reprimand the devil when you are not in command. Only commanders reprimand!

Stop crying for lack of a husband or wife! Stop praying against marital delay! Stop fighting a cause that has been won for you over two thousand years ago! 

What you actually need to come out of any marital stagnation is information. In the process of studying, revelation comes on you! Remember, it is revelation that guarantees manifestation.

Take a step now, go to a bookshop, get more anointed books on relationship (Marriage), take out at least three days and study them. If possible, fast alongside the studying, and as long as the Lord lives, three days will be too much for your eyes of understanding to be opened. This would restore your marital destiny and make it secured.

God is not a mocker. Whatever He says, He does. It is His honour to hide and secure things. But, it is the honour of kings and queens (believers) to unveil them. I prophesy to you now, “The last shame you suffered in your relationship shall be the last forever in Jesus name!” Amen!

But, it takes hard work!

Discover More Alarming Questions Before Marriage…

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what you before you fall in love
what you before you fall in love
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