how fast can you go from zero to cash...?
how fast can you go from zero to cash...?

Important Note: This message, “5 Powerful Steps For Building A Business That The World Will Envy” is long; but, if you seriously have the desire to unravel the secrets of going from zero to cash in 2018, then, read everything, read in-between the lines. Above all, take practical steps because I can only teach you what to do but I might not do it for you. You are absolutely responsible for the outcome of your life!

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Robert Allen once asked me a surprising question, “Suppose I drop you in a strange city for a week. I give you a place to sleep, food, and a computer with access to the Internet. Suppose you must start from scratch without relying on any of your existing Web sites or database. You have no products to market, no information to sell, no service to pitch! I’m talking about starting from ground series. Zero to cash. How soon could you be up and making money? Would you even know where to start?”

Beloved, of a truth, initially, when he suddenly asked me this question, I almost shivered. How on earth can one go from zero to cash in a strange land? I remembered an average African who struggles to make money hustling around. But, in this case, I only need to use the computer with access to the Internet and achieve the expected result.

Have you seen yourself in a tight situation where the next meal is unforeseen and you have to pray seriously just to feed? Have you been indebted before and your debtors are calling you for their money yet you have not even seen the next meal let alone paying off the debt? Have you been in a situation where you see yourself giving excuses for non-performance? Do you even have a concrete plan for the glorious year 2018? How can you actualize your dream of going from zero to cash in 2018 using the Internet as a tool for making money? Still have no answer? Then, let me teach you a little! Let me be your coach henceforth and take you hands-on into the world of making money through a digital idea. Let me train you just as I have trained over two thousand participants in my Business Institute, APPLESOFT BUSINESS INSTITUTE (ABI). Interested? Let’s go!

Hear me: schooling is not the same thing as training. Schooling is short term with a short life span while training is long term with an eternal life span. Schooling is done in a class while training is a beyond the classroom experience. Schooling qualifies you to work for a company and make a minute percentage of the total earnings of the company or organization while training qualifies you to become a Master in a particular area. This guarantees your access to a major percentage of the company’s or organization’s money accruing to you. You determine your pay with training and not with schooling. In schooling, you look for job while in training, work looks for you because you already have what is rear, which they desire to engage and achieve their desired result. School certificate cannot be transferred but training is transferable. Little wonder why I have been able to multiply myself into these over two thousand graduates of my Business Institute, APPLESOFT BUSINESS INSTITUTE (ABI).

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It takes training to triumph Training makes you to see opportunities in challenges and problems while schooling makes you to see challenges in opportunities. Little wonder why many graduates are seemingly unemployable! They were schooled but not trained. Come for training!

Now, let me quickly take you through the steps I will take in 2018 and grow from zero to cash using the Internet as a tool for making money through my blogging business. This article also serves as an answer to the question my mentor Robert Allen asked me.


The marketplace of today is full of opportunities. These opportunities came into existence because of the hydra-headed challenges of people today as a result of the global economic meltdown prevalent in the world’s marketplace. He who has the solution has the money when the solution is well packaged and well-marketed.

When you enter any seeming strange city, identify with them, blend with them, and make them come closer to you. Ask questions and locate their cardinal challenges and problems. This is because until you solve their challenges and problems, you will never have their money. Until you have something of value to offer in exchange for what you desire you might not make it in a strange land.

Believe me, the year 2018 shall go down in history as a digitally dominated year. Many digital companies shall emerge from Africa that will dominate the world and put fears in the hearts of the present digital world-changers like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Bill Gates of Microsoft Inc., among others. Multi-Level Marketing approach shall be adopted by over 40% of the major companies of the money and the wise digital investors shall make untold money via these platforms. Cryptocurrency shall cause a paradigm shift and some seeming Industrial Age rich people, who refused to accept and blend digital means to their businesses, will run out of sales because their turnover rate shall be next to nothing. Young entrepreneurs shall emerge and take over the entrepreneurship world while most old fashion seeming kings of the jungle in entrepreneurship will complain and fight in futility until they become history.

Dear, what I said above are not prophesies but realities. They have already happened waiting for manifestation. Hear me, if any of them did not come to pass before the end of 2018, then, I did not see well. Never take my counsel anymore henceforth!

God commissioned me as an end-time Apostle and Prophet over the Market People! I carry The Marketplace Anointing! You can mock me but you cannot stop God’s Words through me from coming to pass! Those who know me among my members and students can attest to the fact that I cannot mentor you and you will end up a failure. It is practically impossible! This is not pride but practical!

Therefore, in 2018, without adopting a digital means to solving people’s challenges and problems, you might not go from zero to cash speedily!


‘The money is in the list’ does not just apply to the database of seeming hungry fishes who have gone into your funnel. It also applies to your catalog of people’s challenges and problems.

In life, you shall only be remembered for the problems you solved or the once you created. The problem you solve adds value to you while the problem you create detracts from you. You go forward by solving people’s problems and challenges. But, you go backwards by the problems you create. Any challenge or problem you create is a bar added to your cage of imprisonment. The more problems you create, the more imprisoned you become. Though, existing but not living. Little wonder the numerous ‘walking corpse’ we have littered in the streets today waiting the maturity of time for their obituaries to be announced. Do not add to that statistic! Look for a problem to solve. Write it down first.

Supporting this step, the book of Habakkuk chapter two verses one to three documented: “I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved. And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry”.

Thus, what challenges and problems do you see around you? Write them down. They are pointers to the Assignment you are called to fulfill. Vision is for an appointed time! Stop running away from challenges and problems, embrace them, solve them and make more money out of them! I will teach you how hence you keep reading and sharing my posts. [You can also get the full gist directly deposited consistently into your best e-mail by enrolling into my Business Institute, APPLESOFT BUSINESS INSTITUTE (ABI)].


Have far you go in life is a function of how far you see in life. A myopic life vision will always culminate into an average life span. The farther you see, the more money you make. Insight determines impact. And impact attracts money without struggles. Little wonder why many are antagonizing the church founders and the unending wealth seen around them. The major reason for that it that they are impacting the world with good news and illuminating the world with the light of the gospel of Christ, nothing more, nothing less!

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How far you go in running any vision is a function of the plan on ground navigating the ship of the vision. Trying to run a vision without a written direction is like building a house without a building plan, you do not need to be told that it would soon collapse. Even if it elapsed, you cannot compare the result with a consciously planned building.

Your Business Plan is your business life guard. Without adequate planning to succeed, you are planning to fail. Many businesses today fail because their founders have no master plan for running the business. Thus, anything or seeming idea goes, even those that will work and those that will not work.

Also, your Business Proposal is your link to intending investors, Angel Investors and/or Venture Capitalists. Combined with a thoroughly written and developed Business Plan, you have no reason to fail in 2018. Other information can be accessed through my best-selling e-book, “Secrets Of Business Breakthrough” among others


Sequel to the fact that many economic problems and challenges are solvable using digital processes, especially using the internet as a tool, it now follows that without having an web presence, you might not speedily go from zero to cash in 2018 and beyond.

You need to have a website (I can help you to design one at a cheaper cost: WhatsApp me: 09073308104, if you are withing Nigeria or +234 907 330 8104, if you are outside Nigeria. You can also get a copy of my latest best-selling Website Designing e-book and do-it-yourself, “A Simple Guide To Website Designing…How To Setup Your Own Website/Blog And Monetize It In 5 Minutes Or Less (CLICK The Link To DOWNLOAD!)

Unfortunately, many people today have no website of their own, instead, they resorted to spamming others and losing their digital sanity and integrity (Note: Spamming means posting unsolicited and/or unwanted contents on other people’s walls or sending such e-mails or newsletters to people. It is a capital offense in the digital world. Little wonder why some people who engage in doing this are banned from social media platforms).

Let me rightly inform you! Without owning your own website, your castle is built on the air. Even if you make millions without a website of your own, you might not be able to create sustainable online business. You might not be able to rightly boost your digital brand doing that. Of what benefit is it when you come into a strange city, hustle to make money and end up sleeping under the bridge or such related places because you have no roof over your head? Imagine the outcome!

Your website is your accommodation! Your website is your office/shop! Your website is your advertisement place! You cannot do without having one.

Unfortunately, many fear to have one because of the seeming high cost of having a website. No! You do not need to spend much to have your own website. You can have one even without paying a dime! I teach this secret to my students at APPLESOFT BUSINESS INSTITUTE (ABI), which is an arm of my firm APPLESOFT PUBLISHING HOUSE (CAC Reg. No: AB 3337).

It is either you do not know what to do (Ignorance problem) or you are too lazy to do what you know (Laziness Problem). Whichever problem you have, I have the solution! Keep reading!

Do not be a victim. Get your own website today!


Many seeming website professionals and bloggers who claim to be generating too many traffics per day without knowing how to impact the lead generated and making money from their blogging business are no longer in business today.

This is because lead generation without conversion for profitability and consistent repeat businesses from such lead will end up leaving you frustrated and complaining.

Imagine blogging for one whole year, yet you cannot afford the money to renew your domain name and hosting space. Traffic is good but it is not the utmost. Of what benefit will it be when you have too many persons entering your shop, yet, no one buys from you? Is that not a curse more than it is a blessing? Wake up and face facts! Stop deceiving yourself, parading yourself as one of the best bloggers when you have seeming nothing to show for your blogging lifestyle! Are you not a failure more than you are a success? Sit down with me and re-learn! You have wasted enough years, do you still want to waste 2018 and beyond?

You must know how to generate leads, convert the leads into friends, and make the friends become customers/clients.

It is the repeat businesses that actually guarantee the sustainability of your blogging business and making digital currencies in 2018 and beyond.


Take These bonuses!

Remember, I gave this important note at the beginning part of this article, “Important Note: This message is long; but, if you seriously have the desire to unravel the secrets of going from zero to cash in 2018, then, read everything, read in-between the lines. Above all, take practical steps because I can only teach you what to do but I might not do it for you. You are absolutely responsible for the outcome of your life!” I wanted to actually see if you could read this article till this point. Thank God you made it!

I am presently raising funds for the Phase 3 of the ALANAIJA PROJECT where I hope to drop a website that will employ over 50,000 unemployed youths in Africa and beyond and empower them in less than six (6) months. I have been mandated to bring hope to the teeming hopeless and helpless youths scattered around Africa and beyond. I want to make my own contribution to solving the challenges and problems inherent in this continent. But, I need your support and prayers! In exchange, I offer you an IRRESISTIBLE GIFT PACKAGE FOR JUST A TOKEN!

Warning! This BONANZA will only last for 30 days and I will pull down this article or hide it!

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Therefore, if seriously and sincerely you want to go from zero to cash in 2018 and beyond using the Internet as a major tool (Not doing Internet Ponzi Schemes and crying later) this is a lifetime and an amazing instant money making machine from me to you!



In the manual, “A Simple Guide To Website Designing” I explained…

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Need I tell you that there are literally thousands of scams and scam artists waiting behind the veil with sophisticated and highly tuned strategies for ripping you off?

I want to help as many people as possible avoid the scams and learn the truth about what it actually takes to make money online via BLOGGING and BLOG MONETIZATION.

With the facts on ground, you can decide for yourself whether or not you have what it takes to succeed in the Internet marketing industry.

However, if you want to get started quickly, I can help you get your first website set up within 24 hours, so that you can start applying what you learn in this manual to the real world. I believe that my service is the fastest and easiest way to start making money on the Internet.


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Secrets Of Business Breakthrough

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how to write your own book and publish it without spending a kobo

In today’s world, you can make money at the speed of thought. In this manual, I want to expose you to one of the greatest money makers of our generation. The third fastest money maker in the world, which is Information Products. This exposition is based on my seminar presented on Thursday, the 19th of November, 2009 and the consequent updates I made recently.

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Still Have Questions???

Feel free to contact me at 09073308104 with any questions!

To your business success,

Gabriel Onyekawa,


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