5 Ways To Boost Communication In Marriage

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how to generate traffic
how to generate traffic

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Here Are The 5 Ways To Boost Your Communication In Your Relationships…

But, before then, I will like to reveal these to you:

Most marriages are wrecked, not because of sex, money, or satanic forces, but because of poor communication skills in marriage and relationships. Until you understand this, you may keep wandering what is wrong with your partner, which in most cases, you may not unravel and fix.

Communication is an act of listening, watching and sharing. It’s the free exchange of thoughts, ideas and opinions shared between both or more people who are willing to open to each other.

Communication is the music of marriage. When a relationship is void of communication, it becomes dead. It is best described as a “grave yard” Quoting the words of Mary A. Abioye in her book. “Codes For Blissful Marriage”

Just few days ago, in an article here on AlaNaija News, www.AlaNaija.com, we talked about “13 Practical Steps To Falling In Love“. Today, I shall be teaching you “5 Ways To Boost Communication In Marriage”


Now, let’s go, as we discuss them one after the other:

Let Love Rule

Love is a mystery that connects emotions in the spirit realm and translates those emotions into practical manifestation in the physical realm. Until you’re in love, you’re not in God. All about us and God is constant communication via words, worship, praises, prayers, giving, etc. Same applies to our earthly relationships with our partners (Husbands, wives, fiances, fiancees, friends, even partners in business or career). Learn to allow love to rule your heart in any relationship you engage yourself into. When love is in the heart, whatever that is in the hand can be released easily.

Always Create Excitement

Excitement reduces excuses and overcomes seeming negative environmental forces. You need to always create humour in your home. This will release pressure and diffuse tension at home and in your work places. Make yourself approachable and full of enthusiasm and the aora of communication will naturally flow to your advantage.

Have Respect For Your Partner

Respect, they say, is reciprocal. What you don’t give, never expect to receive. When you give respect, naturally, you receive respect in abundance. Learn never to disrespect each other in your marital or business relationship and this will in turn enhance your communication level.

Avoid Repetition Of Matters

This is akin to nagging, worrying, consistent complaining, consistent complaining, and seeming disturbances. Never overstress past issues. Let the past be past. The reason we have nights and days is because as the night goes, it goes with our mistakes, the new day thus delivers a new cheque for us to rewrite our destinies and move forward in life, not minding the previous happenstances. Avoid repetition of matters for it is the root of bitterness and defilement in life. It detracts communication and defrauds people in relationships. Avoid it!


Avoid Bitterness

As we saw in the above point, repetition of matters will always culminate into untold bitterness. You need to completely avoid bitterness to secure your relationship by boosting your communication level. The bitterness of the heart leads to the dryness of the hand. A bitter heart can prosper. It will always struggle. Stop finding faults against your spouse. Stop monitoring him/her. Instead, always connect to your Father in Heaven who ordained marriage and brought both of you together. He is too faithful to fail you. Believe and trust Him. And your communication level will take a new turn. I see you making it!

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Practice these steps and in my next article, I shall be exposing more facts to you!

See you in my next article!

Let me know what you think about this lesson. Use the comments section below. Use the comments section below. Don’t forget to share it. Use the share buttons here.

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To Your Success,

Gabriel Onyekawa,

News Reporter,

AlaNaija News,


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