7 Hot And Powerful Business Ideas That Will Instantly Make Quick Cash For You

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7 Hot And Powerful Business Ideas That Will Instantly Make Quick Cash For You

In this article, I will be revealing about 7 Hot And Powerful Business Ideas That Will Instantly Make Quick Cash For You

This is an answer to the numerous questions by my clients/protegés seeking to know the exact businesses they could start with little or no money.

Do you know that you can start with selling a bag of sachet or bottled water and end up a multi-millionaire?

Do you know that a cup of groundnut can make you rich?

Do you know that a business that generates N1,000 profit constantly can make you rich in less than no time?

All you need is not a big job but a big idea coupled with a bold step for success.

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It is not the lucrativeness of what you do that matters but the applicability of the rewards you got therefrom.

Money won’t make you rich, noted Sunday Adelaja of www.sundayadelajablog.com. There is no mystery about money.

Money is simply a reward for problem(s) solved. If you are not solving any need, do not think that money will gravitate to you.

Money only locates people who have something to sell. However, when what you are selling is less than what you are buying, you end up becoming prosperous. But, when the reverse is the case, you end up poor and struggling.

There is no better truth than this! (I will still teach you more about money in my forthcoming articles.

However, you can quickly get a copy of my e-book, “Overcoming Recession…The 22 Mistakes People Make In Money Management And How To Avoid Them” by contacting me through the CONTACT link now or WhatsApp: 09073308104, if you’re in Nigeria or +234 907 330 8104)

Money management skills make the difference between the poor and the rich.

Have you ever read the book, “Towards Empowerment for Change” by Bishop David Oyedepo? I wish you could. These are some of the excerpts on pages 56-58:

There is no magic about money…money is simply a medium of exchange for goods and services, there is nothing mystical about money. It is neither a product of chance or luck; it is simply the end product of goods and services.

If you are not producing anything, and you are not offering any service, you are not entitled to financial transactions.

There is no free lunch in life.

There is no short cut: money is either earned or should not be expected.

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Most people think that money is all they need. You do not need money as much as you require financial skills (being in touch with the investment opportunities around you and how to invest wisely)
Except you constantly update your information bank, you may soon become obsolete. You cannot remain relevant with yesterday’s facts. You need to be constantly aware of your economic environment in order to become financially successful.

To cap it all, Ayn Rand, as quoted by Oyedepo (2006: 57) stated, “Wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think”. “If you can think enough, what you have is enough to set out with…every goal and objective in life can start off from where you are” Oyedepo added.

What then do you have in pocket or bank account now? It is more than enough to start.

As I said before, I shall be teaching you 7 Hot And Powerful Business Ideas That Will Instantly Make Quick Cash To You.

These businesses include:

#1: Tokunbo Shoes (Fairly Used Shoes) Merchandising

This is a money-maker. Most used shoes in Nigeria were bought from Lagos and Aba. However, most of these major sellers travel to nearby countries like Cotonou and Togo to buy these used shoes at almost no-price value. They come back to Nigeria and sell them at relatively cheaper prices to the major dealer in these cities, who in turn resale to other small sellers.

You can venture into this business with less than ten thousand Naira (N10, 000) and make untold profits. You can start from buying just a pair of shoes, then two pairs, and grow that way. You will be shocked that sometimes you will be making profit of up to N3, 000 from a single sell.

#2: Selling Used Books

You used to see them by the roadsides and you might have been wondering whether the sellers were making money from such? Try it and see! You will be surprised at the profit margin, and you will be amazed at the rate at which Nigerians buy different books.

Follow the same process as it is with the used shoes but you buy at different markets.

Used books are sold at some major importers warehouses, who focus on such business. Locate one of such warehouses and go there to select nice used books: Children books, Professional books, Hand craft books, technical books, among others. These types of books sell very fast with high profit margin. A capital of ten thousand Naira (N10, 000) is more than enough for a starter.

This is one business I have been making money from for close to a decade now. This was one of the businesses I ventured into when I came into Port Harcourt, though as a means of survival then. And it really helped me to overcome poverty.

#3: Office Supply Business

Have you not discovered that most people who work in offices and other related places most times find it difficult to go out to the market to buy certain things like Wrist Watches, Shirts, Ties, and Perfumes? Help them do the shopping and charge moderately, do not be greedy of gain. Do not buy fake products to supply to them. Otherwise, they will soon find out the truth and that means the end of your transactions with them.

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If you are honest with your business and charge reasonably, you may even get huge supply contract from their colleagues.

Trust me, with just ten thousand Naira (N10, 000) or less, you can start this business. You will do well in this type of small business in Nigeria. Thus, you will consistently be smiling to the bank.

#4: Road Side Foods Vending

If you are the hard working type, this small business in Nigeria may be for you. I have seen people buy cars and build house from this business. It is one of the few businesses that guarantee steady flow of profit no matter the weather, no matter the economic situation.

The major requirement is interest because even if you do not know how to cook, a little research from Mr. Google can do the magic.

Another factor you might need is time-consciousness because when you do not serve your customers when they are hungry, they will look elsewhere. That will drastically affect your business, if not now but in the near future.

#5: Flyers and Posters Distribution Service

This service is really in hot demand and very few are doing it. Someone narrated a story how a young man started doing this some years ago, and some folks where looking at him as an unserious fellow. But, because knew what he was doing, he refused to be distracted; with time, he started making a minimum of a hundred thousand Naira (N100, 000) monthly.

Flier distributors and posters services people are needed everywhere (churches, mosques, business organizations, politicians, political parties, among others). You can be charging them between seven Naira (N7) to ten naira (N10) per flier or poster. Now imagine distributing 3,000 fliers for an organization and you have up to 6 different clients, now multiply the quantity by the number of the fliers and the clients.

With or without money, you can get started. Rent a small office and place classified advert through a local newspaper or magazine. You can also start with flex banners and flyers. Creatively produce them as your advertisement tools, circulate them. Then, clients will start patronizing you. Please, do not disappoint them, if you desire sustainability in your business.

You can get people to work for you. You can be paying them on commission while the bulk of the money goes to your account. Getting people will not pose any problem because there are so many of them out there who you can employ. This is a great business that you should start considering.

#6: BULK SMS Business

This business is my favourite. It is my secret money-maker. Once you build a list of potential customers, you may not need to advertise again. Who are those who need this service? They are: Churches, Schools, Organizations, Seminar coordinators and even individuals like politicians.

BulkSMS business is simply means a kind of business where the merchant supply SMS units to resellers and users, who in turn use such to send customized text messages to their contacts or the contacts of their clients. Trust me, you can make a lot of money through this business.

You can even start rendering these services to schools, churches, mosques, organizations and make money from it.

I am into this business. I supply SMS units to majorly churches around my area of contacts. At least this business adds some coins into my pocket steady. I even tag the coins, “Weekend Money!” because majority of my supplies are done on weekends.


Just imagine making N2 profit from each SMS you send and you send to 60,000 recipients within the month, that is a whooping sum of money. Going into this business is worth considering.

There are more than 100 million Nigerians and an average G.S.M phone holder sends like four messages a day for N4 or thereabout. But with your bulk customized SMS business they can send it for less than two Naira (N2) and have it customized.

That makes it look more professional. Think of getting an organization that has a large membership.

#7: Proof-Reading Services

Have you ever read a book and you got so frustrated because of errors like the construction of the sentences or typographical errors? Do you watch Yoruba, Efik and Igbo movies subtitle in English? If you do you will agree with me that their proof-reading is not as correct as it ought to be.

There is a vacuum in the writing and creative world that need to be filled and that is where your service comes in. This market is really hot and is waiting for you.

However, you do not need a University degree or its equivalent to start and run this business successfully. You do not even need an office apartment to successfully start this business. You can even do it successfully using any mobile device like your phone, ipad, laptop, desktop, among others. All you need is adequate information on how to professionally do it which I pledge to train and mentor you until you start making real money. Secondly, you need to have the ability detect word error in a document or manuscript. A little advertisement, physically or digitally and clients will start rolling in.

If you feel you can, why not turn it into a business. Technology has really made this business easy. This business is hot with lots of advantages. You need virtually nothing to get started. Remember, you can also start by just writing proposals to movie houses, publishers, authors and printing press and you are done.

Though I still have other hot business ideas to showcase to you but, let me stop here today. Believing that you will try your hands in any of them.

Remember to COMMENT using the link below. Share with your contacts. And both of you shall be highly rewarded.

To Your Success,


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In your own view, what Are Other Hot And Powerful Business Ideas That Will Instantly Make Quick Cash For You? I would also like to hear from you. Use the COMMENT box below and air your own opinion. It’s absolutely FREE!


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Nelson Chinonso Pal
August 12, 2018 2:35 pm

Power flow… This is really an eye opener… I’d like to get my hand on that ebook you talked about earlier… Kudos bro