Everything you need to know about website designing
Everything you need to know about website designing

Your blog is your Money-Making Machine (MMM). Until you see it that way, you remain to be frustrated in the realms of blogging, especially in today’s marketplace

Too many seeming bloggers who started seemingly well have given up their blogging business and dived into other so-called lucrative and faster money makers. But, that should not be so! Blogging is a lifestyle as well as a long term investment. Linda Ikeji did not jump into becoming Africa’s Queen of Blogging. Naij.com started small too. Our blog, www.AlaNaija.com was conceived over six (6) years ago. I have been writing for over a decade now. I have personally trained over two thousand students in my Business Institute, Applesoft Business Institute (ABI) since 20th November, 2006 when it started. Thus, stop looking for a cheap route to success in your blogging lifestyle. It does not work that way!

Today, in the next few minutes, I shall be teaching you, “7 MAJOR WAYS TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR BLOGGING BUSINESS IN TODAY’S MARKETPLACE”

First and foremost, an understanding of the marketplace of today is a pre-requisite for this discourse.

I remembered the words of Professor Howard Stevenson of the Harvard Business Institute (HBS), who once told me, “Part of the reasons that you have a lot of failures in technology startups is that the founders don’t know the marketplace…They may know the technology, but often there is no compelling need for the customers to buy”

Africa is part of a global marketplace. However, one of the prevalent factors of entrepreneurial success in Africa is your ability to overcome the forces of darkness which seems to cover, as a wicked cloud, your entrepreneurial capacity, ability and sustainability.


Of a truth, Africa is blessed! We have intellectuals. We have mineral, material, mental and other human and non-human resources. Opportunities abound in Africa’s environment to start, nurture, grow and establish businesses here. Though, we are yet to fully harness these divine resources because of hydra-headed ignorance and laziness prevalent in Africa. We are tough already by our creation. But, our major challenge is a wisdom challenge. Wisdom is beyond human comprehension. Wisdom is divine. Thus, I can boldly say that our Entrepreneurial Challenge in Africa is a Spiritual one. Until we connect to the Spiritual to tackle our challenges ad problems, we will make no adequate headway.

Would you believe me if I said that the earth today is no longer a geographical territory alone but a Marketplace: A spiritual marketplace.

A Marketplace is not just a place where people go to exchange goods and services. In today’s world, a marketplace also encompasses the exchange of “souls”.

Let me reframe the marketplace definition better: According to Gabriel Onyekawa, “A marketplace is a territorial domain, physical or digital, where people and robots go to buy and sell goods, services, opportunities and souls for expected values and virtues”. (I will elaborate more on this in subsequent articles. Just keep visiting)

Now, let us focus on the main topic for the day, “7 MAJOR WAYS TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR BLOGGING BUSINESS IN TODAY’S MARKETPLACE”

Although, there are many ways of making money from your blogging business today, these ones seem to be outstanding and more rewarding:


Your Niche And Content

The niche you cover in your blog is a major killer and attractor when it comes to money-making. People visit your blog majorly because of the contents of your blog. Therefore, if you do not treat your readers as kings and queens, you would soon realize that no one would visit or revisit your blog again. It is what you publish about that will propel readers or buyers to subscribe to your newsletter and consequently order your products and/or services. This uniqueness of the content of our blog, www.AlaNaija.com have consistently made people to Enroll into Applesoft Business Institute (ABI) E-mail Courses, where subscribers Download Our Free E-Books, Get The Latest Information On The Best Money-Making Machines, Learn How To Generate Magical Traffics, Increase Their Productivity and Profitability To Over 3,000% and many more. Writing and publishing great stuff can turn you from a struggler to a saviours, from a rodent to a giant, and from a mediocre to a superstar in the blogsphere and marketplace at large….

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I would have continued writing if not for the seeming time constraint and other factors. Not to worry! In the next few articles of this series, I shall make it up to you. For the meantime, you have my permission to share this article on your Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+, and other social media. I know you like it! Don’t keep it as a secret, share it now!

Today’s Question: In your own definition, How can you define the Marketplace today? Use the comment box below to air your view.

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