Would You Like To Make Extra Income Doing AIM GLOBAL Business?

aim global
aim global
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If making extra money consistently is your target, then, AIM GLOBAL Business is the secret!

Joining Alliance in Motion Global Nigeria is pretty simple!

In today’s blog post, I have streamlined the whole process for you.

To Register with AIM GLOBAL, CLICK HERE!  

This blog post also reveals How to Register Your Account in Alliance In Motion

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What is AIM Global?

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Alliance in Motion Global Inc. (AIM Global) is an MLM-Network Marketing company in the Philippines, presently in more than 20 countries, and in progressive global expansion. Alliance In Motion Global is only the exclusive worldwide distributor of premium nutritional supplements manufactured by Nature’s Way – the #1 food supplement/herbal manufacturer in the USA and world leader in delivering high-quality products that promote wellness to the user.


AIM Global is recently awarded as “Best Company in the Network Marketing Industry”by the Multi-Level Marketing International Association (MLMIA), an independent institution for monitoring the network marketing industry. Its Visionary President and CEO, Dr. Ed Cabantog, is likewise awarded as among the “Best of the Best leader in the Industry”.

AIM GLOBAL is the business of the 21st century that delivers on its promises of raising real millionaires by turning ordinary people into an instant success story, and here is how to register for Alliance In Motion Global business opportunity, and become a lifetime member (thereby opening the doors of residual income generation for you and your loved ones) with this step-by-step explanation.

For AIM GLOBAL Online Registration, Click Here.


For Manual Registration, you can pay directly into any of the Alliance In Motion Global local bank accounts below that is nearest to you, or come to the office to use direct our Point of Sale (POS) channel with your ATM Card (please take note that coming to the office will make it an ‘almost’ instant process).

Once you have made your payment, (check below for the amount), send the TELLER NUMBER, YOUR FULL NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, ADDRESS (we’ll as well ship your starter kit to this address) as a text message or WHATSAPP to 09073308104 or email alanaijaonline@gmail.com as soon as you made the payment so that we can process your registration within 3 to 24 hrs maximum.

How Much Does it Cost to Start Aim Global Business?

We have been receiving concurrent emails from interested business partners across the globe wanting to know how much it would cost to start Alliance In Motion Global business in their home country, and here we are doing justice to that. Although the rate to start in your country may defer from the one displayed here (we use USD and Naira by default), but you can always use this Currency Converter to convert to your local currency.

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We have 2 different packages, namely:

Associate Package: N38, 000 (Thirty-eight Thousand Naira)

Global Package  = N70,000  (Seventy Thousand Naira)

However, you can own up to 3 Centres, Heads or Accounts   = N210,000 (Two Hundred And Ten Thousand Naira)

Or, 7 Centres, Heads or Accounts  = N490,000 (Four Hundred And Ninety Thousand Naira)

PLEASE NOTE: The sign N stands for the Nigerian Naira.

Read More from Our Company’s marketing Plan: https://goo.gl/dQGEG8

Paying from Outside the Country?

Due to an increase in people’s exposure to our business opportunity and our efforts to expand to every corner of the world, people from outside Nigeria can also take advantage of this business by getting in touch with us. We will arrange how you can safely come onboard with ease. You can pay via Western Union or Direct Bank Transfer. Just contact us for directions.


You can pay into any of the bank accounts below, and send teller details to us after payment.

Note: To get the AIM GLOBAL Bank Account Numbers and/or assistance in registering, feel free to connect with us via WhatsApp at 09073308104

PLEASE NOTE: You must use your full name while making the payment to aid the processing.

Once you make a payment, you will still need to be registered by one of our team members, so you should contact us for immediate registration and guidance:

+234 907 330 8104


We are looking forward to working with you in achieving success with AIM Global.


(Culled from allianceinmotionnigeria.com’s site)

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

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commanding wealth through entrepreneurship cover image
Commanding Wealth Through Entrepreneurship
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