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AlaNaija.com Small Business Hub focuses on researching, writing, publishing and marketing blog posts, e-books, e-courses, seminars, webinars, and paperback books, on SMALL BUSINESS Success Strategies, Wealth Creation Strategies and Successful Marital Breakthrough formulae.

AlaNaija.com Small Business Hub houses the official blog of eLearnAfrik.com, which is an e-learning development platform targeted at providing in-depth knowledge on how to build a business that the world will envy; to real and intending entrepreneurs.

If you desire to start, run and sustain a viable and profitable small business or you want to become a world-changer and a high-class entrepreneur, then ALANAIJA.com Small Business Hub is the place to be daily!

Established in 2011 by a group of Computer Enthusiasts, headed by Gabriel Onyekawa (Award-winning Author, Teacher, and Mentor).

ALANAIJA.com Small Business Hub has the goal of teaching people how to make money owning and running their businesses. We hope to become Africa’s one-stop-resource-place for simple, easy-to-use entrepreneurial information.

Alanaija.com Small Business Hub is powered by  APPLESOFT PUBLISHING HOUSE; an Organization registered with the focus on publishing Information Materials through a multi-faceted platform: Blogs, E-Books, Paperback Books, Audio programs, Video Programs, Seminars, Workshops, Magazine, etc.

Here on this platform, ALANAIJA.com, you will definitely enjoy reading about the latest techniques and procedural steps necessary for starting, managing, growing, and running a productive, profitable, and sustainable business anywhere, anytime.

ALANAIJA.com Small Business Hub offers an array of tools and entrepreneurial resources to help you along the way by offering training and mentorship programs on how to start and run your own small business anywhere in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

You cannot afford to stay the whole day without visiting ALANAIJA.com Small Business Hub!

THE VISION OF ALANAIJA.com Small Business Hub

To become the most Sought After ENTREPRENEURIAL DEVELOPMENT, and information centre within Africa and the world at large.

THE MISSION OF ALANAIJA.com Small Business Hub

alanaija.com Small Business Hub Is On A Mission Of Teachings and Mentoring Intending and Real Small Business People Via E-BOOKS, PAPERBACK BOOKS, AUDIO-VISUAL PROGRAMS, SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS, ONE-ON-ONE CONSULTING/COUNSELING/MENTORING, among other channels.

ALANAIJA.com Small Business Hub Corporate Services

Here, we render the following services among others:

International Book Publishing

Online Adverts & Promotions

Blogging & Information Marketing

Event Management

Training & Success Mentoring

Website Development & Hosting 

News & Agency

General Contracts


  1. To teach and mentor organizations to create the enterprises of tomorrow.
  2. To also teach and mentor interested persons on how to build and sustain businesses that the world will envy.
  3. To teach and mentor organizations on reinvesting their organizations through re-engineering
  4. To teach and mentor organizations and individuals on how to overcome sudden growth challenges.
  5. To teach and mentor individuals and organizations on how to make money out of their hydra-headed problems.
  6. To equip organizations with the requisite tool (s) to assimilate and respond to rapid changes in the market, technology, competition, and customer and constituent needs.
  7. To teach and mentor businesses and organizations on how to be leaner, faster, and smarter, able to change quickly along with the other elements of the environment.
  8. To teach and mentor interested persons the difference between the traditional competitive model and the cooperative business model of business.


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