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>>> 11 Secrets To Becoming the Affiliate That Every Affiliate Manager Wants To Work With

There are four cardinal reasons why most Affiliate Managers always reject your proposal to become their affiliate.

  1. You don’t have a website or a blog that generates high quality traffic that converts well and delivers good volume.
  2. They are afraid you might waste their time and money.
  3. They are afraid of fraudsters, who would want to defraud them by sending artificial traffic, fake documents, fake sales, fake leads, or fake credit cards to their clients (Advertisers) and they make payment for those fake stuffs which most of their advertisers reject. Affiliate Networks want affiliates that send good traffic to their advertisers.
  4. Affiliate networks work hard to get good advertisers. They want to keep them. They don’t want to lose any. Thus, when you use fraudulent technology to drive fake stuffs that they pay money to, the advertiser does not accept not accept the sales or leads and complains. They would not pay. They most often, leave the network. In turn, the network loses the opportunity to make money with that advertiser and loses the money that they have paid out. Furthermore, the network will get a bad reputation in the industry and advertisers will refuse to work with them.

So, How Do You Become the Affiliate That Every Affiliate Manager Wants To Work With?

Here are the 11 ways:

  1. Make it obvious to them that you are a real person.
  2. Be on social media like Facebook, Linkedin, Quora, Instagram, etc.
  3. Be available to talk with them via email and on the phone. Even if they want to talk with you on WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, or any other. Show your face.
  4. They will want to know how you are driving traffic to their advertisers. You don’t need to show them everything, but you will want to be able to show them enough.
  5. Have a profile website like (Though under construction as at the time of writing this article). Here, you can talk about your affiliate work. Most often, affiliate managers use Google to search people out.
  6. Be prepared. Most good affiliate networks and affiliate managers will want to talk to you on the phone before they approve you to run their campaigns. Prepare what you’re going to tell them before they call. Explain how you are going to promote their offers.
  7. If you find an offer that you want to run, and it’s on multiple networks, you could apply to multiple affiliate networks at the same time. Some networks are faster than others at approving affiliates.
  8. Call them. If you’re waiting to be approved by a network, pick up the phone, call the network, and ask to be approved. Most affiliates are too lazy to do this and it will push you to the front of the packs.
  9. Do you live in the same country with the affiliate network or the advertiser? It is true that you are more likely to be approved for an affiliate program if you live in the same country as the affiliate network or the representative you’re dealing with. Some countries are blacklisted from some affiliate programs.
  10. Is there anyone to introduce you? If you can find an affiliate who has a relationship with a network or an affiliate manager who can introduce you to the contact that will greatly improve your chances of getting accepted.
  11. Rejection is not final. If you get rejected, ask the network why you have been rejected. Most scammers would never phone networks and would never ask why they were rejected. Calling the network and asking will force them to take another look at your application. It makes you much more credible. You have nothing to lose by asking them to review the rejection. It could just be someone clicked the wrong button.

What Are The BEST Affiliate Marketing Programs To Join?

There are a lot of Affiliate Marketing programs all over the internet. If you visit almost any online e-commerce website or any site that sells products,you will often see as a link to “Join The Affiliate Program” or “Affiliates” or “Earn Cash” or “Make Money” button.

Make sure you join the best and high-paying affiliate marketing programs.

But, how do you know the best and the high-paying ones? (Though, I will still write on it, today I would like to quickly reveal some of the ones I joined that are making money for me that if you join them now, they can make money for you too!

Now, let’s go…


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If you’ve read any of Russell Brunson’s books in the past…

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