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-Africa is endowed with natural and mineral resources, yet she imports what she can produce.

-Africa is a nation flowing with milk and honey, yet, the milk is going sour and the honey is consistently licking beyond measures.

-Africa is endowed with intellectual prowess, yet her attitude betrays her make-up. Who will bail the cat?

Welcome back!

In my last article entitled, “BEFORE YOU CALL YOURSELF A BUSINESS PERSON” (Click Here To Read It), I talked about the qualities of a business/career person. In today’s article, I shall be teaching you what it takes to transform yourself and make it to the top, even in the midst of Africa’s Economic Holocaust. Hear these:

Africa Today!

In today’s world, you don’t need a long-bearded prophet to tell you that there is a chronic economic meltdown in the global economic system.

Prices are consistently skyrocketing, goods become unaffordable, people go hungry, fall sick and keep dying, companies crumble, children are withdrawn from good schools and re-registered in good-for-nothing seeming schools.

Negative thoughts culminate into negative events like accidents, suicides, heart attacks, diabetics, etc sequel to immeasurable intake of alcohol, especially the cheap ones like “Kai-kai”, among others.

Companies are busy retrenching other workers. People sell properties to pay bills. Greed becomes the order of the day and wars take over the scene. The foundations of the world are shaken. Things are no longer as they used to be and no one seems to have tangible solutions.


Even myself, as I write, have my own share of the brunt of this seeming deadly and merciless blows. I write as one of you. I live in Nigeria, as at the time of this writing. I share your plights and drink from the same ‘Leadership breast” you drink from.

I write as one that has been guaranteed of divine revelation for consistent victories. I bring the good news of the lord to you: You’re more than a conqueror! No matter the heat of the moment, your case MUST be different!

Recalling, famine, toughness, wilderness experiences, hardship, economic meltdown, economic holocaust, recession, or whatever adjective you may wish to use to qualify the present situation of the world, especially Africa, is not new. Research the Scriptures and you’ll discover that there was famine in the time of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Job, among others, yet they prospered.

Need More Facts? Then, See These Facts:

In the book of Genesis 12:10, there was famine in the land, but, Abraham, regardless of the famine had abundance (See: Genesis 13:2)

There was famine in the land, during Isaac’s time (Genesis 26:1), yet, he enjoyed abundance in the book of Genesis 26:12-14.

Jacob was cheated and humiliated but in Genesis 30:43, Jacob had abundance.

Joseph was imprisoned in Genesis 39:20, he suffered grossly, yet in Genesis 41:40-46, he became a Prime Minister in Genesis 41:40-46. In addition, Famine (Recession) engulfed the whole earth in Genesis 41:56, yet Egypt, by God’s mercy to Joseph had abundance (See: Genesis 41:57).

In the Acts of the Apostles, through communal living, they had abundance and lacked nothing sequel to the spirit of brotherhood and heart-connected love for God and His kingdom advancement.

Problems And Challenges Are Real

But, they are for our upliftment and not for our dethronement. Problems are promoters of our destinies. Challenges are also change-agents.

Hear me: Problems are really good! Problems and challenges are not evil.

The reason why things are tough with Africa is because we lack due-interpretation problem. The way you see a problem is the way it manifests to you. For whatever you call your puppy is what it answers.


A problem is never a problem until it has been commissioned to become one. A seeming problem is a change agent. It either changes you positively or negatively. The major problems of Africa are Mentality and Laziness Problems.

Hear me: It is either you don’t know what to do(Mentality problem) or you’re too lazy to do what you know (Laziness).

Have you realized that a person with a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) sees problems as promoters of destinies while a person with a Negative Mental Attitude (NMA) sees the reverse as the case.

Beloved, the problems and challenges you’ve been facing in your businesses and idea execution are not meant for your destruction but for your construction. That seeming problem can’t reduce you rather it will increase you. You can’t sink when you’re sent.

How Can You Be Created To Create  And You Suffer Constructive Negative Situation Without Recreating It Into A Positive Accomplishment?

You too connected to be frustrated. You’re too loaded not to be needed. You’re a king and a priest on earth. The earnest expectation of the world is for the manifestation of the sons of God. And you’re God’s son/daughter. Stop behaving like a chicken, for the son of a goat is a goat; the son of a dog is a dog. Same vein, the son of God is a god. Shine your eyes!

Reflecting, Africa is endowed with natural and mineral resources, yet she imports what she can produce. Africa is a nation flowing with milk and honey, yet, the milk is going sour and the honey is consistently licking beyond measures. Africa is endowed with intellectual prowess, yet her attitude betrays her make-up. Who will bail the cat?

Everybody tends to blame the government for the situation of the economy. But, we fail to point accusing fingers on ourselves as individuals.

Why do you still struggle to survive in business? Why do you labour to be rich? Why do you complain and murmur over issues?

Beloved, doing the above makes you open to negative events and negative attitude in life. You don’t need to struggle! You don’t need to complain and murmur! You don’t need to struggle to make it in life! There is still the place of grace on earth. Go for it!


You need “Spiritual leverage” to overcome the seeming hydra-headed problems and challenges of today.

I have made up my mind to become a Social Engineer and a Blogger who proffers solutions to the seeming hydra-headed challenges and problems of Africa. This I started doing through my e-books, especially my latest e-book, “Secrets Of Business Breakthrough

Secrets Of Business Breakthrough
Secrets Of Business Breakthrough

See you in my next article!

Let me know what you think about this lesson. Use the comments section below. Use the comments section below. Don’t forget to share it. Use the share buttons here.

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To Your Success,

Gabriel Onyekawa,

News Reporter,

AlaNaija News,

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