Question: What is all about?

Answer: Glad you asked.  is a Digital Entrepreneurship Blog that offers valuable business advice, network marketing opportunities, low-cost Digital advertisements, by publishing blog posts, websites, webinars, seminars, vlogs, books, among other related tools for intending and real Digital Entrepreneurs. Digital Entrepreneurship Blog also organizes Training and Mentoring programs and events for business people (Entrepreneurs), with a focus on How To Build A Business That The World Will Envy. Review Blog is professionally powered by APPLESOFT PUBLISHING HOUSE (Registered under CAC, Abuja). is Founded by Gabriel Onyekawa on the 14th of August, 2011. Read More Here!
Question: What is the brain behind

Answer: The brain behind is to create a Digital Business Development platform targeted at providing in-depth knowledge on how to build a business the world will envy to small businesses.

Therefore, if you have ever desired to be mentored, to become a world-changer, a high-class entrepreneur, then, is the place to be daily!

Question: Is a registered company?

Answer: Yes! operates under the certificate of its mother firm: APPLESOFT PUBLISHING HOUSE.

Question: What Are The Services Offered On

Answer: Our Services are documented on our About Us page. Click Here To See Details!

Question: How Can I Make Money From

Answer: You make money as an Affiliate. More details? Click Here

Question: How Can I Place My Advert On And How Much Does It Cost?

Answer: Visit our Advert Unit for the details (CLICK HERE!)

Question: How Long Will It Take For My Advert To Appear On After Payment Confirmation?

Answer: Within 72 hours upon confirmation of your payment.

Question: How Can I Publish My e-book or Products With
Answer: Get More Details In Relation To This Through THIS LINK! (Click Here!)
Question: Does Teach How To Become A Professional Network Marketing Expert?

Answer: Yes! CLICK HERE!

Question: What Other Skills Can I Learn From

Answer: Digital Entrepreneurship Blog creates courses on subjects related to “How You Can Attract More TRAFFIC, SKYROCKET YOUR CUSTOMER DATABASE and MAKE MORE PROFITS For Your Small Business” Interested? Call: +234 907 330 8104

Question: Can I Invite The Owner Or Representative From For A Public Speaking Engagement?

Answer: Yes! CLICK HERE!

Question: Can I Guest Blog On

Answer: Yes! See More Details. CLICK HERE!

Question: Am I Allowed To Send In A Sponsored Post?

Answer: Yes! CLICK HERE For More Details!

Question: What is AlaNaija Online Shop?

Answer: AlaNaija Online Shop is an online store. It is a virtual store that operates 365/24/7 (All round the day and all through the year) via the internet where books and other related products are sold and bought. Our online store, AlaNaija Online Shop, allows you to view cover pictures of available e-books, paperback books, and other products, read their details, make payment online with your local/Foreign ATM card, and download your digital files (E-book, audiobook, audio messages, videos, software, etc) instantly or have them shipped to you if the products you placed an order for are tangible products.

Question: So How Do I Pay For Products?

Answer: Great question! AlaNaija Online Shop accepts credit/bank card payments from all over the world

Question: How Do I ORDER Products From AlaNaija Online Shop?
Answer: Step 1: CLICK HERE and search for the product you want; or use the links provided to you through social media or e-mail.
Step 2: Add the desired product (Ex. books or food supplements) to your cart. Then, go to the cart by click on ‘checkout’. Follow the prompt to pay for the product(s).

Remember, you need to review your order summary and accept our terms and conditions of purchase. Note:  You can also add the product(s) to your wishlist and checkout later if you so desire. In addition, AlaNaija Online Shop gives you the opportunity to compare prices and details.

If the product you purchased is a digital product, you shall instantly have access to the product through a download link which the site will provide to you.
Note: E-products such as e-books, e-manuals, audios, videos, software etc are downloaded INSTANTLY immediately after payment through our secured payment gateway.
Question: How Do I Place Order For An E-book, kindle book, Audio, Video, or Other Related Digital Products?
Answer: Same as the above; however, immediately after payment, you’ll be redirected to a downloading page where you’ll INSTANTLY download your digital products. Thus, you don’t need to wait for its shipment.
Question: How Do I Make Payments On Your Website?

Answer: All payments are made directly through a secured payment gateway using your local/International debit/credit card such as VISAcard, MasterCard, Verve Card, and other Interswitch cards.

Question: How Secure Is Your website?

Answer: Very secured! This is because we adopt high classed security measures in protecting our buyers/sellers. We partnered with some top-classed payment processing companies in the world to ensure multi-layer encryption for your transactions. Our site is safe and secured.

We protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, modification, or disclosure. Our payment processing companies use Secured Sockets Layers (SSL) encryption technology to protect personal information from being intercepted and read as it is transmitted over the internet. However, it is also important that you protect yourself against unauthorized access to your password and to your computer. Be sure to sign off when finished using a public computer. We trust that every transaction made in AlaNaija Online Shop is 100% safe!
Question: What If I Could Not Find the Product I Am Looking For?
Answer: In such a case, we can help you get them wherever they can be located, even outside Africa. We can place a special order for such products and/or materials. Simply notify us through WhatsApp/SMS/Call: +234 907 330 8104
Question: Does AlaNaija Online Shop have a physical contact place?
Answer: This is still in progress. However, our websites are operated from our Home Office. Not to worry! This does not hinder you from placing an order for your books and other products 365/24/7 hours. Our website is on round the clock! Feel free to peruse our site and place orders! Information is reformation. Until you are informed, you remain deformed! Be wise and read books!
Question: How Does AlaNaija Online Shop Handle Legal Issues?
Answer: We have Corporate Barristers and other legal and financial advisers who work round the clock to ensure sanity on ALL our business and instill transparency and accountability. Above all, God Is With Us! He Works In And through Us!
Question: How Do I Get FREE E-books/Books From AlaNaija Online Shop?
Answer: Simply subscribe to our FREE E-books And Newsletters!
Question: What Types of Books Do You Publish?
Answer: We publish almost all kinds of books, except occult books, porn books, and few others. We will consider most genres, topics or formats. We also publish children’s books, self-help titles, or faith-based books.

>>> Click Here For More Details <<<

We are a young company, right now almost anything goes; as long as we like it enough to publish it. We’re looking to work with authors who love stories as much as we do, who are passionate about the art of storytelling, and who are willing to actively promote their work.
Our titles are simultaneously published in both e-book and print formats using print-on-demand and online channels which distribute internationally. We only print what we need, where and when we need it, to reduce our carbon footprint and to minimize our overheads. Thus, we give opportunities to a greater number of authors.
Question: Are There Manuscripts You Don’t Publish?
Answer: Yes! AlaNaija Online Shop will not, under any circumstances, accept or review submissions with any of the following topics or elements: graphic or eroticized incest/rape; necrophilia; pedophilia; bestiality; erotica, fetishes or porn; or anything that encourages violence, hate or racism. No exceptions.
Question: Do I Need An Agent To Publish With You?
Answer: An agent is not required; direct submissions are very welcome.
Question: Do You Pay Royalties In Advance?
Answer: At this time we are unable to pay an advance.
Question: Do I Have To Pay Any Fees To Publish With You?
Answer: Our charges are mainly for some minor publishing, marketing and maintenance expenditures.
Question: How Do I Submit My Manuscript To You? Read This! >>>CLICK HERE<<<
If you are not yet satisfied or you have more questions to ask, please, use the CONTACT FORM (Click Here!)