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8 Major Reasons You Need To Become A Blogger In 2020

There Are At Least 8 Major Reasons You Need To Become A Blogger In 2020. This article will reveal them to you!

In one of my previous blog posts, on the subject, “How To Build A Business That The World Will Envy” I made this strong statement, “Logically, setting up a business should be an exciting process. But, without the right information, it can also be a nightmare”

Beloved, the same statement applies to blog business and how you can become a blogger. If you do not know how to do a thing, you keep struggling with it. It takes wisdom to excel, not just knowledge.

Many have gathered seeming adequate information about blogging, attended so many pseudo-seminars and bought too many e-books on the subject blogging, yet, they have nothing to show for their wasted years in the blogosphere. Why? Because of inadequate knowledge and laziness.

It is maybe that they did not know what to do or that they were too lazy to do what they know. Whatever be the situation, today’s blog post is an eye-opener. Just take the next few minutes to read through this post. You will be glad you did!

Among these 8 Major Reasons You Need To Become A Blogger In 2020 are the following reasons:

#1: Blogging Is Highly Rewarding

I cannot imagine a better business I would pour the whole of my heart into, as a tool for passing across the message God gave me on earth, other than blogging.

Blogging emanated from the root word, “Blog”. A Blog is an acronym for “Web log“. A Blog is an online site with time-dated postings, maintained by one or more posters, that features links and commentary.

Yaro Starak, the author of “Blog Profits Blueprint” 2016 edition and owner of the blogs and rightly said that blogs are outlets for creativity. Blogs influence people. Blogs are communication devices, educational resources and sources of entertainment. They connect people, spread ideas, foster friendships, sway political opinion and report news. Blogs can be almost anything you want them to be. Blogging is a new way of life.

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Blogging is a BUSINESS, not a job. A blogger does not necessarily need to be a paid writer. Professional blogging is not about looking for freelance writing gigs, it’s about building a business, an online asset, and leveraging that asset for cash flow now, and long-term values in the future.

Blogging is highly rewarding! You need to become a blogger!

Fortunately, with my well-researched and written e-books, “A Simple Guide To Website Designing…How To Set Up A Blog And Monetize It In 5 Minutes Or Less” and “Secrets To Business Breakthrough”  you would be able to achieve this peak and get highly rewarded! [Feel free to chat me through WhatsApp if you have any difficulty accessing the e-books: 09073308104 (+234 907 330 8104)]

#2: Blogging Is Fun And Attracts New Friends To You

You cannot be a genuine and professional blogger like me and not have people clamouring to befriend you! Blogging is a great way to meet like-minded people that share your hobbies, beliefs, values, and goals.

#3: Blogging Helps You To Learn New Things

Learning is simply the acquisition of knowledge, mixing it with what you already know and coming out with something new. Thus, being a blogger allows you to feed from the cistern of knowledge, ruminate on it and blogging new thoughts out of them. You need to become a blogger

#4: Blogging Transforms Your Mindset

If you desire to break through your existing limiting beliefs, be a professional blogger! Blogging is a major way though which you can break limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from experiencing your best life. I became more positively minded when I chose to become a full-time blogger. I vowed, “It is either I succeed as a blogger or I do nothing else” But, by all means learn to become a blogger.

#5: Blogging Is A Major Business Growth Tool

Too many businesses have crashed because they do not understand the latest marketing tools, which have gone digital than traditional. Many, today, struggle in marketing their products and services because they do not understand the usage of digital tools in contemporary marketing.

How do you think you will successfully market your business without the tool of blogging? This question might not be real to you today but will soon become a full reality in less than one year from now.

#6: Blogging Gives You A Voice

I might not have the privilege of publishing my article on any of the top rated newspaper companies but I have my own blog, as a platform for airing my opinion whenever and however I deem it fit.

If there be any issue of national or global interest, I can use my blogging platform to contribute to the discussion’ I can also use it to teach you how you can become a blogger.


As a blogger with special focus on Personal Finance and Entrepreneurship, I have been able to establish myself as an authority on these two subjects that nations today send for me; at least, I have personally traveled to more than twenty-two (22) states in Nigeria alone teaching these subjects in different places: churches, NGOs, schools, universities, polytechnics, companies, and other organizations. You too can!

#7: Blogging Is The BEST Home Business

In fact, you need to become a blogger! I cannot imagine any better business digitally than blogging. With a professional blog like ALANAIJA.COM you can do exploits.

When I relocated to Port Harcourt, Nigeria, I had virtually nothing to start life with. As a newly married man, with some debts hanging on his neck, I had no money to rent any shop or office apartment but I took to blogging and today I am consciously walking out of frustrations and walking into eternal limelight. You too need to become a blogger!

I might not be your standard for measuring prosperity but I am no longer where I used to be. I have left the shores of poverty by consciously investing in my mindset and starting from my home office (This Links will prove me right: LINK 1, LINK 2, LINK 3, LINK 4, LINK 5, LINK 6, among others).

Today, through blogging, I have gradually started a Business School: Applesoft Business Institute, rekindled my Book Publishing ministry: Applesoft Publishing House, established a Professional Mentorship program: Gabriel Onyekawa Mentorship Program (GOMP), among others. Why not become a blogger? Blogging pays!

Stop struggling like a clueless idiot who works without direction! You need mentorship and training to make it in business and internet marketing, and I offer to be of much help.

I can train and mentor you on how you can become a blogger; no matter where you are physically located. I have had clients/proteges come from Lagos, Umuahia, Abuja, Owerri, Jos, Nasarawa, India, Ghana, to mention but a few. Guess what? They were all satisfied and happy!

Look for a way to connect to me virtually and I will professionally guide you to achieve super-success as a professional blogger. You can become a blogger! Distance is not a barrier! Blogging is, to me, the BEST online and Internet marketing business I have ever seen.

#8: Blogging Attract Financial Freedom To You

If you choose not to go out today till next month will you still have enough money to take care of your basic needs? That is financial freedom. Financial freedom means a debt-free life. A life of no debts. A life of super-abundance.

Though I have not attained that stage in life I am concretely sure that with the way God is directing me, I shall soon get there. Two years from now will be too much! Beloved, why not become a blogger?

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Blogging, someone said, is a pathway to financial freedom. Like any other job, it will take time and effort. However, being a blogger, you are in the driver’s seat. You are the boss. You work as much as little as you want.

Do not think that you cannot be a blogger because you do not know how to write, my e-book can make you a professional writer and author in less than 48 hours! It is entitled, “How To Write Your Own Book And Publish It Without Spending A Kobo”

Even if you do not have adequate resources with which to setup your own blog, my e-book, “A Simple Guide To Website Designing…How to setup your own blog and monetize it in 5 hours or less” will help you achieve that.

See you in my next article!

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To Your Success,

Gabriel Onyekawa

(A Google Certified Digital Marketer, Author, Publisher, Blogger, Trainer and Mentor),

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The Next Thing

Though I still have a lot to write on this topic but I hope you learnt something new from this blog post. More importantly, I want you to apply practically all I have been able to teach you via this blog post.

Right now, I want to know what you think.

Have you tried applying the contents of this post? How did it work? Anything I missed? Let me know what you think by leaving a COMMENT below. Feel free to ask my questions related to Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance and Marriage Tips. Better still, you can provide a suggestion of a post you would like me to write about.

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