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Thank God that you made it to today’s article, which shall serve as the Part Six of the series, “In Pursuit Of A New Year” (See Previous Article On This Series). Remember, this article is still an excerpt from one of my latest e-books, Secrets Of Business Breakthrough, whose e-cover is presented below:

Secrets Of Business Breakthrough
Secrets Of Business Breakthrough

Now hear these:

Claiming to be in business without fulfilling the expectations of the people you serve is an error of the highest order.

There are many attitudes expected of you, as a business person. These might be psychological, sociological or economical. However, if you possess these three traits, you are a visionary business man.

What Other Qualities Are Expected of You As A Business Person?

You Must Possess Strong Desire For Responsibility and Independence:

It is what you desire that you deserve. Desire is a factor that generates motion. The desire to be responsible and independent makes one step out into action to actualize vision.

To be responsible is a function of personal growth and maturity. Any irresponsible person in life is still a baby. Thus, if after graduating from School or from learning a particular trade, you are still depending on your parents or master to take care of your bills, accommodation and feeding, you are simply irresponsible.

Until you become responsible, you cannot create any business. Therefore, a business person should be responsible and independent, though still depending solely on God the Maker of Heaven and earth.

You Must Have High Need For Achievement and Success:

Until you see the reason(s) why you need a thing you might never value that thing. It takes a conscious desire for achievement and success to make impact in business, thereby generating greater profits.

A business person must have high need for achievement and success. It is passion that creates motion in business. Looking for the product (reward) without having a taste for the process (action) is frustration without knowing.

Therefore, passion for success and achievement is a major indicator of a prospective entrepreneur or business person.

Do you have like passion? Then, you are on your way to becoming a reputable entrepreneur.

You Must Have A High Degree Of Self Confidence:

Self confidence is the foundation for self-accomplishment. Until you are confident in life, you remain at the mercy of the dungeons of life. Without self-confidence, your life becomes a ‘threat dumping ground’. No one intimidates or molests a person who is confident. In the same vein, no situation can intimidate a confident   person.

Self-confidence makes you confrontational in life. Thus, when you are self-confident, you become a solution-bearer, thereby, solving the seemingly hydra-headed problems of man.

Hear this: The world is a place of intimidation. Nature intimidates you. Success intimidates you. Life generally intimidates you. But, when you are confident and confrontational, you create a business around a particular problem and make untold wealth.

Thus, a potential business person must be self-confident to make it in business.

You Must Have Experimental Ability Or Employ A Person Who Has It:

It takes expedition and exploration to become an entrepreneur. It is only those who want to take risk and taste the seemingly uncomfortable places of life that make impact on earth.  

Experiments unveil new grounds for exploits. Any acclaimed business person who does not experiment is a failure in disguise. He/she might not last in such business.

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How do you hope to face the hydra-headed competition in the marketplace today sequel to information overload that has made many to consistently be aware of the happenstances in the marketplace?

Every business person must consistently experiment to produce the expected tangible results (objectives).

You Must Be Goal-Oriented:

Life without a goal is frustration without knowing. In the same vein, any business person who has no goal is a goat heading to the slaughter. Goals are likened to targets. Until you have a target, you become a target for failure and stagnation.

A goal moves you into action. It makes you get MAD (Motivated, Aggressive and Determined) in accomplishing a purpose. Until you are mad, you cannot be made; after all, the first three (3) letters of the word, “Made” is “Mad”.

A life without goal makes you a goat. A life without target makes you the target. Imagine a football match where there is no goal-post, when will the match end? Imagine a race without a targeted ending point, how do you determine the winner?

The problem with most people is that they know how to be rich, but, the extent of their richness is never anticipated. For some, “As long as I can eat, pay my children’s school fees, pay rent,…I am okay!”. That is poverty in disguise.

Be determined. Know what you actually wanted. Think big. And soonest, you shall be a wonder to your world. God is a God of wonders (Exodus 15:11).

As the year is going, what is your financial goal? How much precisely do you hope to achieve in the next year, five years from now, fifty years from now? Or, do you want to gamble through life just as you have gambled with this year thinking that God was unfaithful to you?

If you already have a financial goal, how do you hope to achieve it? What are the definite and concrete practical steps you hope to take to accomplish your financial goal? What marketing strategies do you hope to achieve? How many employees do you hope to bring into the system (if you have any) to act as leverage to your success? Think about these!

You Must Have The Capacity To Adapt To Changing Conditions:

Life without adaptation is retrogression without recourse. As a potential or real business person, you must have the ability to adapt no matter what happens. The only constant factor we have on earth today is change. Thus, thing must sometimes look funny.

But no matter the toughness of the business environment, keep going. Don’t stop. The weather will soon change to good. Giving up in the fight is giving in to poverty without thinking twice. You don’t need to stop that business. Just take one more radical supernatural step and everything will change.

You Must Have The Ability To Organize Men, Material, Money And Machines To Achieve Goals:

Organization is manifestation in disguise. Those who know how to organize things are the ones who manifest power in life to the shame of the devil and his cohorts.

A prospective business person must consistently organize the 4 M’s of Business (Men, Materials, Money and Machines). He/she must know how to take care of his/her staff, put the materials for production or services together, raise money and finance projects and see to it that the production process does not breakdown before the end of the project. This will help the business system a lot.

You Must Be Profit-Oriented:

Business without profit is bankruptcy without thinking. Profit might not be the utmost purpose of any venture but it is one of the major factors that sustain any business. You cannot go far in any business without profit.

Profit-making is a prerequisite for maximum satisfaction of customers. Though profits are not just measured in monetary terms like in NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations), churches, and other related, it contributes majorly to the gross efficiency and effectiveness of any intending or real business.

Even Christ was sown as a seed to reap the whole world (John 3:16):

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life”

We also read in Genesis chapter eight verses twenty-two:

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“While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease”

So, for every action, there must be a reason. Thinking of establishing a business without anticipating profits is thinking of stagnation and frustration in the said business without knowing.

Profits could be measured by the impact you made or the money you made. However, let not making money be the sole purpose for establishing a business. That is a wrong motive! Money follows impact.

Until you make impact, you might not make profit. Think of serving others first. Think of solving problems first. Think of changing the world first! Think of impacting nations first! That is what brings profiting in monetary terms later. But, if your eyes are on how much you will make in the course of doing business, you may not get any dime. Or, you may accumulate money only to leave it for others to enjoy while you die prematurely. God forbid, it shall not be your portion in Jesus name!

You Must Possess Risk-Taking Ability:

Risk is needed to make impact in life. Any life without risk is life without results. A risk-less life is a risky life. It is even risk not to take risks in life.

Anytime in your life that it seems you are no more taking risk, check your results, it may be that you are stagnated without knowing it. Thus, at that point, you must ask God to give you more risk to take. Risk is part of the makers of men.

If you want to be a business person, be ready to take risk; don’t just be like the man whose story was narrated in the parable of the talents that Jesus narrated:

The master of the house is leaving for a long trip to a foreign country. He delegates the responsibility of managing his goods to three different servants. To the first, he gives five talents, to the second, he gives two talents, and to the third servant, he gives one talent. When the master returns, he brings the three servants before him to account for his treasure. The first proudly hands him back ten talents instead of five; he doubles the master’s money and the master is pleased. The second, likewise, produces four talents from the original two. The master is very pleased with both. But the third servant cowers and says, “I was afraid, and went and hid your talent in the ground. Look, there you have what is yours” the master gets annoyed.

The third servant takes no risk whatsoever and his talent yields no returns.

God took risk in creating the world, if not, why did He regret in Chapter six of Genesis, precisely in verses five and six? Hear this:

And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

And it repented the LORD that he had made man on earth, and it grieved him at his heart.

Business, just like every other affairs of life, involves a lot of risk. That is why if you must venture into business, you must be ready to take the consistent risk that must be posing to you. If you avoid taking risk in business, you will end up a nobody in your line of business.

Little wonder why Brian Tracy wrote the book, “Eat That Frog”. If you have not read it, get a copy of it and read. It will impact into you the grace for avoiding procrastination and taking unimaginable risks in life.

If you must succeed in business, you must dare the undearable and do the impossible to achieve the unthinkable among men. That is the key that generates tangible profits for the globally celebrated entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, John D., Rockefeller, and others.

You Must Have The Ability To Innovate And Speculate:

Innovation is the mother of renovation. The walls of the buildings and structures have fallen. It is only innovation that can renovate them and give them a face-lift.

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Innovation gives you an edge in the business world. You cannot be innovative and end up a failure in business, except you are not disciplined. Innovative people are highly creative. The do things other entrepreneurs never imagined or thought of. They are practical and realistic solution providers. They solve the world’s hydra-headed problems. They determine the pace at which the world grows.

Remove innovators from the face of the world and the world will be stagnated and stinking. Just as every stagnant river stinks, so is a nation that lack innovators. They add value to the gross growth of the nations of the world.

For you to be in business, you must be an innovator. You must be ready to innovate things and at the end make impact on earth. No business can survive without innovation.

Thus, an intending business person must have the ability to innovate and anticipate trends. This will add value to the vision and corporate objective and give him/her an edge in the marketplace; thereby generating untold profits to him/her.

Added to these, you must have enough ideas on how to market and distribute your products because a good or service created, without reaching the final consumers or users, makes no sense.

You must also know how to monitor your competitors and their product movements. You must have sound public relation ability. You must also learn to accept responsibility for any business failure. Thus, you must not blame others for your business failures.

However, for you to be a business person, you must know how to identify business opportunities, mobilize and organize the resources to tap the opportunities.

As a final word, you must also be careful in implementing your plans to achieve success in your business endeavours.

Take the right action today and transform your destiny!

See you in my next article!

To Your Success,

Gabriel Onyekawa

Best-Selling Author,

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