5 BestSelling Books You MUST Read In This Valentine Season (The #4 Will Shock You!)

This blog post, “5 BestSelling Books You MUST Read In This Valentine Season (The #4 Will Shock You!)” is a special edition. I decided to write it as my gift to you who may wish to read some bestselling books but do not know the best ones to lay hands on.

I write to help you choose, buy, and read the best of books on romance, sex, marriage, St. Valentine’s day celebration, among others.

Quickly, the following below are the BEST 5 BestSelling Books You MUST Read In This Valentine Season (The #4 Will Shock You!)

#1: Celebrity Authors Secret

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Celebrity Authors’ Secrets is a book of 53,490.

Published on May 30, 2014, this non-fiction book, “Celebrity Authors’ Secrets” was written by Stephanie Hale, a publishing expert and writers’ coach.

 This bestselling book, “Celebrity Authors’ Secrets”, showcases the twelve of the world’s greatest living authors.

These global bestselling authors, in this book,” Celebrity Authors’ Secrets”,  revealed  their tips for writing a book that sells over a million copies.

The book, “Celebrity Authors’ Secrets” is a must-have guide – filled with publishing and book marketing information.

Celebrity Authors’ Secrets is the best book  for aspiring writers, authors, publishers, editors, writing coaches, creative writing tutors and anyone who loves books.

Find out how to make your book stand out from the masses!

“Celebrity Authors’ Secrets” teaches you how and why.

Recalling, Stephanie Hale  has worked with novelists and non-fiction authors for over 20 years -helping them to write, sell and promote their books.

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Stephanie Hale is the founder of Oxford Literary Consultancy and bestselling author of books including ‘How to Sell One Million Books’ and ‘Millionaire Author’.

You can get this book at $12.99 USD.

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Book #2: Autonomous Vehicles: Nah, What’s Wrong with the Horses?

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Autonomous Vehicles is another masterpiece to read in this season of love.

Autonomous Vehicles was written by Fouad Sabry, on February 3, 2021.

Autonomous Vehicle is a nonfiction, computers and internet-based, book.

Autonomous Vehicles sells for $12.99    

In the book, “Autonomous Vehicles”, Fouad Sabry, noted that Elon Musk thought that his company Tesla will have fully autonomous cars ready by the end of 2020. “There are no fundamental challenges left,” he said recently. “There are a number of minor issues. And then there’s a struggle to solve all these little problems and bring the whole thing together.” Therefore, this book is structured to make you understand many dimensions about autonomous vehicles.

Noteworthy, “Fouad Sabry is the former Regional Head of Business Development for Applications at HP in Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa (SEMEA). Fouad has received his Bs.C. of Computer Systems and Automatic Control in 1996, dual master degrees from University of Melbourne (UoM) in Australia, Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 2008, and Master of Management in Information Technology (MMIT) in 2010. Fouad has more than 20 years of experience in Information Technology and Telecommunications fields, working in local, regional and international companies, such as Vodafone and IBM in Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. Fouad joined HP Middle East (ME), based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2013 and helped develop the software business in tens of markets across Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa (SEMEA) regions. Currently, Fouad is an entrepreneur, author, futurist, focused in Emerging Technologies, and Industry Solutions, and founder of One Billion Knowledgeable (1BK) Initiative”.

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Book #3: Understanding the Prophetic Times We Live In

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Selling at $10.26, the book, “Understanding the Prophetic Times We Live In”, was written by ASR Martins.           

This book, “Understanding the Prophetic Times We Live In”  is a Nonfiction, Religion & Spirituality, with focus on Christian Theology.

“This book is about the end times. The aim of this book is to bring clarity and to counter confusion in the lives of many Christians regarding the end times, especially regarding the prophetic time we live in at this moment. Clarity will equip and enable God’s children to follow His vision for, and in this time period we are living in right now” – noted the author (ASR Martins).

To Order A Copy Of The Book, “Understanding the Prophetic Times We Live In”, CLICK HERE NOW!

Book #4: “Be My Valentine: An Anthology (Harlequin Bestseller) Mass Market Paperback”

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Trending online now is this bestseller,” Be My Valentine: An Anthology”

Published on  January 21, 2014, the book reveals that valentine is not just on February 14th alone.

Read these:


My Funny Valentine

Dianne Williams needs a man. But only for a night. The night of the community center Valentine dinner, to be precise. Exasperated by her children’s relentless efforts to get her a date, Dianne finds herself approaching a handsome stranger named Steve and making him an outrageous offer. An offer he doesn’t refuse. An offer that might lead to more than just one night.

My Hero

Bailey York needs a man. But only on paper. She’s writing a romance novel and she’s having difficulty creating a hero. So she needs a real-life model for her story. Parker Davidson is perfect, everything a hero should be. But he wants to become the hero in her life, not just her book. And not just on Valentine’s Day, either!”

“Be My Valentine” is a book of 320 pages.

“Be My Valentine” is written by Debbie Macomber.

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Recalling,”Debbie Macomber  is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and one of today’s most popular writers with more than 200 million copies of her books in print worldwide. In her novels, Macomber brings to life compelling relationships that embrace family and enduring friendships, uplifting her readers with stories of connection and hope. Macomber’s novels have spent over 1,000 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. Thirteen of these novels hit the number one spot.

In 2020, Macomber’s all-new hardcover publications include A Walk Along the Beach (July) and Jingle All the Way (October). In addition to fiction, Macomber has also published three bestselling cookbooks, an adult coloring book, numerous inspirational and nonfiction works, and two acclaimed children’s books.

Celebrated as “the official storyteller of Christmas”, Macomber’s annual Christmas books are beloved and five have been crafted into original Hallmark Channel movies. Macomber is also the author of the bestselling Cedar Cove Series which the Hallmark Channel chose as the basis for its first dramatic scripted television series. Debuting in 2013, Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove was a ratings favorite for three seasons.

She serves on the Guideposts National Advisory Cabinet, is a YFC National Ambassador, and is World Vision’s international spokesperson for their Knit for Kids charity initiative. A devoted grandmother, Debbie and Wayne live in Port Orchard, Washington, the town which inspired the Cedar Cove series.”

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Book #5: “Mended” And Others

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The book, “Mended” is one of the trending books now.

Apart from this book, there are other bestsellers you can order and read.

To Order A Copy Of The Book, “Mended” and other books on Romance, CLICK HERE NOW!

To Be Continued!

P.S: You have my words to share this blog post unedited, making reference to the author and publisher.

To Your Success,

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