Bishop Oyedepo Speaks!

Bishop Oyedepo
Bishop Oyedepo speaks!


  • “If You Don’t Want To Decay, Get Up And Work!”

  • “Nothing Of Value Is Free, Everything Of Value Has A Cost!”


    In the about being concluded gathering of the Penticostal Fellowship Of Nigeria (PFN), the 14th Bi-Annual Conference, whose theme is “From Glory To Glory”, Bishop David O. Oyedepo, speaking today made the following statements worth publishing: Hear him:

  • There is more glory in what is added to you than what you struggle to get.

  • You can’t be committed to the multiplication of God’s kingdom and not partake of the glorification.

  • The busier you’re for God, the cleaner you become.

  • The end-time church will stir fear in the heart of the devil.

  • It’s my turn for your change of story. No commandment of the Scripture exempts anyone.

  • If you don’t want to decay, get up and work. Nothing of value is free. Everything of value has a cost.

As a conclusion of his message titled, “The Glory Of The End-time Church”, he prayed for revival in the land (Nation); anchoring on the book of Habakkuk 3:2. He furthermore said that revival time is opportunity time. Revival time is change of level time.

Before stepping down from the podium, Bishop Oyedepo thanked the organizers of the event, PFN, for giving him the opportunity to reach out to the nations.

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