Book Publishing: Powerful Reasons You Need Applesoft Publishing House

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Book Publishing: Powerful Reasons You Need Applesoft Publishing House

Dear Sir/Madam,


Does this sound like you?

Are you a General Overseer, a Pastor, an Apostle, a Teacher, a Prophet, an expert in your category, expertise, skillset?

If people understood more clearly what you have to offer and the value it brought to their ministry and/or business lives, would it be easier for you to attract new members, new clients, new business, or new customers?

Would they be willing to pay you far more than you get compensated now if they understood how much experience and knowledge you possess? And how much greater service you could render them?

 Have you ever thought about taking everything you know and turning it into demonstrable product knowledge that would make interested persons literarily be at your door to hand over their money to you?

 Have you ever wanted to write a book, but felt like you didn’t know enough about writing and publishing?

 Are you not sure where and how to begin, meaning, what material to put in your book, or how best to organize it for optimal outcome and business success?

Have you encountered unsavory, predatory companies that offered “publishing, distribution, and book marketing services,” but you didn’t have a good feeling about them? Or, you found providers you liked, but their fee structure was unaffordable?

 If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. Applesoft Publishing House can help!

Remember, your book is supposed to put money in your pocket, not remove money from your pocket and put it into someone else’s. 

 It’s supposed to invigorate your stature, magnify your career — and enhance your perceived value.

Applesoft Publishing House will show you how to craft a book that will increase your authority, shorten your sales cycle, separate you from your competition, and win you meaningful speaking events, clients, subscribers, or followers.

You’ll learn how to unlock the monetary value of everything you’ve ever learned and thought and done and turn it into knowledge products that can significantly enrich your financial future.

Let us introduce our company, Applesoft Publishing House to you:

Applesoft Publishing House is a Home-based Book Publishing, Web Services, Digital Marketing, and Digital Entrepreneurship Consulting firm with a primary focus on Book editing/Proofreading, Book Publishing, Website Designing, Training, and Corporate Branding.

We have a dedicated team of top-notch professional editors, publishers, field marketers, designers/developers with cumulative experiences of over 18 years of experience and we thrive on the idea that integrity and speedy delivery make difference.

Applesoft Publishing House publishes best-selling books, e-books, websites, blog posts, podcasts, video training materials, and other related resource materials.

Applesoft Publishing House also offers the following services at affordable costs: – 

Website Designing, Web Development, e-Commerce solutions, SEO Services, Content Writing, Amazon Book Publishing, Digital Marketing Services, Training, etc.

Applesoft Publishing House has created more successful books and websites than anyone can fathom. We have published over thirty-five (35) exceptionally impressive books and websites for our clients and customers, and we are thrilled.

Applesoft Publishing House will help you transform what’s in your head, and in your heart, into a high-quality book and/or website that will impress everyone who sees it, touches it or views it, or reads it (If it is a book). It is a promise!

Applesoft Publishing House will also help you to organize, write, publish, market, and monetize a book of your own — on your own — and make it a meaningful success!

 Don’t just take MY word! 

Feel free to Google Gabriel Onyekawa (The Founder/President of Applesoft Publishing House) to perform your own “due diligence.”

 We just want to help you make your book happen… and make it great.

 This could be an exciting decision in your professional life.

 You’re on the verge of becoming a published author.

 If you want to successfully get a book done in the best way possible, from start to finish, then, choose Applesoft Publishing House, as your publisher.

 Are you ready?

May we know if you are interested in any of these services? 

Let us know your exact requirements if you are interested so that we will be able to provide you with further solutions as per your requirements.  




Proofreading & EditingYesYesYes
Custom Cover DesignYesYesYes
Author Volume DiscountsYesYesYes
ISBN AssignmentYesYesYes
1 Month Sponsored Advert on alanaija.comYesYesYes
One-on-One Author SupportYesYesYes
Author or Business Website Designing & Hosting On-DemandOn-DemandOn-Demand
Amazon Author Profile pageYesYesYes
Keyword RecommendationsYesYesYes    
Publishing FormatsPDF, SmashReader, Plain Text, RTF, Mobipocket (Kindle), Palm Doc Books (PDB)  Local And Global Paperback BooksLocal And Global Paperback Books Plus PDF, SmashReader, Plain Text, RTF, Mobipocket (Kindle), Palm Doc Books (PDB)  
Availability After PublishingAmazon and all the major online bookstoresAmazon and all the major online bookstoresAmazon and all the major online bookstores
CostCall: 09073308104Call: 09073308104Call: 09073308104

Note: Important Abbreviations and Their Meanings

  • EPUB – This is your most important format! EPUB is an open industry ebook format. This is the format we distribute to Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Oyster, Scribd, and others. If your book is available in epub, it can be read on the most popular ebook readers and ebook reading software applications (Like iBooks or Bluefire on the iPhone or Aldiko on Android devices), and will gain the widest distribution.
  • Mobipocket (Kindle) – Mobipocket, A.K.A. MOBI, allows your books to be read on the Amazon Kindle, so this is an important format for you. Mobipocket is supported on many handheld devices and e-reading applications. Mobipocket is a requirement for distribution to Amazon. Even if you already upload direct to Amazon, don’t disable the .mobi format because many customers enjoy purchasing .mobi books.
  • Palm Doc Books (PDB) – PalmDoc is a format primarily used on Palm Pilot devices, but software readers are available for PalmOS, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile Pocket PC/Smartphone, desktop Windows, and Macintosh. Be sure to turn off “smart quotes” in your source file, otherwise they may appear garbled in your PDB file. Our PDB is little more than ugly plain text.
  • PDF – Portable Document Format, or PDF, is a file format readable by most devices, including handheld e-readers, PDAs, and personal computers. It’s a good format if your work contains complex layout, charts or images. Odds are, if your work looks good in Microsoft Word it will look good in PDF. PDF is also a good option for readers who may want to print out your book on their home computers. On the negative side, PDF is a rigid, inflexible format because it’s not reflowable, so it’s horrible for reading novels. Your customers cannot easily change the font size or style to match their preferences, the text isn’t reflowable, and the reader is forced to read page by page. LRF – This is the old (mothballed) format for the Sony Reader. Sony later moved to the EPUB format, so LRF is less important than it once was, though it’s still useful to users of the older generation Sony Readers.
  • RTF – Rich Text Format, or RTF, is a cross-platform document format supported by many word processors and devices. It is not efficient with lots of images. Meatgrinder has a bug which can cause the text in the RTF to appear as SMALL CAPS.
  • Plain Text – Plain text is the most widely supported file format. It works on nearly all readers and devices. It lacks formatting, but will work anywhere. For best results with plain text, your source document should not contain images or fancy formatting.
  • HTML SmashReader – This is an online reader that allows customers to sample or read your book from their web browser. Your sample pages will be indexed by Google, which will increase the ability for potential customers to find your book, even if they did not know your book is what they were looking for. Think of it as serendipity on steroids. If your book looks good in our HTML reader, it will probably also look good in. Note: EPUB and MOBI. Linked tables of contents (ToCs) do not work in the HTML reader.

In addition, Applesoft Publishing House recommends key areas you could write your next book on to increase sales and traffic to your author profile.

You also enjoy our FREE Marketing strategies mentorship to get and sustain the right audience.

Now you can publish the book you’ve always dreamt of.

Thanks & Regards,

Gabriel Onyekawa,


Applesoft Publishing House,

Port Harcourt,

For Further Enquiries, WhatsApp/Call Gabriel Onyekawa: 09073308104

P.S: All PAYMENTS are to be made, paid indirectly to our Corporate Bank Account: Bank: GTB Plc. Account No: 0120715788. Account Name: Applesoft Publishing House.

For More Details, Contact us Now or Post Comment Below.

P.S: We have created a simple system that you can use to get your own money-making BUSINESS set up within the next 24 hours. It’s not just information though… It’s actually a complete turn-key DIGITAL TRAINING PROGRAM that teaches you how to formulate a business system that gives you everything you need to start pulling in profits within 24 hours, Click here to learn more about it and sign up today!

Contact us directly if you need help in publishing your manuscript to the world.

For Enquiries, WhatApp/Call: 09073308104

We cannot wait to see your book go live on Amazon!

Remember, Among the make-up of our publishing package are:

  • FREE Amazon author profile page.
  •  Recommendations on proper keywords to increase your book visibility and sales.
  •  Recommendations to key areas you could write your next book on to increase sales and traffic to your author profile.
  •  FREE Marketing strategies to get your right audience.

For Enquiries, WhatApp/Call: 09073308104

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