Commanding Wealth Through Entrepreneurship

Commanding Wealth Through Entrepreneurship

These Are Some of The Benefits Of Reading This Book on Entrepreneurship

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In this book, you will learn...

The fundamentals of entrepreneurship

The mindset of an entrepreneur

Business dynamics

How to raise capital for your business without borrowing or begging

What a business system is and how to build one

What a business vision is and how to generate a business vision

Hidden reasons why most businesses fail and how to overcome business failures without stress

How to establish your strategic supremacy in any business

Among others.

...You will never regret buying this book! (Mark my words!)

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About the Book


When adequate knowledge about a system is acquired and applied, it will always culminate in a sustainable and profitable return. Starting and running your small business is no exemption.


the author revealed the 7 shocking truth about starting and running a small business venture that even Harvard Business School would not teach you.

However, to have direct access to this secret, you need to focus your attention on this course now; leave whatever fact you have about starting and running a small business and pay rapt attention to the contents of this course.

Do not be like the young man whose story was narrated below whose mind was filled with what he thinks he knew; forgetting that the illiterate of today is not the one who can read and write but the one who can learn, unlearn and relearn. Read the original context of the story: The old Zen story, as told by someone in his book:

A young man had read all the books he could find about Zen. He heard about a great Zen Master and requested an appointment with him to ask for teachings. When they were seated, the young man proceeded to tell the Master everything he had understood from his reading, saying that Zen is about this and Zen is about that, on and on…

After some time, the Master suggested that they have tea. He performed the traditional tea ceremony while the student sat at attention, bowing when served, saying nothing. The Master began to pour tea into the student’s cup. He poured until it was full, and kept pouring. The tea ran over the edge of the cup and onto the table. The Master kept pouring as the tea ran off the table and onto the floor.

Finally, the student couldn’t contain himself any longer. He shouted, “Stop! Stop pouring! The cup is full — no more will go in!” The Master stopped pouring and said, “Just like this cup, your mind is full of your own opinions and preconceptions. How can you learn anything unless you first empty your cup?”

Listen, if you are going to benefit from this course, you must first empty your mind, so as to learn something new. You MUST unlearn to re-learn. That is the key to success!

Hear this: dwelling on what you think you know and criticizing new thoughts is a suicide mission in disguise. Even in every “non-sense”, there is “sense”.


If you have ever desired to start, manage, grow, and sustain a profitable business or career, this is the BEST book to read in order to access the requisite knowledge needed for your supernatural manifestation!

Logically speaking, setting up a business should be an exciting process. But, without the right information, it can also be a nightmare.

This book contains the major principles of modern entrepreneurship. It showcases the cardinal rules for achieving the wealth and freedom you ever desired so as to live the lifestyle of your dream.

Therefore, if you sincerely want to become wealthy through entrepreneurship, read through this book immediately! Otherwise, you will probably spend endless years groping in entrepreneurial darkness, drifting like a ship without a compass.

Join me now as you discover how to start, manage, grow and run a productive, profitable, and sustainable business. Instead of your business running you!

Feel free to place order for your own copy and that of your friends!

Hear what another reviewer had to say about the book, “COMMANDING WEALTH THROUGH ENTREPRENEURSHIP”:

Having gone through this work, “Commanding Wealth Through Entrepreneurship”, with emphasis on how to build a business that the world will envy, I couldn’t imagine another timely book I have read of recent targeting at solving the unemployment virus eating deep into our society today.

It’s A MUST READ MATERIAL to every Entrepreneur or aspiring business person.

It has within it secrets to avoiding pitfalls and setbacks which are often the bane of young entrepreneurs.

Pastor Gabriel Onyekawa has finally nailed the coffin of unemployment and buried it permanently, if only you will read and be responsible in action to the recommended steps authored by this teacher sent by God to our generation to enlighten our mental and Spiritual understanding of how to be financially independent and be a master of your own business.

I hope you take out time to read and ingest properly what is written in this piece.

Pastor Chris Akpasubi.


The secret things belong to God but the things that are revealed belong to us (Deut. 29:29) In this book, God has revealed some of these truths to us through the author. This book is a MUST read for anyone who wants to succeed in business. Its purposeful outlines, clarity of expression, and deep knowledge of business terrain make for compulsive reading. This book comes highly recommended both for upcoming business startups as well as established entrepreneurs who desire to excel.
– Deacon Robinson
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