Study At Ease…How To Make Straight A’s In Any Examination Without Stress

Study At Ease…How To Make Straight A’s In Any Examination Without Stress
Genre: Inspirational
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Amazon
Publication Year: 2015

This book appears to be an excellent way for Nigerians and other students to maximize their study and achieve success…. It is both informative and helpful….More helpful advice is given about improving an individual's ability to learn, such as answering questions, memorizing along with essentials like exercise, food and water….I am sure many students would welcome such good advice about studying. Carol Jefferies Author, “Chase of a Ewe-lamb”

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About the Book

“Inches make champions”

Vince Lombardi


Plato was not wrong when he posited, “The learning and knowledge that we have, is at the most, but little compared with that of which we are ignorant”.

Therefore, the author of this book, in just few pages has revealed to you how to make straight A’s in any examination. However, this book is a product of the author’s experiences as the overall best in all the academic pursuit he at one time or the other ventured into. It is also a product of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, who teaches ALL things.

You are not permitted to fail after reading, studying and practicing the contents of this book. This is because the book shall empower you with all that it takes to be launched into academic excellence. You shall NEVER be a victim of examination malpractices after reading this book. It is settled!

Let us embark on this transforming journey:

Understanding leads to outstanding. Until you understand a thing, you might not thoroughly enjoy the benefits of that thing. Examination is a discourse that needs to be truly understood in order to make maximum use of it.

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