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Money In The 21st Century

Money In The 21st Century



In this book, I want to show you a sure path to prosperity and happiness. I offer you a solution to your personal financial problems which will guide you successfully through a lifetime.

This book, “Money In The 21st Century” is a book you will want to read yourself, recommend to friends, and give to young people just starting out in life.

In this wake-up -to-take-charge-of-your-life masterpiece, I share insights that will help you manage your financial life and maximize your destiny generally – right now.
This book is a mixture of both sacred and secular insights with a unique blend of practical and pragmatic steps for truncating financial failure and transforming your financial life dramatically.

We all have equal opportunities to either succeed or fail in life. But, why does one succeed financially and another fail? Why does one go into indebtedness while another have financial abundance? The answers are in this book!

Get a copy of this book now before you make another financial mistake and compound your financial struggles.
To Your success!


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Study At Ease…How To Make Straight A’s In Any Examination Without Stress

Study At Ease…How To Make Straight A’s In Any Examination Without Stress


This book appears to be an excellent way for Nigerians and other students to maximize their study and achieve success…. It is both informative and helpful….More helpful advice is given about improving an individual's ability to learn, such as answering questions, memorizing along with essentials like exercise, food and water….I am sure many students would welcome such good advice about studying. Carol Jefferies Author, “Chase of a Ewe-lamb”

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24th Law Of Love…A Pragmatic Primer To Realistic Relationships (Paperback edition)

24th Law Of Love…A Pragmatic Primer To Realistic Relationships (Paperback edition)


Love is life. Love is good. But, until you understand the rules that guide love, you remain a slave to love. Love is tough and deceitful without laws. Amidst the laws that guide love is the 24th law of love. What is this 24th law of love all about? How can it help your relationships and rescue you from decadence? How do you access your love and discover how to make it speak through the Concept of VIH? Grab this book and be incharge of every relationship you go into! More details at amazon, barnes and nobles, and other online retails shops! KINDLE VERSION NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOADS. Love You!!!

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A Simple Guide To Website Designing

A Simple Guide To Website Designing

$9.99eBook: $9.99

“Finally! Even Newbies Can Make Real

Money Online With This Simple

Step-By-Step Website Designing book!”

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In this tutorial, we will cover:

  • How to Register a Domain Name
  • How to Choose the Best Web Hosting
  • How to Install WordPress
  • How to Change Your Theme
  • How to Write Your First Blog Post
  • How to Customize WordPress with Plugins
  • How to Make Money From Your Blog
  • Resources to Learn and Master WordPress
  • WordPress hosting options
  • Basic concepts: site elements and layout
  • Theme selection: your best choices
  • Configuring WordPress for a business website
  • Understanding Posts, Pages and Links
  • Creating content: the WP built-in Visual editor
  • Installing plugins
  • Basic theme styling and configuration
  • Becoming a professional blogger
  • And much more…


There are lots of fluffy books on Internet Money Making Strategies and techniques.

This manual is detailed, accurate and readable. It is not just a manual; it’s a complete and hands-on-course on basic, if not advanced Internet Marketing Business.

This manual contains the basic steps you need to take to make money from the Internet. However, you need to apply a little initiative and spend some time on the Internet, and you are on your way to solving your money problems using the Internet.

This material furthermore teaches you to be free to do what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, for as long as you want without having to worry about money. This boils down to FREEDOM.

Fortunately, you will pick up several ideas you could use to make money in every chapter of this manual.

In this manual, you will learn all the tips and tricks you need to start earning money on the Internet, become independent and free to live the way you WANT!

Would you like to hear my story?

Then, get this book now!

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Wisdom Matrix…In The Words Of Gabriel C. Onyekawa And Others

Wisdom Matrix…In The Words Of Gabriel C. Onyekawa And Others

$4.99eBook: $4.99

Wisdom Matrix is one book you cannot afford to miss! This is because regardless of your seeming challenges and problems, this book has a word for you!

Just ONE WORD is all you need to solve your needs. Thus, the whole words might not be for you but when you locate your own word, every closed door against you, your business, your career, your marriage, among others will be forced open!

Enjoy the trip!

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Opportunity, The Haughty goddess: An African Novel

Opportunity, The Haughty goddess: An African Novel

$4.99eBook: $4.99

Night can be horrible at times, but the night of June 12, 1993 to me was worse than that. In the first instance, it was as long as though it was never going to break or should I say that the day was afraid, better still, ashamed to show her face. But for occasional hooting of the owls and dog barks, which were almost dead silence that a drop of pin could have easily been heard. I could not imagine what it was that woke me up. My most reliable companion under such a dreadful circumstance, my little world receiver transistor radio got my hope crashed as I could not ascertain what time it was, judging by its broadcasting as I tuned it on because everything to me was a dirge.

Ironically, Kelvin my friend who was about some inches away was snoring his life away.
“How could I wake him up, when he had on several occasion warned me against interrupting his sleep unless on a very serious matter, or for emergency”?

I sighed heavily and he turned, I thought he was awake only to see him shifting further, in a matter of seconds, the snoring resumed, leaving me to face my ordeal alone.

Could I ever overcome this sleeplessness? This question was too hard a nut to untangle at that very moment.
I picked up my pillow to try another chance out; it pricked alongside my mattress. I later gave up, stood up and opted to grope for fresh air. Only then was I able to unravel the mystery of my restlessness. I had so much messed up my life that redeeming it once more could never be without much difficulty. What was I to do?

Find out in this novel the complete story.

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What I Wished I’d Known Before Starting My First Business (Paperback)

What I Wished I’d Known Before Starting My First Business (Paperback)

$14.95eBook: $7.45

It is quite unfortunate that many business people struggle in futility trying to solve their business problems. But, they know they can’t solve these problems on their own. They need a guide. This book offers you the guidance you need in your business. You need a BUSINESS GUIDE who will help you rebrand your mindset on how to successfully navigate the ship of your brand (Business or product). You need THIS BOOK! “What I Wished I’d Known Before Starting My First Business” reveals in a nutshell,

The lies they told you about business.

How to spot a fake business that can spoil your name, waste your money, deplete your energy, and mar your integrity.

Why do so few businesses grow and become profitable?

A COMPLETE breakdown of what business is that no business school will teach you.

27 uncommon ways to easily organize yourself for business success and make money on auto-pilot.

24 reasons your customers/clients are leaving you and how to bulletproof yourself from such.

And lots more!

Use these timeless principles and establish strategic supremacy in the marketplace, anywhere, anytime, around the globe, and thank me later!

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