It is a common knowledge that companies now consider SMS as a ‘must have’ tool that can progress marketing dialogue with key audiences by supplying an effective method of contact. It is also taken as a crucial tool through which necessary standards of results can be reached.

Sequel to these, through its sister site: offers Cheap, Fast and Reliable SMS and Voice SMS platform for Nigeria and international SMS Routes.

bulksms is a global Information and Communication Technologist providing SMS web application to Businesses, Schools, Universities, Institutions, Individuals, Artists, Estate Agencies, Professionals, Organizations, Churches, Sports Clubs, Marketing Companies, etc.

We hope to offer you the BEST SMS SERVICES platform for you too to enjoy fast, cheap, almost free bulksms services.

For further details, call: +234 803 933 5121 or e-mail:

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Gabriel Onyekawa is a dynamic entrepreneur, business coach, and author. With a passion for empowering individuals to unlock their entrepreneurial potential, Gabriel has dedicated his life to inspiring and guiding aspiring entrepreneurs. He possesses a wealth of experience in various business ventures and is known for his innovative thinking and strategic approach to business. Gabriel's expertise extends to diverse fields such as finance, marketing, and leadership, making him a sought-after advisor and speaker. Through his books, coaching programs, and impactful initiatives, Gabriel Onyekawa continues to impact countless lives, igniting the entrepreneurial spirit and fostering economic growth.
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