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let us announce your biz
let us announce your biz
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Life is a journey. Life is in phases. Life cannot be subjected to quantitative and qualitative analysis. Until life is understood, abuse is inevitable. little wonder why many struggle through life today. Some revolve round the same circumference believing they are making headway. But, life is beyond human comprehension.

Exactly when many felt that APPLESOFT PUBLISHING HOUSE has gone dormant, she launched a new blog whose sole purpose is to educate reader on the intricacies of doing Network marketing Business. This mind-blowing blog is known as: Feel free to peruse it! And you’ll be glad you did!

Keep a date with ALANAIJA News, you’re yet to see the best of us! Did I inform you that ALANAIJA News Headquarters is now in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria? that’s exactly what happened recently! To God be the glory!!!

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I am Gabriel Onyekawa: A GOOGLE CERTIFIED DIGITAL MARKETER. As the Founder/CEO, Applesoft Publishing House: publishers of Business Blog (,,,, and, I work with a team of passionate professionals to help individuals and organizations BRAND their BUSINESSES ONLINE and MAKE MONEY USING THE INTERNET AS A MAJOR TOOL. I also help my clients create SALES FUNNELS for their businesses so as to skyrocket their sales at least 10x. We can help YOU to DESIGN YOUR WEBSITE, PUBLISH YOUR BOOK(S), OPTIMIZE YOUR BLOG/WEBSITE, DEVELOP CONTENTS, and RENDER OTHER FREELANCING SERVICES. As a trusted AUTHORITY and BUSINESS COACH on the subject of DIGITAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP, Wealth Creation, and Marriage Success Strategy, I mentor, coach, and consult individuals and organizations through my organization, GOMP (Gabriel Onyekawa Mentorship Program). ASK ME ANY BUSINESS QUESTION, I will answer you! I read a lot; I practice entrepreneurship with passion; I blog, write BOOKS, record PODCASTS, and create YouTube Videos on BUSINESS issues, with a focus on DIGITAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP and Digital Business. To CONNECT with me, send a WhatsApp chat, an SMS message, call: +234 907 330 8104 or, e-mail: I love you! I await your call, WhatsApp, SMS, or e-mail message! CONNECT with me NOW! +234 907 330 8104 or
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