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how to generate traffic
how to generate traffic

There is no better teacher than Brian Tracy when it comes to Strategic planning and business success, to me. Through an ardent followership of this great man, I have come to learn some vital keys that will always culminate into business success no matter where the business is cited.

I might not be a top-rated blogger, but, my contributions have added much value to the gross success of AlaNaija’s Blog.

In today’s article, I want to bring to your notice some of the cardinal steps you can take and establish your business or idea as a success, anywhere anytime.

These were part of the knowledge impacted into me by Brian Tracy.

What Are The Steps To Business Success?

  1. To achieve great victories in business, you must be clear about your goals and objectives at every level of the business. Know exactly what it is that you want to accomplish and how you are going to go about accomplishing it.
  2. You must be proactive. You must go on the attack. You must practice the “continuous offensive” of the successful general. You must be continually moving forward with new products, new services, new processes, and new ways of doing business.
  3. In business, the principle of the mass requires that you become absolutely excellent in one product niche, and dominate that niche in terms of quality and services, before you think of expanding into other products, services, or markets.
  4. In business, the best companies have the people with the best morale. They see themselves as part of a corporate team. They see the company as a natural and logical extension of themselves. They never even thin “That’s not my job”
  5. In business, the “Principle of Surprise” means that you are always looking for ways to develop competitive advantage with products, services, processes, marketing strategies and techniques, sales methodology, and new technology to offer products and services that are new and different from anything that your competitors are offering.
  6. Once you have won the battle, gained the market, cut through the competition, and achieved a position of market dominance, you must be prepared to move rapidly to exploit it. you know that your competitors can copy you faster today than ever.
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I believe that if you can apply this wisdom, your business will be transform to a greater extent.

See you in my next article!

To Your Success

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