everything you need to know about business vision image
everything you need to know about business vision image

This article teaches everything you need to know about business vision. However, if you must prosper with your vision, then this one thing you must do…

“Leave Your Comfort Zone And Pursue Your passion!”

This is because comfortability does not mean arrival.
Practically , comfortability makes one display goods in one’s shop waiting for customers to start coming in, instead of strategizing ways on how to get them to come in and buy repeatedly. It makes you see success as ending and failure as final.

Hear me, when God gives you a vision for a particular business, you do not just establish an office/shop for it and stop there, waiting for people to troop in for transactions, you step out to invite customers to come. Even when they come, you device strategies to make them abide.

Are you not tired of struggling to survive in business? Get MAD (Motivated, Aggressive and Determined) and make your life count! God has done His own part.

Stop saying, “I’m waiting for God’s time!” This is the surest way to define ignorance. You need to always know when to wait for the manifestation of your expected result otherwise, you will wait till eternity in futility.

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Do not misrepresent laziness for waiting upon God. It is said that God builds businesses but you must do your own part to make it work.

If Moses was waiting for God to come and strike the rock for him for water to come out, he would have waited in vain and the people of Israel would have starved for lack of water. Step out today and take action.

God called you a god (Psalms 82:6, Exodus 7: and John 10:35).

Even Samson Adah Paul subscribed to this statement when he wrote in his popular book, “Back To Sense”, and gave a pictorial illustration of Thomas Edison, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and how they took steps and made their lives count. Read this excerpt (Quoted verbatim):

…Thomas Edison’s parents in a bid to satisfy young Edison’s fanatical quest for knowledge, trained him to use the public library when he was just eleven (11) years old and boy Edison went all out to maximize the ‘library-power’ his parents passed to him, so much that by age twelve (12), he had read books, ranging from literary classics to science. Some of the book which he had read then are Sear’s “History of the world”, Gibbon’s “Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire”, Burton’s “Anatomy of Melancholy”, “The World Dictionary” and several books on practical chemistry.

Little wonder, his biography noted that “By age 12 Tom already became an adult” and he did become an adult, for that was when he started publishing and self-marketing the WEEKLY HERALD, his own Newspaper. The tool of using the library that Edison’s parents passed to him was just enough to help Thomas Edison make a larger than life contribution to human existence, in his lifetime of eighty four years.

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In testimony to this, Bill Gate, one of the richest men of modern history has set out to give 95% of his wealth to charitable course. In July 1994 interview he had with PLAYBOY Magazine, …Bill Gate revealed that he… co-founded his first company Traf-O-Data when he was 14; Traf-O-Data grossed in about $20,000. Little wonder, Bill Gate celebrates the virtue of connecting his kids to the tools of wealth rather than the goods of wealth.

Warren Buffet, the world’s king of capital investment, …is also one of the richest men of modern history, announced in June 2006 that he was giving out 85% of his wealth for charitable course, primarily through the bill & Melinda Gate foundation.

This act is in a fulfillment of buffet’s confession in September 26, 1986, FORTUNE Magazine about 20 years ago. There, he stated:

“My kids are going to carve out their own place in this world, And they know I’m for them whatever they want to do; he further confessed that he will give his kids “Enough money so that they would feel that they could do anything, but not so much that they could do nothing”.

Buffet himself was exposed to the tools of wealth rather than the goods of wealth as a kid: At six, little Buffet bought six packs of Coca-Cola from his grandpa store for 25 cents and resold it for a profit of 5 cents. At 11, boy Buffet ventured into stock investment by buying shares of CITIES SERVICE at $38 each.

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At 14, boy Buffet bought and rented 40 acres of farmland with $1200, money he earned from being a newspaper delivery boy, which he did throughout High School, in total he saved over $5000 from his newspaper delivery business as a High School Student.

What a lesson! What is your excuse?


Do you still desire to make it through life? Then, TAKE STEPS NOW!

To Your Success!


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