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In this blog post, “7 Sure Steps To Competitive Supremacy in Digital Entrepreneurship” I would be revealing my latest discoveries on the exact strategic steps you need to take to dominate in any line of business or ecosystem. An understanding of this article will move your business from a struggling one to a dominating one, enjoying a high level of competitive supremacy.

Have you cared to ask,…

  • “Why are some business people making it to the top 5% in their niches and enjoying competitive supremacy in the digital entrepreneurship ecosystem while the remaining 95% remain average and struggling?”
  • What is it that makes one business go up while the others remain down in their ventures?
  • What buttons did some business people press that others are not pressing or have refused to press?
  • What do you need to know in starting and growing a small business successfully?

Here are the 7 Sure Steps To Competitive Supremacy in Digital Entrepreneurship:

Competitive Supremacy In Digital Entrepreneurship Step 1:

Learn Consistently

 An American writer and futurist, Alvin Toffler, once said, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.

Most Successful Business People developed the learning culture. This is a major habit that kept them in the position they occupy in the business world for a long.

Learning, to me, is the acquisition of knowledge, mixing it with what you know, and coming out with something new, which you can apply and get a better result.

Most Successful Business People learn from books, blog posts, mentors, and trainers.

The following FACTS as revealed by the LURN Nation, substantiate the benefits of having a mentor:

  • 83% of businesses with a mentor survive much higher than those without.
  • No matter what kind of challenges you may be facing, a great mentor has already seen the tough days and knows how to get around it. Imagine the time and money you save, not mentioning the headache.
  • Mentored businesses grow 500% faster, achieving 83% revenue growth.
  • According to a UPS store study, 70% of mentored businesses survive 5+ years (That’s almost 200% higher than non-mentored businesses.
  • 3X – In a small study in New York City found mentored businesses 3x more likely to hit “Top performing” status than non-mentored businesses.

Most Successful Business People make consistent learning a lifestyle.

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Competitive Supremacy In Digital Entrepreneurship Step 2:

Solve A Core Problem Or Need

Starting a business is pretty easy, especially when you live in an environment with all sorts of problems. Unfortunately, many business people still struggle through business because of ignorance, laziness, and lack of discipline. But, it should not be so!

Solving a core problem or need is a service to humanity.

What problem are you solving through your small business that no one else has solved? Get a true need.

Most Successful Business People spend time watching and listening to people.

As a business person, to succeed in your business venture, you must learn how to constantly observe people and apply the knowledge to productivity, profitability, and sustainability. Ask questions. Seek to find out what is the core problem or need of the people around you or within your virtual contact. Interview people. Ask them probing questions in order to discover their core need or problem that might serve as a business idea for your small business. This is because the money you seek is in the core problem you solve. Stop looking for money! Look for the core problem or need around you, physically or virtually, and solve it. It is in solving this core problem or need that your financial breakthrough lays.

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Most Successful Business People know that where there is a problem, there is money in providing the solution, commercializing the solution by marketing it perpetually. Problems are opportunities that are waiting to be harnessed. Solving problems are your guaranteed route to the palace of eternal abundance. Problems always have great opportunities hidden within them.

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Competitive Supremacy In Digital Entrepreneurship Step 3: :

Understand The Basics Of Starting And Growing A Small Business

You need to understand the fundamentals of starting and growing a business and apply what you know efficiently and effectively in order to excel in starting and growing a business.

There are universal principles that apply to starting and growing a business whether you sell vegetables and fruits by the roadside or you run a Fortune 500 company.

Below are the 4 essential keys you need to know, monitor, and manage to be successful as a business person:

  • Serve your customers to the best of your knowledge, responding to their demands
  • Manage your cash effectively
  • Use your assets wisely
  • Constantly improve and grow

It takes knowledge to lead. Training precedes triumph. You must see ahead of others to be the head. Blindness is no more a function of a loss of eyesight but a lack of insight. Little wonders why there are some blind people who are making a global impact while some pseudo-graduate parade the streets of cities and villages looking for non-existing jobs.

To succeed as a business person, you need to understand the basics of starting and growing a business.

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Competitive Supremacy In Digital Entrepreneurship Step 4:

Collaborate For A Disruptive Competitive Edge

Hear me; you cannot win with a “Me-Alone Business Mentality”. It takes two to tango. Productivity and profitability in starting and growing a business are maximized when skillful people work as a team. Someone describes the word TEAM as “Together Everyone Achieves More”. This is simply collaboration.

In today’s world, one of the most important key skills you need in starting and growing a business is collaboration.

Collaboration, in the words of Ram Charam, is necessary because more work is being done in teams, as organizations of every type realize that people at the top are not the sole depositary of all knowledge. That collaboration, of course, is taking place outside the company as well as inside, as organizations work with vendors, suppliers, and even customers to create new products.

You need to have everyone work together seamlessly in a way that creates speed, decisiveness, and value for customers, employees, and shareholders.

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Competitive Supremacy In Digital Entrepreneurship Step 5:


Success in any business is a function of system creation! A system makes your business a cash machine. Systems are means of introducing leverage into your business. They add value to your processes and produce higher-value products at an unbelievably lower price.

Systems allow your business to operate and function independently of you and become a business that produces profits without your own personal perspiration.

A system is a set of procedures or steps that you place into your business to ensure a predictable outcome each time.

Creating a system is one of your competitive advantages in life entirely.

A system helps you to maximize your efficiency and minimize waste.

With a system, your business becomes a well-oiled machine, needing only an occasional adjustment for changes in the market, the competitive environment, customer demand, etc.

A system helps you to develop sales, marketing, production, distribution, accounting efficiency, and effectiveness.

Your system makes complex repetitive activities simple and easy.

Systems and procedures set out what your staff has to do, how to do it, when to do it, and where to do it.

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Competitive Supremacy In Digital Entrepreneurship Step 6:


The subject of vision has already been covered in volume one of this series, “Commanding Wealth Through Entrepreneurship”.

The foundation for business establishment and development is the discovery of vision. Until you discover your purpose and the purpose for a business, you remain a struggler in that business.   Until you have a vision, you can’t create wealth. Until you have a vision, you can’t create a business.

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What then is the vision?  Vision is the discovery of purpose. (N.B: Purpose is the reason for a thing. It is that singular assignment that God wants us to accomplish on earth; Jeremiah 1: 5; Galatians 1:15-16).

Vision is what God designed you for and assigned you to accomplish. What God designed you for is what He assigns you to. It is your assignment that determines your attainment. Your assignment is likened to a ladder for giving height.

Every attainment is a function of discovered assignment. Assignment determines the glory, honour, speed, protection, preservation, riches, and total breakthroughs you enjoy.

Therefore, the craving for your soul should be, “What is my assignment?”

God is the Source of all wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. He owns the world and the whole things that are in it, not the devil (Psalms 24:1). He teaches man how to profit. (Isa. 48:17). So, without him, you can do nothing.

Every successful business is rooted in divine connection. Every supernatural business is inclined on God, not the devil. Until you get connected to Him, struggling in business remains inevitable. May God deliver you from every bondage of business struggling in Jesus’ name!

All economic and business principles have failed. The economic recession has drastically destroyed businesses. Businesses are folding; companies are fast closing but God’s Word (the Scriptures) can NEVER FAIL. Learn how to do business supernaturally and you achieve supernatural abundance from your business. Natural wisdom and knowledge have failed. You need supernatural insight.

Having studied many businesses, done businesses at different levels, and discovered what makes a business thick; I want you to discover in this chapter the foundations for supernatural businesses.

Do you know that there is a difference between ambition and vision? Ambition is what you wish and want to do. It is selfish and self-centered while vision is God’s divine purpose for you on earth. Ambition has to do with the conceptual thoughts of the mind while vision comes from the heart. Ambition puts one into struggling to make a thing: a business, profit, or service work while vision makes things work out supernaturally.

When you are running with a vision or on a mission, everything gets into position. You no longer work for money, money works for you. You no longer struggle to eat, clothe or feed, they come supernaturally. You no longer hustle and in the end achieving nothing. Things hustle to come to you. Life becomes easier and the world becomes an enjoyment galore.

The foundation for a supernatural business is to discover your purpose in life. Without purpose discovery, struggling in business remains inevitable.

Vision makes for victory. Vision opposes ambition and destroys setbacks. Vision in life is the first practical step to a successful business.

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Competitive Supremacy In Digital Entrepreneurship Step 7:

ACT More Than They Talk

The talk is cheap. It does not produce results. Action speaks volumes. It produces predictable and accurate results. No matter what you know about starting and growing a small business until you take practical steps that guarantee productivity, profitability, and sustainability, you are not a candidate for disruptive efficiency and effectiveness.

…See you in my next blog post!

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To your success,

Gabriel Onyekawa,

(Brand Consultant)

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