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“How To Become Rich Through Digital Entrepreneurship”

In Digital Entrepreneurship, Becoming A Millionaire Is Not A Big Deal; It Is Easy

In this blog post, “How to become rich through digital entrepreneurship” I want to stress that becoming rich is easy; only that people are not ready to pay the price to obtain the prize. Learn how to be rich, do what the rich do, and have what the rich have! It is that simple! Just learn, do, and have!

Our World Can Overcome World Poverty If We Engage In Digital Entrepreneurship

It takes guts to overcome poverty. We need to war against poverty to possess our land. Remember, the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.

Nevertheless, the major challenge many have today is the challenge of mismanagement of God’s resources on earth, which includes money. That is why I have been commissioned to teach you how to make money working from your home.

Below are the 7 major home-based businesses in digital entrepreneurship that you can start anywhere around the world and make millions doing so:

Home-Based Business In Digital Entrepreneurship #1:


Many people struggle to make money in futility because they lack adequate insight on the subject and concept of money. They see money as colored paper or metallic coins. But money is beyond these!

Robert G. Allen (1983:48), in his bestselling book, “Creating Wealth” noted,

A fool and his money are soon parted. Why? Because he doesn’t understand investments. He doesn’t understand leverage, or compound interest, or control. And as long as he doesn’t understand these things his wealth is in jeopardy.

But once he begins to understand these things and puts them into practice, he significantly increases the probability of success.

In today’s world, money-making has gone digital. Money itself is currently moving from the physical realm (Fiat) to a digital realm (Cryptocurrencies). Power is changing hands.

We are in the greatest, fastest and smartest season of sudden wealth transfer. The rich of today would soon become the poor ones of tomorrow while the seeming poor of today who took advantage of the crypto world and invested and/or traded heavily for a huge ROI (Return On Investment) would soon become the richest!

There are plenty of opportunities in cryptocurrency investment, trading, and staking.

Have you positioned yourself in this greatest sudden wealth transfer season? That is what this manual is all about. To help you to be fully positioned through a thorough understanding of the world of Cryptocurrencies and how you can make money buying, selling, and staking cryptocurrencies.

Bear in mind that cryptocurrencies have all the attributes of money too.

Different platforms have offered interested persons the opportunity to become traders and investors. The most popular amongst them is BINANCE (Click to read more)

Home-Based Business In Digital Entrepreneurship #2:


A blogger is one who churns out readable postings at intervals on a blog. A blogger who dedicates himself to his work (Blogging) will in the long run establish a reputation on the internet much more quickly than he/she imagines, especially if supported by genuine reciprocity and other media.


Quoting the words of Hugh Hewitt, from his book, BLOG,  (2005:ix),

“Blog is short for weblog. Log means “diary”, as in a captain’s log on a ship. Weblog means a diary of sorts maintained on the internet by one or more regular contributors. Usually, just one, sometimes two or three, rarely more than three.

The first blog appeared in 1999. Give or take a year.

There are now more than 4,000,000 blogs. Think about that. From 1 to 4,000,000 in five years.

Blogs first got noticed when they invaded the reality of politics and journalism in a big way. An entire universe of poliblogs sprang up to do commentary on politics and, necessarily, about media. These blogs raised huge sums of money for candidates, changed the contours of citizen political participation, and altered the course of the 2004 presidential election…”

Hugh Hewitt, summarized by saying that a blog is an online site with time-dated postings, maintained by one or more posters, that features links and commentary.

A blog is thus an online site that is updated by its author(s) frequently which is bound to attract visitors consistently. Hewitt further stated that Blog is a book about TRUST; how old media-mainstream media-lost it and how new media is gaining it.

Blogs brought radical transformation, if not revolution, to news and information dissemination systems.

In today’s world, an individual blogger can compete favourably on equal footing with multinational newspaper publishing companies. With specialized knowledge and information, anyone can become a professional blogger and Internet Millionaire. This is because the Internet is creating more millionaires faster than any other medium in history.

The Internet has redefined the way people around the world work, access information, socialize, communicate and buy/sell products.

 “Blogging is nearly cost-free opportunity to establish or defend a brand and introduce new products or buzz, and to do so over and over again.” Noted Hewitt.

Generating blogging business ideas is both complex and simple. If you pick a topic to blog about which you are not passionate about, you will soon get tired.

In the same vein, if you blog about what you are passionate about which is not what your prospective readers long to read about, you will lack adequate traffic and will soon burn out and be phased out.

If you know the rules and play by them, you will not run into problems.

Hear these: Ideas are the real wealth of life. Those who lack ideas end up as nobodies on earth. Money is not the cure to poverty; transformative ideas and consequent application of these ideas beneficially are the real cure to poverty.

Our blog, is an ideation tool. Without ideas, there will be no business. Lack of ideas means “No business”.

Andrew Carnegie supported this statement when he posited that all achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.

Christian Richman, in his book, “20 Ways of making Millions from the scratch” noted that many people erroneously believe that it takes money to make money. It only takes great ideas to make money.

First of all, you need to know what you want, have a plan, stick to it and then use the money to back up your idea.

There are stories of many people who have been able to bring out an idea and build it into a winning blogging business and who became rich in the process.

Unfortunately, many, who call themselves Bloggers, are only copycats. They wait for people to bring out ideas and then they rush to copy. Learn how to raise blogging business ideas.

Developing blogging business ideas is unarguably one of the critical things in the business, especially for young entrepreneurs (newbies).

To become a professional blogger, you need some vital tools (Click here to access some vital tools needed in blogging)

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Home-Based Business In Digital Entrepreneurship #3:


Websites are visuals, one screen at a time, which encourage the viewers to find what is beneath the first layer. Websites are collections of related WebPages (documents created using HTML and designed to be displayed in a web browser) and other files on the World Wide Web or on an intranet. They are collections of associated web pages managed by the same web server.

Web Sites are files of information located on a server connected to the World Wide Web (WWW). Note: The WWW is a set of protocols and software that allows the global computer network called the Internet to display multimedia documents.

 Web sites may include text, photographs, illustrations, video, music, or computer programs. They also often include links to other sites in the form of hypertext, highlighted or colored text that the users can click on with their mouse, instructing their computer to jump to the new site.

Every website has a specific address on the WWW, called a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). These addresses end in extensions that indicate the type of organization sponsoring the website, for example, .gov for government agencies, .edu for academic institutions, and .com for commercial enterprises.

The user’s computer must be connected to the Internet and have a special software program called a browser to retrieve and read information from a website. Examples of browsers include Navigator from the Netscape Communications Corporation and Explorer from the Microsoft Corporation.

The content presented on a website usually contains hypertext and icons, pictures that also serve as links to other sites. By clicking on the hypertext or icons with their mouse, users instruct their browser program to connect to the website specified by the URL contained in the hypertext link.

These links are embedded in the website through the use of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), a special language that encodes the links with the correct URL.

Web sites generally offer an appearance that resembles the Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, Apple’s Macintosh operating system, and other graphics-based operating systems. They may include scroll bars, menus, buttons, icons, and toolbars, all of which can be activated by a mouse or other input device.

To find a website, a user can consult an Internet reference guide or directory, or use one of the many freely available search engines, such as WebCrawler from America Online Incorporated, Google, etc. These engines are search and retrieval programs, of varying sophistication, that asks the user to fill out a form before executing a search of the WWW for the requested information.

The user can also create a list of the URLs of frequently visited websites. Such a list helps a user recall a URL and easily access the desired website. Web sites are easily modified and updated, so the content of many sites changes frequently.

 There are many benefits in developing and using websites among individuals, corporate bodies, firms, government parastatals, and other related. Among these include:

1)       Websites are cost-effective: Businesses can gain more control, flexibility, automation, and be able to save time when manual transactions are turned electronic.

2)       Companies can automate their entire processes that otherwise are costly, error-prone, and heavily time-dependent.

3)       Websites are used in everyday life for credit card authorization, travel reservations over a network wiring funds across the globe, retailing point of sales terminals, electronic banking, centralized payroll processing for a geographically spread organization, etc.

4)       Websites are used to import data from various sources, perform a financial calculation on them and be able to execute transactions, all electronically.

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5)       It could be used to access corporate databases in a secure manner.

Before now, website designing was a little bit difficult because you have to cram some HTML (HyperText Mark-up Language) and know how to apply them before using them to design websites.

However, websites are now designed easily with WordPress as a web editor. What do you know about WordPress as a CMS? (Find out more through my e-book, A Simple Guide To Website Designing)

Home-Based Business In Digital Entrepreneurship #4:


Copywriting is the business of the rich. Copywriting is about structure and strategy. Copywriting is about creating copies to connect with audiences. Copywriting generates an untold abundance of cash to the person who knows how to do it professionally.

Home-Based Business In Digital Entrepreneurship #5:


A consultant is simply anyone who gives advice or performs other services of a professional or semi-professional nature in return for compensation. Regardless of your area of interest or expertise, you can become a consultant. Consulting is sometimes regarded as, “Coaching”. You do not necessarily need an advanced degree to become a consultant. The important thing is that you have the necessary expertise, qualifications, skills, and expertise to help with a task that an individual or company wants to be performed. Where you obtained such skills is far less important. Consulting encompasses so many different aspects of work life. However, the explosion in consulting has been fueled by technological advances like the internet, which not only facilitates the consulting process but has created the demand for an entirely new class of consultants…Digital Consultants! They disrupt stuff in the business world. Would you like to become one of them? (Use the comment session to air your view).

Home-Based Business In Digital Entrepreneurship #6:

Join Revoobit (An International Direct Selling Company)

You do not know what you have been missing until you successfully register as a direct sales Ambassador in a company like Revoobit.

Business is war. It needs a strategy to overcome the real and potential tragedies.

Unfortunately, most marketers fail because they do not understand the fundamentals of successful marketing. They are grossly divorced from efficiency and effectiveness in their businesses they lack adequate insight on the subject of digital entrepreneurship.

How can you succeed without strategy? Remember, strategy is a function of an adequate application of the right tools and techniques that guarantee supremacy in an ecosystem.

Believe me, the essence of this blog post is not to trick you into registering with Revoobit. However, you can click on any of the links below to sign up on the Revoobit platform. (Note: If you know you are not ready to activate your account with a minimum of $120, do not click the link; let alone registering. The opportunity is for the serious-minded digital entrepreneurs who want to monetize the blogs or social media platform with a system that pays same day.)

Home-Based Business In Digital Entrepreneurship #7:

Join is an all-in-one solution that gives vendors and buyers control over products prices, looks, and feel; all for a token as an operational fee.

With, vendors get more orders, more sales, more customers, and thus more profits! While buyers get quality and reliable products and services.

See you in my next blog post. However, to learn more about Digital Skills, read this blog post, and connect to me later. To keep in touch with me always, FOLLOW my Amazon page and BUY my books!




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