e-book publishing
e-book publishing


Warning: This message is long; but, if you seriously have the desire to unravel the secrets of going from zero to cash in 2021 and beyond, then, read everything, read in-between the lines. Above all, take practical steps because I can only teach you what to do but I might not do it for you. You are absolutely responsible for the outcome of your life!

When I started this series, I wrote that, “Your blog is your Money-Making Machine (MMM). Until you see it that way, you remain to be frustrated in the realms of blogging, especially in today’s marketplace….Too many seeming bloggers who started seemingly well have given up their blogging business and dived into other so-called lucrative and faster money makers. But, that should not be so! Blogging is a lifestyle as well as a long term investment. Linda Ikeji did not jump into becoming Africa’s Queen of Blogging. Naij.com started small too.

Our blog, www.AlaNaija.com was conceived over eight (8) years ago. I have been writing for over a decade now. I have personally trained over two thousand students in my Business Institute, Applesoft Business Institute (ABI) since 20th November, 2006 when it started. Thus, stop looking for a cheap route to success in your blogging lifestyle. It does not work that way!…”

Today, in this series, I bring to you the MONEY-MAKER FOR 2021 and beyond. But, before unveiling this MONEY-MAKER to you, let me quickly tell you a story.

I once read about the old Zen story, you too need to hear it!

A young man had read all the books he could find about Zen. He heard about a great Zen Master and requested an appointment with him to ask for teachings. When they were seated, the young man proceeded to tell the Master everything he had understood from his reading, saying that Zen is about this and Zen is about that, on and on…

After some time, the Master suggested that they have tea. He performed the traditional tea ceremony while the student sat at attention, bowing when served, saying nothing. The Master began to pour tea into the student’s cup. He poured until it was full, and kept pouring. The tea ran over the edge of the cup and onto the table. The Master kept pouring as the tea ran off the table and onto the floor.

Finally, the student couldn’t contain himself any longer. He shouted, “Stop! Stop pouring! The cup is full — no more will go in!” The Master stopped pouring and said, “Just like this cup, your mind is full of your own opinions and preconceptions. How can you learn anything unless you first empty your cup?”

Therefore, if you are going to benefit from this article and all its mysteries, you must first empty your mind so that you can actually learn something new. You MUST unlearn to re-learn. That is the key to success!

Now, hear these: There are universal laws that guide money. There are rules for making money, saving money, and investing money. Economic depression is not new. In the same vein, economic recovery is possible, even at the speed of thought.

The major reason why you make mistakes in life is IGNORANCE.

People are perished for lack of knowledge. People go into captivity because they know not.

Are you aware that you can have everything you want in life, if you can realize the power that God deposited in you and apply them?

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Your attitude towards the inherent power in you determines your altitude in possessing wealth on earth. Everything in life has a price tag, including wealth. Until you pay the price you can’t win the prize.

As a continuation of my article series, I want to reveal to you a MONEY MAKER…


E-Book Publishing is one of the major ways through which my Digital Entrepreneurship Blog, www.ALANAIJA.com makes money. You too can monetize your blog using the same approach just as I did. But, you need the requisite insight to make impact. You need wisdom!

Now, let us dive in…

E-books are simply downloadable books.

An e-book is an information product. Information products are the third largest industry on the internet today.

E-books are easy to write, edit, format, publish and sale. E-books are great money makers. With e-books, you do not need too much financial commitment and mental gymnastics.
Do you know that today you can write and publish your book in less than six hours? Do you know that you can be in your country, on the comfort of your bed, and write a book, edit it, publish it and market it? Thus, making money in dollars and euros? All in just few minutes!

Do you know that you do not need to travel to places, booking appointment with publishing companies just to have your book published?

Things are easier done today than ever. For several years now, I have been writing to commercial publishing companies to publish my manuscript, yet, I was severally disappointed. Most of them did not even reply my mails.

However, today, by the insight I gathered in the course of the years past, I am now a Pro Author, Blogger, Business Institute Founder/President, and Trainer. This website, www.ALANAIJA.com is evidence that I learnt something. People now chat with me asking me how I was able to build the blog to what it is today.

Notwithstanding, I wrote the e-book, “A Simple Guide To Website Designing…How To Setup Your Own Website/Blog And Monetize It In 5 Minutes Or Less” as an answer to the question of, “How Do I Setup My Own Blog/Website And Monetize It In 5 Minutes Or Less? CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD A Copy!

Believe me, by my total liberation from ignorance, laziness and poverty, I am sent to you for your liberation. Sequel to my training in the world of Entrepreneurship, Infopreneurship and Netpreneurship (Internet Marketing), I am sent to you for your training and empowerment. Would you allow me to coach you and make you a global success? Then, read one of my secrets…


What you are about to read now is a secret I have kept for months now, if not years in my secret file. I never wanted to share it with anybody, not even you, my friend. But, I could be made a liar so soon.

On the 13th of November, 2009, I was about to take my bath when a voice (The voice of the Holy Spirit) divinely instructed me to share these secrets FREE OF CHARGE to the world. I then discovered that what you do not know could be a secret to somebody or a group of persons. Think about this!

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Immediately the thin voice spoke to me, the same day, I designed, produced and shared flyers, ready for the seminar on the theme, “How To Write Your Own Book And Publish It Without A Kobo” (CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD A Copy!)

I was initially mocked by many. The attendance was low, just thirty-three participants. But, I trudged on.

On Thursday, the 19th of November, 2009, the seminar took place. It was awesome.

After the seminar, those who attended and a whole lot of others who did not attend for one reason or the other started calling in, demanding for the seminar materials.

Today, you are reading part of the same seminar material (To DOWNLOAD the full e-book, CLICK HERE!). What a surprise!

In addition, what you are reading now is a potential money maker. It can permanently change your life for good. Do not disregard the content, otherwise, you will regret later. Put what you read into practice. You will see that six months will be more than enough for the world to hear about you.


To write and publish your book without spending a kobo, you have to go digital! I mean, Digital books/E-Books (PDF, kindle, Epub, Mobi etc).

What is an E-BOOK?

E-book means, “Electronic Book”. It is a digital book which can be easily read on screen or printed out using an e-book reader like Adobe reader or any other related software.
E-books are simply downloadable books.

An e-book is an information product. Information products are the third largest industry on the internet today.

E-books are easy to write, edit, format, publish and sale. E-books are great money makers. With e-books, you do not need too much financial commitment and mental gymnastics.
You avoid the hassles that go with traditional publishing.

E-books can practically lift you from the doldrums of poverty to the heights of great riches. You can be a self-made billionaire through e-book writing and publishing (That is where I am heading to! Join me and let us go together! It shall soon speak!).

But, what makes e-books better than paperback book publishing?

Below are some major reasons…


Reason #1: Conventional books come in paperback formats while e-books are digitally produced using e-book compilers.

Reason #2: Conventional books are bulky in nature while e-books can even be carried in memory cards.

Reason #3: Conventional books have shipping cost while e-books have no shipping cost. You can send them through emails.

Reason #4: The cost of producing conventional books is higher than the cost of producing digital books. Little or nothing is required to produce digital books.

Reason #5: Conventional books are not relatively easy to reproduce while digital books are easy to reproduce. You can easily use the copy and paste command to reproduce e-books.

Reason #6: The conventional book can be transported from one place to another without problems but the e-book has ubiquity.

Reason #7: E-book publishing does not waste much paper, ink and other production materials but conventional books do.

Reason #8: The e-book is dynamic. It adapts to the profile of the reader. But, conventional books are not.

Reason #9: An e-book can be purchased, downloaded and used immediately, while when one wants to buy a conventional book, one has to go to a bookshop, or wait for a delivery.

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Reason #10: E-books can be printed for less than the price of conventional new books using new on demand book printers.

Reason #11: E-books may be readable in low light or even total darkness while conventional books cannot.

Reason #12: An e-book can be offered indefinitely without going out of print while a traditional book cannot.

Reason #13: It is easier for authors to self-publish e-books than conventional books.


There are four main formats which you can use to turn your manuscript into e-books. Viz:

1. HTML Format
2. PDF Format
3. Kindle
4. Mobi


HTML simply means Hypertext Markup Language. In this format, your e-book opens and functions as if it is a website. However, regardless of the fact that you can use it to achieve a customized e-book, you need to acquire a good knowledge of HTML codes (programming). This is relatively more difficult than using the PDF format. HTML format could also be referred to as executable format. Examples of software to be used here include: E-ditor, E-book Edit pro, Web compiler etc.


PDF is a short form for Portable Digital File. It is commonly used in e-book publishing. It is easier to use than HTML format. All you have to do is to get e-book compiler software, use it to convert your manuscript into an e-book. Example of software to be used include: Adobe writer etc.


This format is killing it globally. Many have turned multi-millions through writing and publishing kindles. You must not even know how to write to become a most celebrated author. How do I mean? You can employ the services of a freelancer, like me, to do the writing for you while you concentrate on marketing the e-book (To Book my services, CLICK HERE!).


This format is gaining grounds in today’s e-book publishing world. Most platforms and e-book reader devices now see this format as the best because of its adjustable character.


By now, I know that you can write a saleable e-book. Assuming you have finished writing your manuscript and edited it. Type the manuscript with a word processor, example, the Microsoft Word.

Look for a suitable e-book compiler and convert the manuscript into an e-book.

From this exposition, I welcome you to the world of writing and publishing! If you will like me to take you hands-on, mentor and coach you on available practical step you can take towards publishing your own e-book at no cost. Read ahead! (CLICK HERE!)

I know that the next thing you will like to hear is how to publish your book without spending a kobo. Just wait a moment! (CLICK HERE!





See You Over The Top! Cheers!
I remain your humble servant,


Founder/President Gabriel Onyekawa Consulting, Gabriel Onyekawa Online Ministries International (GOOMI), Applesoft Business Institute (ABI), AlaNaija.com

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