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2 “A Simple Guide To Website Designing…How To Design A Sophisticated Website And Make Money Without An Instructor. A Step-By-Step Guide. Guaranteed!”

Everything You Need To Know About Website Designing Business

Important Announcement: This is a serious one-on-one opportunity for anyone around the globe who truly wants to break through barriers and go warp-speed into serious, legitimate money-making ventures.

WARNING: Today’s blog post is long as usual. Therefore, it is not for the average minds. If you are looking for an easy road to wealth, if you are looking for the right steps to take and make money faster than ever, THIS IS THE RIGHT BLOG POST FOR YOU!!! Read it till the end. Read in-between lines. Take the necessary action and you will be glad you did!

Reluctantly Revealed:

A Simple Guide To Website Designing…How To Design A Sophisticated Website And Make Money Without An Instructor. A Step-By-Step Guide. Guaranteed!”

Right now I am going to take out a little time to teach and mentor you on how you too can join a few other web designing experts to pull in lots of money from big firms like MTN, Facebook, Amazon, and others beginning with the next 48 hours.

Dear friend,

Imagine this

A life with no debts, no stress, and the freedom to do whatever you want and go wherever you like at the time you like!

Imagine yourself waking up in the morning, knowing that you have no debts as well as being able to go out and buy that house you always wanted, or that car you always wanted.

Imagine yourself in the middle of the Sahara desert. The heat is blistering and you can actually see it rising off the scorching sand. You are thankful you are carrying a gallon of cool, refreshing water.

You got a surprise…

About a hundred feet in front of you, you spot a haggard man, crawling on his hands and knees. As you approached the man, you notice he is dragging a burlap sack full of what looks like gold coins. He turns and with a gasp, he asks you for just a sip of your water and says in exchange for a sip, he will be willing to give you his entire bag of gold coins, worth $100,000.


You accept and being a generous soul, you allow him to take two large gulps from your canteen. Once done, he wipes his cracked lips with the back of his withered hand and continues crawling into the desolate desert.

You, on the other hand, throw the bag full of coins over your shoulder and head back to your sport utility vehicle.

These imaginations are not illusions …

All these imaginations could be real because realities stem from imagination and what could be real to you becomes your reality.

This story illustrates how you can get rich with speed doing far less than you would have done to get the same amount of money. Remember, the transaction was 100% legal and each party walked away happy.

However, I am going to teach you how to get a bag of gold FREE OF CHARGE

What I want to show you today will help you become the guy with the water, who walks out of the transaction with a bag of gold coins on his shoulder.

Are you ready? Hear what Dr. Brian Reuben has to say about this offer…

I didn’t believe you’re serious about

sharing this SECRET to everybody until

I saw your site this morning.

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You didn’t ask for this testimonial

but I’m giving it to you all the same.

Keep it up, Bros.
Dr. Brian Reuben
Author, Entrepreneur & Consultant

But Designers are few…

The little percentage of web designers we have today are overbooked and most of them have turned overnight millionaires.

The money-making opportunity in web designing is really much from the fact that 75% of businesses in Nigeria and other parts of the world don’t have any online presence.

Are you in doubt?

Just open the pages of most daily newspapers and you will see full-page adverts calling on you to attend their website designing seminar and learn how to make millions of dollars from website designing in one dayhow ridiculous!

But some of you are misled!

So People troop in with such invitation and only to be taught the basics of website designing and given manuals and CDs and sent away to go and figure out the rest themselves.

Now remember that most of these people have never operated a computer before; some of them do not even understand what a browser is. Do you want to ask how I knew?

My answer is not far fetched because I have been there in my early days of learning website designing. I went to a seminar where the facilitator could better be described as a storyteller rather than a website designer.

A lot of people were disappointed but never had the opportunity to register their displeasure. The few who did were promised mentorship and ‘extra’ training in the future. How feasible this is, is a question to be answered another day.

Do not misunderstand me, please…

I am not ruling out the fact that it is possible to learn website designing in one day but the fact still remains that with the level of our internet knowledge in this part of the world, more time needs to be devoted to properly train people on all they need to do to get started the right way and succeed in this internet goldmine called website designing.

But there are rules…

There are basic laws you must obey to succeed as a website designer. The problem is not knowing how to design but the right way to design. This is because it is only those who design the right way that is guaranteed success.

Wait! Don’t just believe me till I prove my points!

A lot of people who want to become professional website designers have ended up frustrated and humiliated. Responsibility is laid on me as a website designer, ICT consultant, author, and entrepreneur to educate and tell Nigerians about the truth in website designing.

But, What Is A WEBSITE? 

A Web Site is a file of information located on a server connected to the World Wide Web (WWW). The WWW is a set of protocols and software that allows the global computer network called the Internet to display multimedia documents. Web sites may include text, photographs, illustrations, video, music, or computer programs. They also often include links to other sites in the form of hypertext, highlighted or colored text that the user can click on with their mouse, instructing their computer to jump to the new site.

A Website Address…

Every web site has a specific address on the WWW, called a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). For example, www.AlaNaija.com.

These addresses end in extensions that indicate the type of organization sponsoring the web site, for example, .gov for government agencies, .edu for academic institutions, and .com for commercial enterprises.

Do you need an internet connection?

The user’s computer must be connected to the Internet and have a special software program called a browser to retrieve and read information from a web site. Examples of browsers include Navigator from the Netscape Communications Corporation and Explorer from the Microsoft Corporation.

The content presented on a web site usually contains hypertext and icons, pictures that also serve as links to other sites. By clicking on the hypertext or icons with their mouse, users instruct their browser program to connect to the web site specified by the URL contained in the hypertext link.

These links are embedded in the web site through the use of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), a special language that encodes the links with the correct URL.

Web sites generally offer an appearance that resembles the Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, Apple’s Macintosh operating system, and other graphics-based operating systems. They may include scroll bars, menus, buttons, icons, and toolbars, all of which can be activated by a mouse or other input device.

To find a web site, a user can consult an Internet reference guide or directory, or use one of the many freely available search engines, such as WebCrawler from America Online Incorporated.

These engines are search and retrieval programs, of varying sophistication, that asks the user to fill out a form before executing a search of the WWW for the requested information.

The user can also create a list of the URLs of frequently visited web sites. Such a list helps a user recall a URL and easily access the desired web site. Web sites are easily modified and updated, so the content of many sites changes frequently.

If you want to succeed in website designing then follow …

My 8 steps to succeed in website designing

Step #1: Never try to learn website designing in one day.

Step #2: Never learn from anyone without the knowledge of the business.

Step #3: Register your domain name first before designing. Bluehost is the best I can remember for now. (Click here to access it through their discounted link)

Step #4: Choose a web page editor that suits the kind of site you want. (Click here to access it through their discounted link)

Step #5: Gather the whole materials you need for the designing of your site before doing so.

Step #6: After designing your site, upload your pages properly or ask your administrator to guide you.

Step #7: Keep your websites updated.

Step #8: Market your site online and offline to succeed.

I know that you are enjoying the content of this site. I thank God for you. Today shall mark the end of your worries about website designing. Hear more testimonies…

Gabriel Onyekawa is not just an ordinary trainer but he digests to the core all one needs to know as regards to business and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). He is a radical researcher, therefore has come across all you need to know in this modern world of Information technology–  Chidiebere E. Mbaka (Uncle C.)
Script Writer +234-805-493-8856; +234-703-101-9109

Here is your chance to be financially free…

Now listen, If you have ever dreamt of striking it rich, making more and more money with less and less effort. Here is your chance to financially stop dreaming and start making money by becoming a professional website designer, designing websites, and managing them for individuals, corporate bodies, government parastatals, etc.

    • Have you ever thought of becoming a millionaire the lazy way?
    • Have you ever thought of making money faster and easier?
    • Have you ever thought of becoming a professional website designer?
    • How would you like to make $1000 (N330,000) per month or up to $3000 (N990,000) per month in extra income, for JUST 1 hour of your work daily, with no down lines or MLM marketing whatsoever?
    • Are you tired of being broke financially?
    • Do you want to make tons of money fast and easy? Then read this with the whole of your heart. Etch it on the table of your heart as symbols are etched upon souvenirs. Every truly rich man knows the money-making power latent in the information. Dear, I want you to pause NOW and ask yourself, “Why are you the student and not the teacher? The answer, Information. Why are you not rich? The answer, Information. Why do some people fail and others succeed? The answer, those who succeed know and do something others don’t. Again, it boils down to information. Getting information still remains the first giant leap to greatness. People perish because of a lack of knowledge.
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Drop Whatever You Are Doing Right Now And Give This Every Attention, Even If You Have An Appointment With The President! You too can start with what you have from where you are… This invitation letter is especially for you…

My story and what made me believe that you too can make it I was not born rich…

I made one of the best grades in school… I rejected some banking jobs and resigned from a seemingly high paying job… Today, I am one of the nation’s finest entrepreneurship and personal finance bloggers, a coordinator of a Business School, and the Founder/President, ALANAIJA.com Small Business Hub (ASBH).


1. A lot of people have invested their time and money in various businesses that are highly exaggerated only to suffer real financial loss.

2. Others have been able to taste some serious profits in their businesses only to suffer financially in the shortest period of time.

3. If you have ever attended one of those get rich quick seminars, you will understand exactly what I mean. You have a high powered speaker who is known as a “Hired gun”. He has the ability to deliver a great speech. He has never done anything he is talking about. These guys can motivate and they earn all their money talking.

4. Many people are getting online with speed, internet businesses are springing up.

5. The last count of Nigerians alone brought forward a population figure of 120 million. Not to talk of other parts of the world. Add that to the number of schools, churches, organizations, universities, University departments, clubs, large and small scale businesses, magazines, individuals etc. and ask yourself a simple question, “How many of all these have websites?

6. Over 70% of the population still has no websites. Believe me, over the next five years they would desperately need one. This is sure to happen!!!

7. No one can discover the secrets of website designing and how to design a website (Individual and corporate) and still remain poor.

8. If you know how to design and develop professional-looking websites and you understand the strategies needed to promote your skill, you will never run out of a job.

9. Your maintenance arrangement can also be on the ” Pay as you go” plan. Remember,

Friend, you can change your life. I want to help you to do that. You can get beyond the financial rat-race of making ends meet. You can achieve financial independence and retire early.

You can leave the lifestyle of the wealthy!

You can do all these things while living the lifestyle of the wealthy. You can earn as much as $95 doing 15 minutes job as I do. ‘Unbelievable!’ You just said.

Do you think my easy to use, comprehensive and ALMOST FREE book will help you?

I have just packaged a hot-selling book on website designing, hosting, and management. It is entitled:

“A Simple Guide To Website Designing”

With the book, you can design a website and get it running in 5 minutes or less. The book’s efficiency and effectiveness have been tested by me and a lot of others. It is working miracles. This is no GIMMICK!

It is not just a Book but a training program!

>>> Here is a quick way to order it:


Local: 09073308104

International: +234 907 330 8104

Better still, follow through this link to DOWNLOAD it INSTANTLY from AMAZON (CLICK HERE!)

This book will take you through intensive training on website designing and make you a professional, positioned for the present online market in just a few days.

The E-book is like you going to the university of money and coming out in a few hours with a degree in your hand.

The E-book is not some academic work!

This e-book is not some academic work filled with big words and convoluted explanation that no one can understand.

This guide is written in plain English for anyone to act on from the very first day. When you act on this information, you will succeed. Let others wonder how.

Everybody has an equal right to wealth!

I have assembled all the knowledge you need to become a success in website designing and hosting.

I do believe that anyone can and should have the opportunity to amass great wealth through the secrets and methods revealed in my revolutionary guide.

>>>Click Here!>>> TO DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Who Needs This Manual?

Academics, researchers, seminar organizers, students, publishers, motivational/public speakers, information product marketers, web developers, IT professionals, website owners, graphic artist, job seekers, interviewers, legislators, public relations consultants, internet entrepreneurs, business consultants, religious leaders, financial experts and anyone who has decided never to dwell among the poor.

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Well, I just want to make this e-book as widely distributed as possible by offering it at a price that people would be crazy not to take advantage of. The reason is this: I expect the wide availability of this book to generate consulting clients whom I can charge a minimum of $150 per hour.

But that’s not all – in keeping with my reputation for over-delivering, you will also get these 2 free bonuses in addition to the book:

Free Bonus #1: A one-month absolutely free online training and mentorship program with ALANAIJA.com Small Business Hub.

Free Bonus #2: More information on how you can professionally write your own e-books and publish them through your website and many more. Value: $450 (Having the option to consistently enjoy FREE training via phone, e-mail, etc = PRICELESS).

When you get your hands on A Simple Guide To Website Designing you will be moments away from unleashing the phenomenal power of website designing that will allow you to turn your words into gold!

One word of advice: When you download (receive) your copy of A Simple Guide To Website Designing, please realize that the power to influence others through the written word is awesome. I urge you to use it with wisdom – and only for noble purposes.

This is powerful stuff that should not be shared with those who would use it for malicious intent. Example: “Yahoo-yahoo boys”.

I shudder to think about how dangerous website designing knowledge would be if it fell into the wrong hands. But just imagine how much worse it would be if your competitors got a hold of it before you did.

Consider yourself really lucky to be one of the first to learn about this new e-book release. Chances are, it will be months or years before your competitors catch on. And by then, you would have already used Gabriel’s website designing secrets to the hilt that you would have already left your competitors in the dust!

Do not let me disclose the remaining 5 benefits of the package to you now. You will enjoy all this free of charge by paying a token amount.

My gift for your patience and endurance

Good news!!! Having been patient enough to read all this, I have a package for you.

In my most compulsive desire to make new friends, I had decided to give away a whole truckload of this e-book,

“A Simple Guide To Website Designing”

The e-book has been nominated as the most educative and practical guide to website designing. There is no reason why you should not take advantage of what I’ve done to save yourself time and money.

I know some of you are struggling as you read this, so I hope I can make your path to success a little easier.

I never knew I could be wrong! But just wait…

Alas, my generosity was changed by one of our staff who officially insisted that giving away a manual is very bad luck, and in order not to kill this friendship and to keep away the evil eye, we should assess a token charge. Reluctantly giving in,

>>>Click Here!>>> TO DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

Why not rush and take this irresistible offer NOW when it’s not late?

We’ll also send you free e-books as I mentioned earlier; you will also have an unlimited free mentorship via your e-mail, series of free spectacular information by e-mail so I can help you every step of the way.

If you think this is an unusual offer, you’re right!

Better take advantage of it before my accountant returns from vacation and reads me the RIOT ACT.

>>>Click Here!>>> TO DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

You can change your life. I want to help you to do it. You can get beyond the financial rat-race of making ends meet. You can achieve financial independence and retire early.

I look forward to seeing you at the top irrespective of your place in the country. Remember, I took some days to break from my computer to teach you the nitty-gritty of website designing that can help you get a website running within 5 days.


You do not risk a penny by accepting my invitation to get a copy of my best-selling e-book, A Simple Guide To Website Designing, today.

In fact, you do not even have to say yes. All you have to do is to say “MAYBE”. Because I will give you a 100% no risk money-back guarantee.

Here’s how it works

If you are unhappy, for any reason, or no reason, simply return the e-book for a fast refund of every penny. No questions asked. No hassles. No problems. I promise.

And get this: you can “test drive” A Simple Guide To Website Designing for 1 whole year. (That’s 365 days!)

If you do not make at least 100 times your investment just send the e-book back and I will refund your money on the spot. This means you can read the whole book for FREE.

So do not decide now. Decide after you have read the book and used it!!

>>>Click Here!>>> TO DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

OK, here’s where it gets unreal. I agreed to sell A Simple Guide To Website Designing for an unbelievable amount. This does not seem to make any sense whatsoever because I have already proven that I could easily get 30 times that much for the exact same information.

Please remember that the decision is for you to take. I cannot snatch away your money from you or compel you to buy this manual Now but I know one thing for sure, YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION NOW OR YOU MIGHT REGRET LATER. Think about this NOW!

Do you still desire to make it through life? Then, TAKE STEPS NOW!

>>>Click Here!>>> TO DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

To Your Success!


P.S: Feel free to CONTACT ME or HIRE Us if you desire my TRAINING and PROFESSIONAL MENTORSHIP through this CONTACT FORM (Click Here To Access It) or chat me on WhatsApp: 09073308104 (If you are within Nigeria) or +234 9073308104 (If you reside outside Nigeria)

P.S: You have my words to SHARE this article with your contacts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, etc

Any questions, suggestions, or comments? I would also like to hear from you. Use the COMMENT box below and air your own opinion. It’s absolutely FREE!
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