Hidden Things You Need To Know About MONEY (A Practical Revelation) image
Hidden Things You Need To Know About MONEY (A Practical Revelation) image


This blog post is an excerpt of my local best-selling book, “22 Reasons Why You’re Not Yet Rich…The 22 Mistakes People Make In Money Management And How To Overcome Them

Beloved, may I rightly inform you that the pursuit of money makes mockery of men; but, the passionate pursuit of God’s kingdom advancement makes super-successes of men.

Unfortunately, many struggle to make money in futility because they lack adequate insight on the subject of money. They see money as the coloured paper or the metallic coin. But money is beyond that!

Money is simply a medium of exchange for goods and services. Thus, if you are not exchanging something of value, you are not permitted to make money. Until something goes out of you, money cannot flow to you. There is no mystery about money.

Money answers all things (Eccl 10:19). Money is a defense (Eccl 7:12). It keeps one from the harassment of life. No matter how spiritual you are, you cannot stay without paying your required rent (Assuming you live in a rented apartment).

Money gives you voice. It gives voice to wisdom. Without money, your philosophy loses weight and becomes unacceptable. “Onye na-enweghi ego amaghi right ya”, an Igbo parlance goes (Meaning: “He who has no money does not know his right”).

Have you not read the story as was documented in Ecclesiastes 9:14-16?

There was a little city, and few men within it. And there came a great king against it, and besieged it and built great bulwarks against it:  Now, there was found in it a poor wise man, and he by his wisdom delivered the city; yet, no man remembered that same poor man. Then said I wisdom is better than strength: nevertheless, the poor man’s wisdom is despised, and his words are not heard.

My Financial Mentor, Bishop David Oyedepo once said,

No matter the wisdom the poor man possesses, no one considers him for an election as the President of a nation. Money gives voice to the gospel. Without money, the gospel cannot be spread all over the world. It is the wheel upon which this end time wisdom of God will ride…

The Scripture recorded that money has wings and flies towards Heaven. Money acquired outside God will soon diminish. It does not last. ‘‘Wealth gotten by vanity shall be diminished, but he that gathered by labor shall increase.”  Little wonder why the Bible posited that the blessings of God make rich and do not add sorrow.

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Somebody said it right, “Money is always asking, ‘What will you give in exchange for me?’” Until values are exchanged, money does not gravitate. May your eyes of understanding be opened to this mystery! You must give something of equivalent value to have the kind of money you desire.

Money in the hands of a wise man generates more prosperity but money in the hands of a foolish one is a weapon for mass destruction. This is because, if enough money is in the hands of a good man, he does good things with it. But, when the evil ones are in possession of money, money is used to do evil.

Thus, Money can take any form. It gets born again when it enters the hands of a Christian, but becomes a “Ritualist” when it enters the hands of a Ritualist. Money in the hands of a sinner makes it sinful. Think about this! Remember, it is the same money.

Money is simply an idea, a good, or service. This is because the process of making money starts when an idea is conceived, believed and nurtured. Ideas generate money! Thus, when you lack ideas, you lack money. Thoughts are things, someone rightly said.

I like the title of Napoleon Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich” Until you think, you cannot grow rich. Thinking is the secret of the rich. In fact, the hard work of the rich is thinking. They only use others lawfully, through the power of leverage, to achieve their targeted results.

John Hayes said, “Nobody has a money problem but an ideas problem!”

Nobody gives money freely, except it is a miracle. Even miracles do not just happen. Miracles also obey the law of cause and effect (I have covered this discourse in my latest e-book, Absolutely Unbreakable Laws Of Prosperity. Get your own copy now!). Thus, when miracles happen, always remember that somebody paid the price spiritually, emotionally or otherwise. Miracles are not accidental occurrences.

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Manna never failed from heaven until there was a cry (desire) for it. Whatever you want, by divine creation, they are already made available (Gen. 1:1), but you must desire it and consequently take steps to bring it into manifestation.

As powerful as God is, God did not erect any building. He only laid the foundation of the world and created man to become a co-creator, replicating Heaven on earth. But, how many of us are doing this?

A wise one supported this statement, when he wrote:

… There was also a time when people could not cross the ocean, although the materials for ships were all around them… Materials to make planes to fly the skies and rockets to reach outer space were here in abundance.

Electricity was in the air and ways to discover and harness it lay in the minds of men…

Money cheaply answers to giving not saving. Money does not want us to mess it up. It is responsible. It does not want us to devalue it. Thus, if you are not careful with money, it flies away into the hands of those who value it and manages it well. Mismanagement of money retards the smooth flow of money to one. But, money cheaply gravitates to anyone who knows how to use it.

Let me shock you now with this mystery I discovered from one of John Hayes’s books which supported the fact that success is not money. Thus, if you think that success is money consider these facts of life:

Money can buy you a palace of breathe taking, a splendor, but money cannot buy you the love and respect of the people who live in it….Money can buy you the finest physician in an hour of sickness, but money cannot buy the God given gift of health.

Money can buy you a bed of solid gold, but cannot buy you one minute of rest or inner peace. Money will attract legion of people to you, but money cannot buy you the treasure of one true friend. Money can buy a church pew with your name engraved on it in gold script, but will not buy you a ticket to heaven or a pure heart.

That is why you need this best- selling book, “22 Reasons Why You’re Not Yet Rich…The 22 Mistakes People Make In Money Management And How To Overcome Them


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