How Real Entrepreneurs Make Money Through Problems

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How Real Entrepreneurs Make Money Through Problems

I want to open your eyes to the way (s) you can solve your pressing problem and make money out of them through publishing.

In fact, when you solve your major problem, others may want to know how you solved it.

Why not document the pattern you adopted in solving your problem: the plan, programming and the general strategies you adopted in solving the major problems.

Convert your documented strategy into a manuscript good for publication in various formals.

Publish your manuscript as:

  1. Blog Posts: Bloggers publish blog posts in form of text contents, audio-visuals. Thus, one of the ways to make money through your problem is to become a blogger, just like me. I derive joy blogging. Blogging is one subject I like to discuss. I have written so many blog posts on the subject of blogging (See this LINK now!)
  2. E-Books:  The documented solution to your problem can be converted into e-book of different formats: PDF File (Which can be sent directly to an interested person via email or be automated by using a service like to market it. N.B: You need a Paypal Account that can both send and receive money to market your e-book through payhip. Thus, if you wish to have one created for you or you wish to be taught how you can do it by yourself, kindly connect with me on WhatsApp: +234 907 330 8104), Kindle E-Book (Through, you can create, publish and market your solution e-book as kindle e-book. This is easy but technical to do. You can personally do it. However, if you need my help, do connect with me), Mobi and Epub (Through some renown websites, you can setup your e-book as epub and mobi files. I have personally published my e-books in these formats severally. And there are sites I can recommend to you that will help you achieve these).

The good news is that I have an Online Shop on my Entrepreneurship and Personal Finance Blog,, where you can enlist and advertise your e-books after setting them up and publishing them globally.

3. Paperback Books (Local & Global): Another step you will need to take after publishing your solution manuscript as an e-book is to set it up as  a global paperback edition. This can also be achieved through some websites online, especially However, there are other websites that can help you achieve faster results which I have been using for years now. I can recommend them to you upon your requesting. Do connect with me if you are interested.

Have you also considered publishing your manuscript as a local paperback book? It is that easy too! But, where you think you have no time or might not professionally do it, Applesoft Publishing House, can help you get your manuscript edited, formatted, printed, published and marketed locally at a cost. You can also connect through me for more details.

4. Thick cover Book: Apart from converting and publishing your manuscript as e-book, paperback book (Local & Global), you can also publish your manuscript in thick cover format. This is easily done through the services of sites like and For posterity sake, publishing your manuscript in this format is also advisable. Try it!

5. Audio Books & Audio-Training Programs: Most online bookstores will always ask you if you want to convert your manuscript as an audio book or audio program, immediately after you set up your manuscript as an e-book and/or paperback with them. You can use this service and add another money making product to your catalog of money making machines. Some years ago, I started publishing Audio-Book and Audio-Training CDs/DVDs and it is paying me handsomely. You too can try it! However,  if you need help, do not hesitate to connect with me.


6. Handout (Manual) For Seminars, Workshops, Boot camps, Conferences, One-on-One Consulting  and Training:

Apart from converting your solution into the above formats and publishing them, you can use the same material for consulting, mentoring and training, just learn how and create a platform where individuals or groups gather.

See you in my next blog post.

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The Next Thing

Though I still have a lot to write on this topic but I hope you learnt something new from this blog post. More importantly, I want you to apply practically all I have been able to teach you via this blog post.

Right now, I want to know what you think.

Have you tried applying the contents of this post? How did it work? Anything I missed? Let me know what you think by leaving a COMMENT below. Feel free to ask my questions related to Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance and Marriage Tips. Better still, you can provide a suggestion of a post you would like me to write about.

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