How To Attract More Visibility For Your Book (2 Major Ways)

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If you are planning to skyrocket the visibility of your book and generate more leads or more sales, then BOOK PROMOTION TOOL has the solution!

With many registered users on our sister site, and thousands, if not millions of visitors to on a monthly basis, we can help you drive sales of your book, find a new audience of readers, generate reviews for your book, and improve your book’s ranking on global retail websites.

I would make your book available to our subscribers.

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We would send your book’s link to all our email subscribers.

We will display your book’s cover page or your choice web banner with link to your book on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and noble, Apple among others.

We will add a short description of your book to our book table, which is bound to entice readers to purchase more copies of your book(s).

If you have an article (Post) or a documented review of your book, we will publish it on our blog, and share it in all our social media groups and the ones we belong to, without spamming them.

What are you waiting for?

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Remember, our services are not free. Our prices are moderate and affordable. N.B: Every book goes through an editorial review process. If you do not meet our editorial guidelines, we will email you within 72 hours and issue a full refund on your payment. We do not accept free books for now!

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Talk to us about your book project now!

>>>>WhatsApp: 09073308104<<<<

Our other services include:

Book writing services

Book editing and proofreading services

General product promotion

SME Strategy Consulting & Mentoring Program (GOMP)

Book publishing services (Local and Global)

Website designing/Blog setup services

SME Startup, Intermediate and Advanced Training

General Entrepreneurial Training

Product reviews

Business classified adverts

Entrepreneurial Research

GOMP Hangout on Facebook

Talk to us about your book project now!

>>>WhatsApp: 09073308104<<<<

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