How To Avoid The Greatest Business Mistake You Make Daily

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How To Avoid The Greatest Business Mistake You Make Daily

When I started the Motivational Series here on this website, (CLICK HERE for the previous article!), little did I know that it will attract many readers with their consequent questionings vis-a-vis some of the mistakes business people make that negatively affect the smooth growth of their businesses.

However, since part of the vision of Gabriel Onyekawa Mentorship Program (GOMP) is to understudy businesses and discover their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, and give business advice to our readers and clients based on our discoveries, for them to make informed business decisions at all times, I decided to write this article. Thus was the writing of this blog post.

Today’s article teaches you how to avoid one of the worst mistakes people make in their businesses daily.

Hear this: One of the greatest mistakes we make in business is to wait till we get motivated. Experience and research have proved that motivation, most often, does not come as we think but follows action.

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Therefore, don’t just wait to get motivated! start acting and motivation will come along the way. This is because when you wait to get motivated, procrastination- the thief of time comes in, blurs your vision and renders it seemingly impossible!

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Most of the things I have accomplished came to my mind as ideas. Even the idea for  Gabriel Onyekawa Mentorship Program (GOMP). I never waited for the moment I would be motivated to act but I got into acting regardless of whether the resources were 100% available or not. Just start acting and great forces will come behind you to support you!

I remembered how I got one of my books, Study At Ease (Abridged edition)” published, when I was still a corps member serving my nation on the compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). I came to Kebbi State to serve. After the camping period, I was deployed to Government Secondary School, Dirin-Daji, Sakaba L.G.A. There, I sat where the people were sitting, I ate what they were eating, and I felt what they were feeling, cried when they were crying but I had to do something. Most of my students then were lagging behind academically, some were: “Baa turenchi”. “No English”

Other Corps members saw nothing but a dry land, a wilderness, an uninhabitable area but I saw a different thing. I saw an opportunity for investment. I did not wait to be motivated monetarily, psychologically, or otherwise. I started acting. I started writing a book (which is now globally published on Amazon and other top online bookstore)

Reflecting, the life of a Corps member, especially here in Nigeria, is nothing to write home about. No good water, no means of communication in most of the areas they are being posted to. Nothing! The meager amount given as allowance cannot take one for a week let alone a month in a strange land. But tough times never last but tough people do. I decided to do something not minding the above seemingly negative factors.

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I starved myself for several months just to gather the resources needed to print the book. I acted, great forces, in the form of comfort, joy, happiness and wisdom, came and supported me. I turned the pains into gains. I solved the problems and converted ordinary paper into money.

Do nOt just wait to get motivated; start acting and motivation will come. This is one of the top secrets of most great business men and women you see today. Just start acting on that dream of yours and you will see if forces will not come to your aid to assist you in bringing them to manifestation.

Have you ever made such mistake? Are you motivated by this article? Then, share your suggestions in the comments section below.

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What a lesson! What is your excuse?

Do you still desire to make it through life? Then, TAKE STEPS NOW!

To Your Success!


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In your own view, what does vision mean to you? I would also like to hear from you. Use the COMMENT box below and air your own opinion. It’s absolutely FREE!

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A Simple Guide To Website Designing E-Book
Secrets Of Business Breakthrough
Secrets Of Business Breakthrough
how to write your own book and publish it without spending a kobo
how to write your own book and publish it without spending a kobo


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