How To Choose An Ideal Life Partner That Enhances Your Business Growth

What You Must Know Before You Fall In Love Series

how to fall in love
how to fall in love

This article is an excerpt from one of my e-books (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THEMBut Not Free!)

This article teaches you how to choose an ideal life partner that will enhance your business growth


This statement may not sound familiar to you. It just came to me, through the Holy Spirit, as I was writing this article.

“Emotional leverage” simply means having an added value in your emotional life (sex life inclusive).

Emotional leverage is one of the factors you should look out for, after considering other four traits I stated and explained in this discourse. Emotional leverage has to do with the feelings you have for your suitor. This is especially important while choosing a life partner.

Most people make the mistake of choosing a partner they do not “feel” for. This is common among some people today.

In the course of writing this article, about three persons shared similar stories of their friends (ladies) who got married but ended up consistently being impregnated by their former “boy- friends”. Why? They claimed that their husbands were very ugly. That they could not imagine themselves giving birth to children that resembled their husbands. What a shame!

Hear this: Any suitor you do not have feelings for, never marry such a person, otherwise you end up committing adultery and dying casually. However, when you say “I do!” and enter into marriage with the person, “shut every other door”.

Erroneously, people say, “Love is blind”; that is why most people have closed their eyes and chose their partners. Only to open their eyes and discovered that what they chose was not what they wanted. Little wonder why somebody said that marriage is a prison where those inside want to come out and those outside are afraid of getting in. This statement is a gross fallacy.

Marriage is not a prison. Do you doubt me? Now let us go to the origin of the Bible.

In the book of Proverbs 18:22, the Scripture said, “Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour of the Lord “. Beloved, marriage is not “for better, for worse“as many so called ignorant Pastors declare.

Have you not read, from the book of Proverbs 4:18, “But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day “? Be wise!

However, if you discover any seemingly imperfection challenge or problem with your partner after wedding, then recognize that that was why God created both of you to be together. You are to compliment him/her and not to be a critic. You are to partner with him/her and not to compete with him/her. You are to help him/her overcome challenges and not to discourage him/her.

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Start seeing the good sides of your partner. Help him/her on his/her weaknesses. That is the power of synergy. What God was talking about in Proverbs 18:22, in relation to “favour” means “synergy” in true sense. Because until you work, nothing works, so, it is not just by faith alone, but added diligent (Hebrew 11:6).

Make your relationship work. But, lay good foundations. That is why I like what one wise man said, “Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, but half-shut, after marriage”

Consider emotional leverage before accepting a suitor. Would I be happy having this person kiss me? Would I be happy having him/her “ride” me? Would I be happy having this person walk with me on the street? Would I be bold to smilingly say to my friends “This is my husband wife”? Would I be happy having this man father my children? Would I be happy having this woman carry my baby?  And other related questions.

If you don’t feel for him/her, please do not accept his/her proposal for relationship (marriage).

However, never be deceived with this devilish advice admonishing you to have sex with your partner before wedding and consequent marriage. Marriage is honourable when the bed is undefiled. What you think you want to test before wedding will soon be your own immediately after wedding. Exercise a little patience and if God’s Word, Proverbs 4:18, is true, which it is, you will never be disappointed in that relationship. Believe me!

Secondly, I have always taught my clients at Gabriel Onyekawa Consulting that compartibility of vision is important (Though this subject has been covered in my article on “BEFORE YOU FALL IN LOVE…Undisclosed Secrets!…The Core Factors To Consider Before And After Marriage” I wish to write on it again)

Hear these: When the purpose of a thing is not discovered, abuse is inevitable. When the purpose of any relationship is not known, frustration and total failure become the order of the day.

Purpose Defined

Purpose is the intent of a thing. It is the original reason why a thing is created. Without purpose, development and growth are not guaranteed. God is a God of purpose. He established every kind of relationship for a reason. Marriage is at His heart. That was why He established marriage before ministry and business. Until you discover and connect to the purpose of any relationship, you remain a struggler in it.

One of the major reasons why people, even believers, fail in marriage is because they lack adequate knowledge of what marriage is all about. They lack adequate insight on the subject of marriage. How can you enjoy what you do not know about?

A lot of people jump into relationships without thinking and without adequate insight. Little wonder why they fall out of relationship without mercy.

When you do not know what a relationship is about, or what it holds for you, you end up at the mercy of your ignorance and its consequences.

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If you jump into any affairs in life, you are bound to fall but when you grow in it, you remain ever growing from generations to generations (Proverbs 4:18).

The greatest mistake people make before choosing their partners is lack of the discovery of what marriage is all about. How many successful marriages have you studied? How many marriage and relationship seminars have you attended? How many successful marriages have you taken time to observe and discover what made them thick? What do you know about marriages?

Hear this: One single mistake in your marital life is able to wreck your whole business and life entirely!

Marriage should be approached as a serious business and not as gambling. Stop gambling relationships. Be taught and be blessed!

Training precedes triumph in business and life. Until you are trained, you cannot triumph. Marriage and businesses are no exemptions.

Know The Vision Of Your Partner

Apart from knowing the purpose of establishing relationships by God, you need to know the vision of your partner to be established in any relationship. What are his/her objectives for wanting to have you closer? Do you share the same? What is his/her main purpose on earth? Has he/she discovered his/her purpose for existence? If yes, what is the purpose all about? Do you share the same vision? Even if your visions are not the same, does his/her vision align with your own vision? Can you people compliment each other? These are some of the questions you must ask yourself before you finally accept his/her friendship or marriage proposal.

Hear this: If his vision is not compatible with yours, you can never be submissive (if you are a lady). In the same vein, if your partner’s vision does not align with yours, you might not love her (for the men). This is one of the major reasons why many are in one apartment but no peace. They would rather pray for the termination of the relationship than pray for its growth and sustainability. What a shame!

“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Psalm 11:3

Imagine some body who wants to travel to the Northern part of your country. As he/she awaits a vehicle to board for the journey, a car parks by the side and waves his/her hands to the person waiting for a cab. He/she opens the door of the vehicle, in celebration of a seemingly free vehicle, and gladly enters the vehicle. Only to discover, on arrival, that he/she is in the Eastern part of the country and not the Northern part he/she wanted to go. This is exactly what happens to most people.

In the quest to get connected to a partner and get married, they end up with the wrong person, heading the wrong direction. Maybe the so-called partners that they ended up with just came back from “Yankee” (Overseas), proposed to them for marriage. And they “jump in”, thinking that they have “arrived”. Only to discover later that the young man is a drug addict, a gambler, and a crook. “Where do I go from here?” becomes an unending question at their seemingly honeymoon. The veil has been unveiled, the suits have gone off and reality becomes tangible. May this never happen to you in Jesus name!


Before you accept to befriend or marry anybody, checkout the “Visions compatibility. Is he/she going the same direction with me? Can he/she leverage or add value to my life? If yes, in what areas? What is the guarantee that he/she will fulfill his/her promises? And other related questions.

Don’t just jump onto relationships because your suitor is handsome/ beautiful, rich, classy or has a car. It is dangerous.

N.B: This article is an excerpt from one of my e-books (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THEMBut Not Free!)

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what you before you fall in love
what you before you fall in love

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