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Systems are means of introducing leverage into your business. They add value to your processes and produce higher value products at an unbelievable lower price.

A system is a set of procedures or steps that you place into your business to ensure a predictable outcome each time.


Creating a system is one of your competitive advantages in life entirely.

I once read a story about a village that had no water unless it rained. To solve this problem, the elders decided to have people bid the contract to have water delivered to the village on a daily basis.

Two people volunteered to take on the task and the elders awarded the contract to both of them; maybe, to avoid monopoly (A situation where only one person determines both price and supply).

One started without a system created. Immediately after the awarding of the contract, he quickly ran out, bought two galvanized steel buckets and began running back and forth along the trail to the lake which was a mile away. He immediately began making money as he laboured morning to dusk hauling water from the lake with his two buckets.

He would empty them into the large concrete holding tank the village had built.

Each morning he had to get up before the rest of the village awoke, to make sure there was enough water for the village when they needed it.

It was hard work, but he was very happy to be making money and for having one of the two exclusive contracts for this business.

The other created a business system first. For a while, nobody saw him.
Instead of buying two buckets to compete with the other winning contractor, he wrote a Business Plan, created A Corporation, found four Investors, employed a President to do the work, and returned six months later with a construction crew.


Within a year, his Team built a large volume stainless steel pipeline which connected the village to the lake.

At the grand opening celebration, he announced that his water was cleaner than his competitor’s.

He knew that there had been complaints about dirt in his competitor’s water.

He also announced that he charges 75% less than his competitor; regardless of the higher quality and more reliable source of water.
The village cheered and ran immediately for the faucet at the end of his pipeline.

His competitor devised another strategy in order to compete. His opponent, that started earlier on, immediately lowered his rate by 75%, bought two more buckets, added covers to his buckets and began hauling four buckets each trip.

In other to provide better service, he hired his two sons to give him a hand for the night shift and no weekends.

When his boys went off to college, he said to them, “Hurry back because someday this business will belong to you!”

He lost his two sons for some reasons, after college, his two sons never returned.

Eventually he had employees and union problems. The union demanded higher wages, better benefits, and wanted its members to only haul one bucket at a time.

His competitor later became extremely rich. His competitor realized that if his village needed water, then other villages must need water too.

He rewrote his Business Plan, and went off to sell his high-speed, high-volume, low-cost and clean water delivery SYSTEM to villages throughout the world.

He only makes a penny per bucket of water delivered but he delivered billions of buckets of water and all that money poured into his bank account.

He lived happily ever after but his competitor worked hard for the rest of his life and lived in financial hardship.


Thus, to establish a blossoming business, you need to discover and apply the mystery of system creation. For without a system, there will be no tangible foundation and structure for your supernatural manifestation in the business world.

If operated properly, your business system will provide a steady stream of income without much physical effort on the part of the owner once it is up and running. The problem is getting it up and running.

Thus, to own a sustainable and profitable business, you need to get adequate knowledge on how to build a business system and how to lead people. You need to devote all your time and resources in building a business system that will generationally impact nations, thereby, bringing your way every other thing you will ever desire. That is how to live a fulfilling life.

Are you aware that in 1985, Robert Kiyosaki and his wife were homeless yet they were busy building a business system? [Kiyosaki (1998:102) in the book, “Cashflow Quadrant”: Warner Books: New York)]

Successful entrepreneurs develop systems that will run without their involvements. You need to do the same!

Remember, an MBA does not automatically mean you are competent to run all the systems that ultimately make up a complete business system.

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