Secrets Of Business Breakthrough
Secrets Of Business Breakthrough

Today’s article is focused on an important issue discovered and documented in one of my newly published e-books, entitled, “Secrets Of Business Breakthrough” which is now available for ORDER and INSTANT DOWNLOAD (To get a copy, WASSAP through our Corporate Phone Number: +2349073308104 or e-mail:

Recalling, all through this season, we have been talking about the theme, “In Pursuit Of A New Year!” This article could as well be tagged, “Part Four Of The Series, In Pursuit Of A New Year”

I was led to teach you a couple of rules, which when obeyed can help you to develop your own business ideas.

Here are some of them:


The products or services that your business will be offering should stand out and be unique. Even if it’s not a new product and service, you can offer yours in a unique way. You can improve on existing businesses, products, or services or run the business in a unique way.

The Demand Must Be Right

Don’t even attempt to create a demand for a new product. It has been established that only large companies that have access to an arsenal of marketing resources are capable of doing this. You must be sure that a market exists for the product or service you are bringing out. It is your responsibility to determine areas where a demand exists already and key into those areas.

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The Quality Must Be Guaranteed

Always give yourself to increasing the quality of your products and services. The lawyers will tell you that the facts speak for it. Good products will sell it. Look for similar products in the market and study them and then make sure that your own product meets the same requirement or is better. Never try to give any excuse for developing a poor quality product. Never you, in an attempt to make money quick, sacrifice quality on the altar of quick money. It will boomerang.

It Must Be Easy To Use

The products you offer people must be easy to use. Most people are pressed for time and therefore will be very impatient. If you give out products to people that will make them want to fall sick when they remember it, then I can only wish you good luck.

It Has To Be Credible

I can’t emphasize this point enough. You must present yourself, business and products and services as being very credible. Except you are a known company with all the goodwill at your disposal, you may find it difficult convincing people to part with their money. Remember, many people have had many ugly experiences with businesses, products and services that disappointed them. You can offer some for free and at the long run make untold wealth through back-end sales.

There Should Be Back-End Business

If you run a business that gives you an opportunity to have a repeat business with your satisfied customers, you would be able to make plenty of money from a single customer. Getting customers is not that easy, so you must make maximum use of all your customers. You can offer related products or services. That is why it is good for new businessmen to go into businesses that will demand that their customers come back monthly, quarterly or yearly.

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When you have developed your idea, you will of course be confronted with the challenges of turning the idea into money. However, not to worry! You can order for my book, “Secrets Of Business Breakthrough” to get the full gist as time may not permit of to write about it in this season, except you would wait till next year probably. I just remembered that we have few copies, about 10 copies in stock.

See you in my next article!

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To Your Success!

Gabriel C. Onyekawa

AlaNaija News Reporter,

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