How To Dominate Globally As An Entrepreneur image
How To Dominate Globally As An Entrepreneur image

Starting small, thinking small, acting small and living small will always culminate into achieving small results. Until you start thinking global, you cannot become a global personality and your business or ministry will never have a global impact.

Firstly, your mentality has to change. Your dressing pattern has to change too. Your total packaging has to change. I do not mean wearing exorbitant clothes and dresses (designer wears). I mean professional dressing that guarantees professional businesses.

Secondly, you must study, observe and imbibe by all rules guiding global businesses. How can you claim that you want to become a global business man or have a global ministry when you don’t even have an email, let alone a blog site or website? Have you ever gone to the internet (INTERnational NETwork) to goggle any information related to your line of business or ministry? Do you even know how to use the computer system? Even the phone you have in your hand or in your pocket now, can you use the internet facilities made available to you by its mobile network provider? Enough is enough! Go and learn how to operate the basic packages of a computer system, especially internet. You can’t be wiser than the skill, information and revelation at your disposal.

Thirdly, do you have an International passport or a driving license? A National or ECOWAS passport or ID? What if an opportunity comes now for you to fly over to another country to negotiate and execute a business deal or you’re invited to speak in a church or conference abroad? Be wise! Get these things ready if you really want to go global. I know that you might not even have a domiciliary account (foreign account) with any bank. You need it! “As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is” (Proverbs 23:7). If you start seeing yourself as a global personality, everything around you changes and begins to operate at that frequency. The Angels are messengers (Heb. 14). When your voice thunders, and there is a confirmation inside your heart (faith), the angels go to work at the frequency of your command to bring your desires to accomplishment.

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Your prosperity starts the day your mentality changes. A change in your mentality to a global trend guarantees a change in your locality, mobility and prosperity.

You are not born to die a local champion. You are a global personality. Stop celebrating the ground level when the great level is still available.

Thank God for where you are today but, there are still heights to climb in life. You have dwelt on that mountain long enough, arise, park your bag and go global. Start today; start somewhere; maybe from your mentality, by your personal development and acquisition of more skills that will launch you into the global trend.

All you have inside you now is enough to change your world. Its your turn for a turn around. You are welcome to the world of the global millionaires, you are welcome to the peak of life, where things happen at the speed of thought.


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