How To Discover Your Purpose on Earth

Understanding The 24th Law of Love series

how to find love
how to find love
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24th law of love
24th law of love

The love you seek in a relationship is within you! But, it takes adequate knowledge to unravel it and enjoy it! Find out in today’s article how to re-access your love and make the best out of it!

Love Is No Cheap Talk

Love is hard work. That is why if you take it casually, you become a casualty. God forbid!

Having understood what love is, how to find it and what to say when you find it, you need to constantly re-access the love you have found, through the feedback, you can constantly upgrade and repackage it for supernatural manifestation.

Every Enviable Relationship Is Worked On

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You must make your relationship work. Otherwise you end up losing what you think you have built on a silver platter.

Thus, following “The Concept of VIH” (Which is a concept God revealed to me, Gabriel C. Onyekawa), the first factor for accessing or re-accessing your relationship is VISION.

Vision is the discovery of purpose. It is locating God’s Assignment for your life on earth. Without vision, you end in confusion and frustration.

But, How Can I Discover My Purpose on Earth (Vision)?

Be Born Again

Salvation guarantees manifestation (Matt. 6:33). Until you repent, access to revelations (the hidden secrets of God) is not in view. God is a God of mysteries, little wonder why Jesus Christ came on earth and spoke in mysteries. It takes mysteries to become a master. And vision is one of the mysteries that can make you a master on earth. We are created to have dominion on earth (Gen. 1:26-28). Until you are born again, you can’t enjoy any relationship. Be born again and you’ll become sensitive to the things of the Spirit.

Be Filled with the Holy Spirit

Being born again is the foundation for a Christ-like life. But, you must be filled with the Holy Spirit to make impact on earth (Acts 1:8; Acts 2). Have you cared to ask why same Peter that could not stand for Jesus at His death point was able to convert over 3,000 unbelievers when he was endued with the Holy Spirit? It takes the Holy Spirit to access power and manifest purpose on earth. Think about this!

Consciously Ask For It! What you don’t desire, you don’t deserve

Until you desire a thing, it might not be given (Matt. 7:7-8). Desire for the purpose of God for your life (Vision) is what guarantees your receipt. To discover vision, ask God for it. Ask God in prayer and fasting (Prayer of inquiries).

Go For The Word

The mysteries of God are wrapped up in His Word (The Scripture). Until you locate the right Word for your life, manifestation is not guaranteed (John 6: 63; John 1:1-5; John 1: 14). As you look unto the Word, every darkness in and around you will be terminated! (John 1:5).

However, you can locate the Word by listening to great messages by the spirit of just men made perfect (Great men of God), reading and studying the Bible, great Christian books and literature, fellowship with others at churches and Home cells and being sensitive to the things of God.

Be Meek

To be meek means to be teachable. It is only the meek that has access to the deep things of God (Vision). Until you’re meek, you can’t have access to God’s vision (Ps. 22: 26; Ps. 25:9; Ps. 37:11; Ps. 147:6).

Pursue Your Passion

Of a truth, vision is the opposite of ambition. Vision is selfless while ambition is selfish. Vision is from God while ambition is man-made. Vision is revealed by God while ambition is of man.

Thus, vision is from the heart while ambition is from the head. However, a lot of you are seemingly frustrated and stagnated because you have been waiting for God to speak concerning His vision for your life.

You just want Him to say, “My son (or daughter), I want you to marry Nkechi or Brother Kingsley…” Yes, it’s possible for God to speak that way. But, it’s rare!

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When you have not heard clearly from God who to marry, look inward who are you passionate about? Study him/her and ask the Holy Spirit to show you who he/she is. If you are satisfied with what you see, go for the person. Just take a step, God will perfect the rest. And soonest, you’ll see that the vision of God for your life has been fulfilled.

Stop saying, “I’m waiting for God’s time!” in ignorance. Otherwise, you’ll be grounded. God forbid! Not for You!!!

I believe that you now know what the first letter, “V” in the concept of VIH means, how it relates to love and how to use it to re-access your relationships?

Now, let us proceed to the second letter, “I” which means “INFORMATION”.

What is Information? Information means “Light”. It means “Insight”. It means revelation. It is the only guarantee for impact and revolution in any relationship.

Information is the foundation for transformation. When you are not informed, you are deformed. Information has a great role to play in any relationship. It is a yardstick for measuring true love. This might not make meaning to you now, but hear this:

A man that is informed ought to know what to do to take good care of you. A man that is well informed knows his rights and can defend his partner’s right. Same with a well informed lady.

Thus in any relationship where information is lacking, deformation is the order of the day. Information makes you know what to do in a relationship in other to secure your relationship.

Do you know that with information, you will never be reckoned as a dullard? Even if you don’t know how to cook, there are books in the market that will cheaply teach you.

Maybe you don’t know how to make love, there are anointed books that can teach you how. Or, maybe you don’t know how to dress professionally; there are books that can teach you so. Information is light. Light guarantees your manifestation.

A well informed person can never flirt around looking for illicit sex. Why? Because there are books that you can buy, read, study, and practice, that will secure your marital destiny.

Beloved, before choosing a partner, check the information level of the person. A person that is not well informed might not lead you aright. He/she might not take good care of you.

Information precedes love. Without knowledge love is in shambles. Loving an ignorant man or woman is connecting to darkness without knowledge. That is why I personally advocate that everyone should make oneself an asset by getting educated.

By being educated, I don’t just mean schooling, but tangible studying and discovering of some important issues of life.

Information makes a man to love you with reason and emotion. A man that loves you only emotionally is bound to leave you when the emotions subside. I have personally discovered that what sustain relationships most often are not just love but information and commitment.

What you know about your prospective or real partner is what entangles him/her to you, even when others suggest that you abandon the person.

Many have been deceived with the statement, “Love is blind”. Hear this: Love is not blind. When you close your eyes to some vital factors of consideration before entering into a relationship, you end up regretting over that relationship.

When you close your eyes and choose a partner, you may open your eyes and discover that you have done it wrongly. Besides, you have chosen the wrong person. God forbid!

Information is a criterion for measuring a prospective partner. Examine the person that wants your hand in marriage, how informed is he in relationship? What does he know about managing a home? How well is he managing his life? Is he responsible to his parents?

Any man that does not take good care of his parents cannot take good care of you. How can one give what one does not have? A person that is not informed cannot inform you.

Marriage is a meeting of two seemingly imperfect persons, man and woman. But, that does not mean that both of them should be fools. Believe me; a union of fools will produce foolish descendants as children.

Hear me: an uninformed person is also limited in his finances. This is because it is financial literacy that produces financial abundance. Money gives wheel to marriage. How can you be taken care of without money?

Information produces financial abundance and guarantees marital manifestation. Without information, marriage might not work. That is why jumping into marriage without knowing what marriage is all about is jumping into marine without considering the consequences.


Therefore, information brings money; and money manifests marriage.

Are you already in a relationship? You need to re-access your relationship for if the foundation be destroyed, what shall the righteous do?

Information makes a woman to know that the actual owner of her breasts is the husband and not the children. The children are temporary owners while the husband is the permanent owner. Little wonder why those who abuse their breast, maybe by exposing it in the marketplace, end up having their husbands run after young ladies whose breasts appeal to them.

Hear this: If you don’t take good care of your breast and make it comely to your husband, you may end up pushing him into temptation without knowing it.

Why would you be dishonouring your breasts by exposing them provocatively in the marketplace and think that your husband will be happy with you?

At home, you constantly appear dirty because you just gave birth to two kids. What a shame! Were you like that when he found you worthy to be his wife? Where you publicly exposing your breasts in the market when he chose you as a partner?

Information is not just about going to our secular schools and acquiring distinctions and credits. Until you have at least a pass mark in maintaining yourself for your husband or wife, your relationship hangs precariously at the altar of abuse. May you never lose your partner!

Information means knowledge. Until you have enough knowledge about marriage, you don’t enjoy the marriage. Little wonder why Myles Munroe said that what actually sustains marriage is not love but knowledge. The level of your insight in relationship affairs determines the level of your impact in relationship.

Those who take time to study relationships end up manifesting mightily in relationships. Until you have enough light in relationship affairs, you don’t make enough impact on it. Light (Knowledge) rule the world (But, it is only knowledge applied rightly).

The only reason for frustration, stagnation, and gross failure ravaging your relationship and life today is IGNORANCE.

There is no mountain anywhere every man’s ignorance is his mountain. There is no special problem anywhere; every man’s ignorance is his problem. So, there is no special challenges in your relationship or life entirely but special ignorance.

You cannot enjoy what you do not understand. It is knowledge and revelation that culminate into manifestation. There is no better truth than these.

If I were you, I would sit down and study what relationship is all about and not jumping from one relationship to the other and getting consistently hurt in the process.

Study and you will be separated for a successful relationship. The love that speaks is the love that applies knowledge. It is the love that is based on information and not emotion alone.

Emotion can draw two persons together but it is information that sustains them. It is information that leads to commitment. And commitment leads to commandment. And when you are in command, the devil loses control and barks off your relationship.

Stop crying your lack of a husband or wife! Stop praying against marital delay! Stop fighting a cause that has been won for you over two thousand years ago!

What you actually need to come out of any marital stagnation is information. In the process of studying, revelation will come. And revelation guarantees manifestation.

Take a step now, go to a bookshop, get more anointed books on relationship (Marriage), take out at least three days and study them. If possible, fast alongside the studying, and as long as the Lord liveth, three days will be too much for your eyes of understanding to be open. And your marital destiny restored and secured.

God is not a mocker. Whatever He says, He does. It is His honour to hide and secure things. But, it is the honour of kings and queens (believers) to unveil them. I prophesy to you now, “The last shame you suffered in your relationship shall be the last forever in Jesus name!”
But, it takes hard work.


Hard work is the last letter in the concept of VIH. Without hard work, nothing works. A person that does not work hard does not enjoy life. Without work, nothing works. You need to be a responsible hard worker to have the right partner come your way.

Before you accept a person to be your life partner, make sure he/she is a hard worker. Examine the person to ascertain his/her love for what he/she does.


A lazy person is a hungry person. And every hungry person is an angry person. And anger is poisonous venom that can shatter your destiny leaving no debris.

Hard work is a yardstick for measuring the heart of a true lover. Why would a man, who has no job, propose to you and you accept?

May be you are a lady who has noting doing but you expect a hardworking man to marry you. It is not possible! Even if he does, you may not enjoy him because whatever he does will constantly irritate you.

Hard work does not kill. It does not punish you. It polishes you. It keeps you fit and agile. You can’t be a hard worker and die casually. Except when you are doing the wrong thing.

Vision plus Information minus Hard work will end in frustration. I mean, if you have located your purpose, studied voraciously, and refused to take action, you will end in consistent frustration.

Speaking in tongues after eating in a restaurant cannot be exchanged for your meal payment. Imagine boarding a cab, after highlighting at your destination, the driver asks you for your transport fare and you burst into tongues or ask him to kneel down so that you’ll pray for him in exchange of your transport fare. You may not leave there unhurt.

Disgrace will always be the portion of anyone who refuses to work hard. You may remain ever unmarried. God forbid!

No matter what a person says while proposing to you, check out if he is a hard worker before accepting his proposal.

A lazy man is a lazy fool; and does not deserve to be married to. Except you want to end up a beggar, even while in his house as a “hunch bag” (Sorry! “Husband”); same for a lady who refuses to work. She may end up a liability in your house; because she will only be good at sex, food, nanny and other related services. That means the man has to work beyond limits to satisfy her. Imagine what will be her size when you finally marry her and she sleeps at home for one year!

Hard work is a pre-requisite for marital success. That your potential partner has vision is not enough. That he/she is well informed is not also enough. You need to check out his/her hard working level before deciding or accepting the marriage proposal.

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what you before you fall in love
what you before you fall in love

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