How To Generate Money Making Ideas For Your Blogging Business

How To Generate Money Making Ideas For Your Blogging Business pix
How To Generate Money Making Ideas For Your Blogging Business

In today’s article, I want to quickly teach you how to generate money making ideas for your blogging business.

As a background to this article, yesterday, we talked about “8 Major Reasons Why You Need To Go Into Blogging Business Now”(Click here to read it first because it will help you to fully understand today’s message)

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Generating blogging business ideas is both complex and simple. If you pick a topic to blog about which you are not passionate about, you will soon get tired.

In the same vein, if you blog about what you are passionate about which is not what your prospective readers long to read about, you will lack adequate traffic and will soon burn out and be phased out.

If you know the rules and play by them, you will not run into problems.

Hear these: Ideas are the real wealth of life. Those who lack ideas end up as nobodies on earth. Money is not the cure to poverty; transformative ideas and consequent application of these ideas beneficially are the real cure to poverty.

Our blog, is an ideation tool. Without ideas, there will be no business. Lack of ideas means “No business”.

Andrew Carnegie supported this statement when he posited that all achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.

Christian Richman, in his book, “20 Ways of making Millions from the scratch” noted that many people erroneously believe that it takes money to make money. It only takes great ideas to make money.

First of all, you need to know what you want, have a plan, stick to it and then use money to back up your idea.

There are stories of many people who have been able to bring out an idea and build it into a winning blogging business and who became rich in the process.

Unfortunately, many, who call themselves Bloggers, are only copycats. They wait for people to bring out ideas and then they rush to copy. Learn how to raise blogging business ideas.

Developing blogging business ideas is unarguably one of the critical things in the business, especially for young entrepreneurs (newbies).

Now, let us try finding out sources of blogging business ideas…

The Sources Of Blogging Business Ideas

First of all, the most common sources of blogging business ideas are:

#1: Printed Materials

These include books, Newspapers, magazines, and Journals etc. They are great sources of blogging business ideas.

It is worthy of note that among all these, business, business-related, success and motivational literature are the most likely sources of blogging business ideas.

Racking your brain all day may not produce any tangible results as it concerns blogging business ideas.

Today, I am rated as one of the nation’s finest entrepreneurship and personal finance bloggers. But, my cardinal secret is reading and meditating on such materials as the Bible, books, newspapers and magazines.

You can fine tune the ideas you see in these materials or create entirely new blogging business ideas from them.

#2: Discover Special Needs Of Your Neighbours

Another source of blogging business ideas is people’s special needs. Many successful bloggers actually accessed and developed their blogging business ideas from other people’s special needs.

Many of us had at one time or the other needed something: tangible or intangible product but we could not find anyone that suited what we needed.

I believe the stories of Karen Smiley and David Marchaschi would help me buttress this point.

Karen Smiley: He was a farmer who could not find comfortable gloves that fit her hands and lasted through the tough work. She came to the conclusion that glove manufacturers were only producing gloves for men. So due to her peculiar need as a woman she set up a firm called Woman Work that manufactured gloves for women. Today, her firm manufactures women’s gloves for construction companies all over the world.

David Marchaschi: He, as a college student, had trouble staying awake to study. He hated the taste of coffee and soda, so he looked for a drink with coffee, but with no offensive taste. He could not find one, so he invented “Water Joe” bottled water loaded with caffeine. In 1996, Water Joe earned $12, 000, 000 in sales.

These two wonderful stories teach us that we can generate entrepreneurial ideas from our peculiar and special needs.

Graham Bell invented the telephone while trying to design a hearing device for his wife that was hard of hearing.

#3: Discover The Core Need Of The Society

Remember, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions.”

In trying to churn out blogging business ideas, you have to continually ask yourself what the needs of the society are. It is this need identified in the society that you seek to satisfy and that is what ultimately leads to blogging business ideas and profitability.

#4: Focus On Solving Basic Needs First

It is important that you seek to find out what may motivate a particular target market to part with their money to buy what you may wish to offer them.

Among the basic and primary human needs are:
Love and sex
Shelter and protection
Health and Hygiene

People most often seek to satisfy these needs before satisfying others, especially their secondary needs.

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Thus, as a blogger, you should take out time and find out what the basic needs of the people around you are, then, blog focusing on such subjects; believe me, you may not struggling to pull traffic and make money through blog monetization (I shall discuss the term “Blog Monetization” in my subsequent article).


#5: Blog About The Secondary Needs Of People

The secondary needs are: time, status, stability, relaxation, security, self-esteem, power, privacy, leisure, knowledge, information, independence, freedom, friendship, fitness, education, control, challenge, beauty, adventure, acknowledgement, among others.

It is obvious that people will first of all work hard to have their basic needs met. So many opportunities exist for bloggers who want to focus their writings on such areas.

Do not be fooled, by some pseudo-bloggers, who misinform you that the best place to make money is in solving primary needs. This is half-truth. You can also attract traffic and make money blogging about the secondary needs of people.

Most blogging millionaires today are those who are satisfying secondary needs. For instance, Linda Ikeji (Check out her blog on,

Remember, the readers seeking to satisfy the secondary needs are the rich who already have the money to pay for your products and services (Your monetization tools).

#6: Read And Meditate On Other Bloggers Lifestyle And Their Blog Pattern

Dear, you can never see any General, in the army, who was never a follower of another General. Any successful leader you see today was once a protégé of another leader, in one time of his/her life. Every graduate was once sitting under the lectures of other graduate to become one. No man is an island. You can never succeed alone.

Some people ignorantly say that they are their own boss, they are self-made. But, may I shock you with this? No one is self-made. No one is his/her boss.

There is absolutely nothing we receive that God did not give us. God is the Boss. He made all of us.

Therefore, if you desire to succeed, then, do not take credit for any success you see in your blogging business. Focus on God. Receive divine direction from Him and you will be a super-success.

#7: Pursue Your Passion

When you have not heard clearly from God what to do on earth look inward for what you are passionate about and do. Start blogging about it. Just keep blogging about what you like; keep writing something. It may be a pointer to God’s vision for your life. And soonest, you will see that the vision of God for your blogging lifestyle has been fulfilled.
Stop saying, “I’m waiting for God’s time!” in ignorance. Otherwise, you will be grounded. God forbid! Not for you!!!

Always remember, purpose discovered and not pursued is purpose abused. Look inwards! There is something that God deposited inside you for you to trade and make profit. Start blogging about it. There is a talent in you that needs to be converted into a money making machine. Let the world know about it through professional blogging.

Maybe, you have severally studied to locate the best subject to blog about without results, prayed without answers; it is time to look inwards for the Holy Spirit to direct you on what to blog about.

Inside you are what the world has been waiting for. The solution to some life issues is in you, yet you are in trading, buying and selling what you do not like, what you were not divinely instructed to do. Little wonder why you have been struggling to make ends meet. Blogging is not just a business, it is a lifestyle. Blogging is life.

There is absolutely no business, ministry or vision you cannot use blogging to supernaturally power. But, it takes passion.

Maybe, you are a graduate or a young school leaver, you have waited for four to five years and it seems as if no job (employment) is forth coming. I have good news for you: Look inwards. There is something to blog about. Even if you think you cannot blog, I can train and mentor you to achieve super-success in blogging business.

Stop looking outside for blog topics. What you are looking for is inside. You are a solution-bearer. The world has waited for you long enough to deliver that vision God gave you on the inside.

Why do you abandon your talents and choose to suffer? Why not trade that talent of yours and make an unimaginable wealth through blogging?

You are a chosen generation. You are a royal breed, an answer to the unanswered prayers of many. You are a millionaire; stop seeing yourself as a pauper, a poverty-ridden person, a “nobody”; stop it! Maximize your potentials, look inwards and rule your world through blogging..

#8: Blog About What You Love

“What you love is a clue to the gifts, skills, and wisdom you possess” quoting the words of Dr. Mike Murdock, in his book, “The Assignment”. What is it that makes you unique? What do you love to talk about most? What subjects get you the most excited? What would you love to do if money was no longer a factor in it?” You can blog about these.

Love births wisdom! When you have a love for children, a special wisdom begins to grow and develop in you toward children. You begin to understand their fears, tears, and desires; then, blog about this.

You can blog about your love for animals. Make people to know that you have a developed intuition, a special wisdom for animal behavior and conduct. Let your readers know that you can sense what animals are feeling.

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What you truly love the most is a clue to a marvelous gift and quality inside of you.

#9: Do You Have Wisdom In Marriage? Blog About it!

Get your readers informed about marriage. Let them know that when you need wisdom in your marriage, a love for your mate must be birthed first. So, wisdom is the product of love. Love births persistence. When you love someone, you give birth to extraordinary tenacity, determination, and persistence.

Through blogging, teach your readers that love is stronger than sickness. It is stronger than disease. It is stronger than poverty.

So find what you truly and continuously love, then build your daily agenda around it. You must find what you really care about and develop your blogging lifestyle around it.

Mike Murdock furthermore said that it is wise to alter and change the flaws within us. But it is even wiser to acknowledge and embrace the centre of God’s calling.

So understand the importance of your uniqueness, even if you are planning to become a professional blogger. Do not move away from the essence of what God made you. Discern your gifts. Name your daily agenda around it. Whatever you are gifted to do and write about are what you should be doing.

#10: Blog About What Grieves You

What Grieves You: Is A Clue To Something You Are Assigned To Heal. Tears Talk! What you cry about is a clue to something you were created and ordained by God to heal. Compassion is a signpost.

What grieves you? Battered wives? Abused and molested children? Ignorance? Disease? Poverty? Pornography? Homosexuality? Abortion? Name it. Be honest with yourself. Caring qualifies you as an instrument of healing.

What makes you cry is a clue to a problem God has anointed you to conquer, change, and heal. Look at Nehemiah. His heart was broken about the walls of Jerusalem which were broken down. He could not sleep at night. He could not rest long hours.

Everything with Nehemiah was stirred to fast and pray, to obtain the king’s letters, and to connect with the governors and other officials who could help complete his mission of rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls. And he was more than willing to change his personal life to get the job done.

Also look at Ezra. His heart was broken over the temple in Jerusalem. He could not rest. He wept and sobbed. He read Scriptures to the people. He knew that the presence of God was the only remedy for wounded people. He recognized that places mattered, and that God would honor and reward those who sanctified a worship center in the city. Those feelings were signpost to Ezra’s Assignment.

Have you wept long hours over financial bankruptcy and debt? Think of the many families in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large, who lack finances because of negative mental attitude. Think of the children who cannot be put through school because money is wasted on alcohol. Do you weep when you see homeless children? Tears are clues to where God will use you the most. Then, these are pointers to traffic-pulling topics you can blog about.

What grieves you? What saddens you? What moves you to tears? Pay attention to it. Tears are clues to the nature of your Assignment. Who told you that you cannot make money correcting such issues via blogging? The wickedness of the world is actually a major money-maker for me. My books, e-books, seminars, business institutes and blogging businesses are majorly centred on correcting the abnormalities found around me and the world at large.

Where you hurt the most is a clue to what you may heal the best. What You Hate Is A Clue To Something You Are Assigned To Correct. Anger is energy, power, and ability! However, because of anger’s power potential, it requires proper focus. Have you ever wondered why others were not angry about situations that infuriated you? Of course you have. This is a clue to what you can blog about.

Moses is a good example. He hated slavery. When he saw an Egyptian beating an Israelite, fury arose. Why? It is because he was called to be a deliverer.

Mike Murdock furthermore noted these 3 Wisdom Keys, which I believe will help you understand this discourse:

You cannot correct what you are unwilling to confront.

What you permit will always continue.
Behavior permitted is behavior perpetuated.

Mike Murdock went ahead to add, “I have a special love for wisdom. And I have a hatred of ignorance. In my own life I have attended seminars where Scriptures were misquoted, truth was distorted, and error was dominant. It was almost impossible for me to sit and permit it. You cannot really change or correct something unless you have a God-given hatred for it, whether it is sickness, injustice, racial prejudice, poverty, divorce, or abortion. Many things are wrong in this country. But they will never be changed until someone is angry enough about it to step forward and take charge.

For instance, abortion has subtly become accepted, even though it is a truly devastating blight on the moral landscape of this country. It appears that no true and articulate spokesperson has yet emerged who is capable of turning the tide, though I thank God for those who are making significant efforts to do so.

The persuaded are persuasive! I have asked God often to give us someone with a burning desire who can successfully plead the case of the unborn child. I have asked God to provide a militant, intellectual, passionate zealot who will link the Word of God with the gift of life in my generation – someone passionate and on fire.

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That someone could be you! You can arise and blog against evil in the land. We can correct things in this nation through blogging! It is possible! It has happened before in the world of blogging and it can still happen again. Believe me!

You anger is important; very important. So do not ignore it. Satan dreads your fury. An angry man is an awakened man who can change the minds of others.
Focused fury is often the key to miraculous change.

#11: You Can Get A Breakthrough Blog Idea Through Conscious Observation

Money-making blog topics can be revealed through observation. Until you see, you are not permitted to touch. Until you observe, you do not deserve. Observation is another way through which ideas flow into our inner mind.

If you have taken enough time out to study the lives of the people in your area, what they are enjoying, the challenges they are facing and the things that need to be available, you will discover that there are enough opportunities for you to make money cheaply.

Do you know that a city where illiteracy is the talk of the day is a city where money lies literally on the floor untouched? All you need to do is to seek out ways of making the people become literates and they will willingly surrender their money to you.

Start a blog business around their need. Get them well informed and ready to be re-oriented through learning. Then, set up a training ground for them: Get forms designed and photo copied, start selling to them for enrollment into your tutorial or adult education centre. Liaise with a primary or secondary school to use their premises for the training and pay the school. Get a packet of chalk and the training starts. In less than 6 months, you will become a millionaire.

You can also focus on VBlogging. How do I mean? Develop video programs on subjects related to English Language (or translation from one language to another), mass produce it, market it to them and make your millions.

Ideas rule the world. One of the cheapest ways to get them is by observing the people and the environment, generally.

#12: Ask Yourself Questions

I have personally observed that people who desire to start a productive, profitable and sustainable blog must always ask blog-transforming questions.

To get new ideas for your blogging business development and impact making, look around you and ask yourself questions such as: Can I offer a better, fresher, quicker, cheaper, hotter, colder, tastier, safer, warmer, smarter, more durable, more comfortable, more prestigious, more enjoyable, more relaxing, less stressful, healthier, improved, higher-quality, and so forth product or service than anybody else? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, this is how great opportunities are spotted and successful blogging businesses are created.

Find a better way to help satisfy people’s needs. This will be the cornerstone of your success.

#13: You Can Access Traffic-Pulling Blogging Topics Through Research

If you are passionate about research, you will discover that you will automatically become a solution-bearer. Blogs created through thorough researches last longer than pseudo-blogs created by money-hunger bloggers whose blogs last only but a short while. Through a thorough research, there is no problem that you cannot solve.

Research questions abnormalities. It reveals the missing links in every issue of life. It is a sure way of rediscovering things. It makes idea to be cheaply discovered and put into practice!

Research does not only ask, “Why” but “Why not”; if this is this way, why not the other way? Why can’t we do it this way? Through this question of “why not”, you discover ideas that will launch you cheaply into your next level in life.

Dear, no one starts out as an expert at anything. You become an expert as you go. When I started blogging, I was a complete novice. I learnt much of the things I know, mentor on, and teach my clients/protégés today by trial and error.

I wasted much time because there was no guarantee of accessing a professional blogger who was willing to teach me and mentor me then. But, today, I coach my students to blog professionally in less than 48 hours.

I train them through e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Secret blog posts, Newsletters, e-books, audio-visuals etc.

Below are the things I learnt to do professionally today through consistent practice overtime:

Publishing books on Amazon and over 200 global websites for royalty
Producing a podcast
Creating well-written and SEO blog posts
Public Speaking

How to explaining complex Entrepreneurship and Personal Finance topics in easy to understand terms.
Search Engine Optimization strategies
Among others

I learnt to do them in the process of growing up as a blogger. I kept practicing until I got better. You too can do the same. And I can teach and mentor you!
See you in my next blog post!

To Your Success,

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What, in your own view, what do you know about how to generate money making ideas for your blogging business? I would also like to hear from you. Use the COMMENT box below and air your own opinion. It’s absolutely FREE!


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