How To Make A “Secret Fortune” On The Internet, Even If You Have No Products To sell! This “Top Secret” Technique Will Shock You!

myths and misconceptions about money picture
myths and misconceptions about money

In today’s article, I want to show you How to make a “secret fortune” on the Internet, even if you have no products to sell! This “top secret” technique will shock you!

For close to a decade now, GABRIEL ONYEKAWA LEADERSHIP, BUSINESS AND BIBLE INSTITUTE (GOLBBI) (An Information Marketing/Publishing Outfit) has been at the fore-front, impacting lives with the relevant wisdom and understanding for their manifestation in business and finances.


As part of the official launching of our corporate website globally,, our latest Project, “ALANAIJA PROJECT”, and in celebration of our 8th ANNIVERSARY, we organize a 2 WEEK BUSINESS/FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOP, in PORT HARCOURT, Nigeria, whose theme is: “HOW TO MAKE MONEY OUT OF YOUR IDEAS”.

In this 2 Weeks training Program, ALL participants shall learn:

1. How To Make Reasonable Money From The Internet Through:  Mini Importation Business, Affiliate Program, and Information Product Development And Marketing.

2. Secrets About These Businesses That No One Wants To Unveil To You.

3. How To Market Via Social Media Such As Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc And Have People Literary Beg You To Collect Their Money, Even Before You Finish Posting On Your Wall.

4. How To Make Online Payments With Your Local ATM card And Also Receive Your Money Through Your Local Bank Account E.g Firstbank, GTB, Fidelity Bank, etc.

5. The specific systems that can make you massive online profits even if you have little or no technical skills … and you can do them with little or NO MONEY!

6. How to make a “secret fortune” on the Internet, even if you have no products to sell! This “top secret” technique will shock you!

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7. Profit from “flipping” digital products that other people have “thrown away” and turn this “digital trash” into “digital cash”!

8. Turn a cheap $12 online “investment” into hundreds or thousands of dollars in 7 days or LESS! This technique will blow you away!

9. Find “secret” intellectual property that you can get for pennies on the dollar and resell them for HUGE PROFITS!

10. How to create a never ending FREE stream of buyers and prospects for any product, service or business that you want to promote online!

11. How to set up UNLIMITED profit pulling websites online for FREE even if you have absolutely NO technical skills!

12. Get thousands of dollars of targeted online advertising that can bring you tons of hungry buyers, prospects and customers and not spend ONE THIN DIME to make this happen!

13. Turn one page of “online text” into a massive internet profit machine!

14. Quickly and easily create your own online information product and sell it for huge profits. It’s faster and easier than you think!

15. Make $30+ every time someone fills in a simple online form that you send them to. This “sneaky technique” is one of my favorites!

16. How To Order Products And Have Them Shipped To Your Doorstep With Or Without Money.

17. How To Secure Your Money From Scam While Doing Business Online And Offline (For Some People Are Wicked!).

18. How To Easily Use Less Than N10, 000 To Start These Businesses, No Laptop, Ipad, Or Desktop (Except You Already Have One!) And Make Untold Wealth.

19. How To Discover Hot Selling Products Online That Will Pay You Consistently.

20. How To Join The Exclusive Club Of Internet Marketing And Information Products Experts Without Officially Registering And Making Payments (And Still Be Accepted In Our General Meetings).

21. How To Get Started As A Mini Importer In The Next Few   Hours, Even If You Are Dead Broke Like I Was When I Started Out.

22. What Kind Of Products That You Can Import And Make Sales At The Speed Of Light.

23. Genuine Websites Where You Can Order And Import Your Products Without Problems Or Scam.

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24. How To Print Money Legally, Even Without A Money Printing Machine.

25. How To Operate A Computer System Professionally In Less Than 3 Weeks, Even If You’ve Not Seen A Computer Before Let Alone Touching It! And Many More.

I have reserved seat for you, your members, and your friends (Subject to your accepting my invitation). You will not pay a kobo because it is ABSOLUTELY FREE.

The only money you’ll pay is for any of the FIVE MAJOR TRAINING KITS: Basic Computer Packages, Home/Skin Care Products Production Packages, Mini Importation Business Packages, Information/Internet Business Packages, or Entrepreneurship Packages is N3, 500 (Three Thousand, Five Hundred Naira)only.

We have decided to go extra miles and bring other top resource persons to handle some of the packages. You can add more value to your financial life today! You can go beyond the financial rat-race of making ends meet. You can achieve financial independence and retire early.

Would you cancel all your other engagements and be with us for just three weeks, starting this month? If you are ready to do so, then, send (Text) YOUR FIRST NAME, PHONE NUMBER, E-MAIL ADDRESS  (If any), and the code,”DON’T TOUCH MY SEAT!”  to 09073308104 Now!

Remember, if we don’t receive the SMS of your interest on or before the next workshop commencement day, or your seat reservation notice, we will assume that you are not attending the workshop.

However, PAYMENT ON THE WORKSHOP DAY (On the Venue At The Commencement Day) Is N15, 000 each package (And I Mean It!). Don’t Be A Victim, Except You Have Too Much Money To Contribute To Our Pocket! Get Registered today for your choice package Training Kits!

There is a surprise BONUS for those who will attend. Want to know what it is? We will describe it to you graphically when you confirm your attendance!

I look forward to seeing you there! READ MORE DETAILS HERE!

NOTE: Our consulting firm, Gabriel Onyekawa Consulting, can help you overcome the hydra-headed challenges and problems of your organization. Our focus is on helping our clients answer the seeming hydra-headed questions of life, even core spiritual matters that concern the devil and his cohorts, FEEL FREE TO ASK ME ANY BOGGLING QUESTION OF YOUR HEART by connecting to me through our corporate WhatsApp Number: +234 907 330 8104. And God’s wisdom, operating in me shall answer ALL your questions, to the glory of God!

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Secrets Of Business Breakthrough
Secrets Of Business Breakthrough

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To Your Success,

Gabriel Onyekawa,

Business Growth Blogger


Gabriel Onyekawa Consulting

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what you before you fall in love
what you before you fall in love

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