Money-Making Mistakes: 3 Disruptive Ways Of Avoiding Them
Money-Making Mistakes: 3 Disruptive Ways Of Avoiding Them

Money is everywhere!

But, You Must Know How To Raise Money To Overcome Business Stagnation And Dominate In The Business World.

Beloved, people are in need because they do not know what they need. The money you seek is always seeking to seek you; but, your ignorance and laziness repel it from locating you.

PROvision follows VISION. So, without a transformative VISION, you cannot enjoy supernatural supplies. You need VISION to attract wealth.

“Money Responds To Adding Values. Until You Add Values To People’s Lives, You Cannot Have Money”

Gabriel Onyekawa, Author, “22 Reasons Why You’re Not Yet Rich”

Without vision, poverty remains the master. However, vision without the right action retards direction and frustrates the future.

Assuming you already have an idea, a project, in mind, how do you raise the required capital for bringing it into a tradable limelight?

How To Raise Money Without Borrowing Or Begging

There are several sources of money that you can tap into to do whatever you want to do. In the course of teaching “Entrepreneurial Success: How To start and build a business that the world will envy” over the years, I have almost used and tested every one of these methods.  Here are some major ways:


Over 96% of the requisite capital needed for starting and running any business successfully is INTANGIBLE. Only about four percent is TANGIBLE. Unfortunately, many intending business people have been looking for physical cash as the only and/or major requirement for starting a business.

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Your business capital is not limited to cash. It includes everything that will help birth your business idea.  The first and major capital needed for the starting and running of your business is YOU (Your mind, your body, your spirit, your integrity, your character, your knowledge base, your relationships, your attitude, etc)

The first place to look to when you want to raise seed capital is YOU! Do you have adequate insight to determine the requisite material and non-material resources for your business idea?

Mentorship helps you to develop your mind and activate practical results systematically. Note: A mentor is not wiser than you. A mentor is not better than you. A mentor is not greater than you. A mentor is a mentor because he/she has made more mistakes than you in that area in which you seek help. A mentor helps you to achieve practical and enviable results.

However, an understanding of how the mind works will help you digest these words easily.

Your mind is nothing more than a big file cabinet, similar to what you would find in your office or home.

All information that comes in is labeled and filed in folders so that it is easy to retrieve to help you survive.

In every situation, you go to the files of your mind to determine how to respond.

For instance, when someone offers you a business opportunity, you automatically go to your file labeled “Business” or “Money” and from there you will decide what action to take.

However, the only thoughts you can have about money/business will be what you stored in your mental file, about business or money. That is all you can think about at that time because that is all that is in your mind under that category.

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Your decision will be based on what you believe is logical, sensible and appropriate for you at the time. You make the decision you think is your best decision. But that might not make you successful, if not practically right. Thus, you are bound to produce a poor result and incur losses.

But, if you are well tutored and mentored by books, training, blog posts (Articles), Audio-Visuals, etc, you will make informed decisions at all times.

You can choose to learn how to think in ways that support you in your success instead of ways that do not. For there is a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof is death (Financially, Maritally, Mentally, Socially and otherwise).

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To Your Success,

Gabriel Onyekawa

Best-Selling Author,

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The Next Thing

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Right now, I want to know what you think.

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