How To Re-Position Your Marriage In Just 13 Steps (A Practical Guide)

How To Re-Position Your Marriage In Just 13 Steps (A Practical Guide) image
How To Re-Position Your Marriage In Just 13 Steps (A Practical Guide) image

This blog post, “How To Re-Position Your Marriage In Just 13 Steps (A Practical Guide)” teaches you how to solve your marital challenge and problems without delaying. 

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Take these steps to restore and build your marriage:

Step #1: Express love to your wife: How many times have you appreciated what your wifes’ or husbands’ wear? You have been in a relationship for the past five years, have you ever admired openly what your partner is doing to the progress of the relationship? A little, “Honey, I love you, you look cool”, is more than enough to restore marital bliss to families and marriages. Try this on your friend, fiancé/fiancée, husband or wife and tell me of the result!

Step #2: Say sorry when you hurt your partner: “I’m sorry, it will never happen again”, seems so simple but it has a lot to do with the longevity of a relationship. When you offend your partner in any way, do not allow him/her to sleep over it, say sorry immediately. This will go a long way in solving the problem.  Settle every problem before twenty-four (24) hours.

Step #3: Give gifts to each other: Once in a while, get good gifts for your partner. This helps to make relationships healthy, vibrant and lasting. Even a N100 recharge card can add great value to relationships. Giving gifts is not meant for men only, but for the both partners. Givers never lack. Better to give than receive.

Step #4: Go together for functions/events: To prevent temptations and blaming the innocent devil for your misdeeds, by saying, “it’s the devil’s work”, take your partner along when attending functions, except where it is not convenient for you. This will help to eradicate suspicions in marriages. Though, there is no guarantee for faithfulness where trust is not available. The most important is the existence of trust in the relationship.


Step #5: Do not bring grown-ups into the home when the marriage is still tender (not yet matured): Most often, cases of infidelity are seen where there is the presence of a grown up that is employed as servant, in the family. Though, this is not the root cause of infidelity, but a little research revealed to me that bringing a full breasted lady into the family, who is not related to the man, may bring about marital problems; especially, where the servant becomes jealous and gets interested in the man. If you do not believe me, go and ask Adam how Eve got him and made him eat the forbidden fruit. Or, you can ask Samson how Delilah got him to unveil his secret to her and shattered his destiny. Same goes with bringing in a full man into the family, who is not related to the woman. I do not mean to discourage you from accepting visitors but apply caution. Know the boundaries.

Step #6: Woman, do your work! Do not send your maiden to attend to your husband: A lot of marriage has been wrecked simply because the lady abandons her home chores for the maiden. Why do you choose to be asking your maiden to sweep your husbands bedroom and dress it? Why do you allow your maiden to be massaging your husband and cut his nails? Why? One day your husband may flow out emotionally and reach out for her. Know the limits and keep to the rules.

Step #7: Keep your eyes shut after marriage: Benjamin Franklin said it right, “Keep your eyes wide open before marriage, half shut afterwards”. Marriage is the only war where you sleep with the enemy. In marriage, each partner is to be an encourager rather than a critic, a forgiver rather than a collector of hurts, an enabler rather than a reformer. Do not blame or condemn your partner for anything. Accept and be with him/her for who he/she is.

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Step #8: Do not be breastfeeding your kids in the public with your breast exposed: Let us be frank ladies. Assuming that you are not yet married, will you consciously open your full breast for people to see at the market place without regretting it? If you will not, why do you open it to the public in the name of breast feeding your child after marriage? The breast is not for the children but for the man. Children just hire it for some while. Avoid exposing your breast anyhow; most often, it irritates your partner the way you expose his secret property.

Step #9: Do not be appearing dirty after marriage (Mind your dressing): The way you dress determines the way people address you. Don’t be appearing dirty and tattered because you think you are now married and fulfilled.

Step #10: Forget about the past: When you get married, you need to forget the past (Past boyfriends, girlfriends, etc.). If possible, change Sim cardand give your new number to the people you trust not to collapse your marriage. Continuing in the relationship of the past may make you get emotionally connected to your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Imagine what that will do to your relationship and marriage.

Step #11: Mind your friends: Do not go about making friends with unrepentant and corrupt minds. They will corrupt you. For evil communication corrupts good manners. (Bible quotes).

Step #12: Know when your partner needs “It” (be sexually sensitive): Insensitivity to the issues of sex in relationships (marriage) is one of the destroyers of marriages. Don’t make your partner to be begging you for what you ought to willingly give him/her. Know when your partner needs sexual satisfaction and give it to him/her. It is for you to enjoy.

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Step #13: Go For Knowledge! You need adequate insight in marriage to make greater impact in marriage!

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