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5 Disruptive Ways to Start a Business Without Money

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Starting your own business should not be a difficult task. But, when adequate knowledge is not in view, the task of starting, building, and sustaining a successful business becomes an issue.

In 2006, I decided to launch my first business and I had no capital (Money) whatsoever to use and start. I remembered that I had only my feeding money for that day, one thousand Naira only, which was not up to $2 using today’s exchange rate, and I made up my mind to start with it.

Of course, the blog,, and many other digital empires we have built are products of that idea-become-reality.

But, how was I able to start and sustain a successful business with less that two dollars ($2)?

I have kept this secret to myself until yesterday evening (On the 7th of January, 2023), when I was invited as a keynote speaker in one of the chapters of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International in the city of Port Harcourt, that I divulged the whole secrets that I applied back then in 2006 in starting, running, and sustaining my own business.

Find below the 5 disruptive ways to start your own business from scratch:

Permit me to digress a little a cite a popular saying by Napoleon Hill, the legend:

Every adversity, every unpleasant circumstances, every failure, and every physical pain carries with it the seed of an equivalent benefit.

Napoleon Hill

Thus, life thrives on the seeds deposited in us.

Until your seed is activated, your success in life remains an illusion.

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Inside your seed lies the solutions to the needs of your life.

You’ll keep getting frustrated until you activate the seed in you.

But, How Do You Activate Your Seed? (the 5 Disruptive Ways to Start A Business Without Money):

#1: To Create A Business Without Money, Analyze The Environment Where You Live; What Challenges and Problems Are They Facing?

In every environment, there are challenges and problems. However, from the above philosophical phraseology by Napoleon Hill, we would deduce that in every challenge lies the seed of transformation. The seed of pain carries with it the seed of gain. Inside a painful experience lies a gainful experience.  

To start a business without money you need to analyze your environment.

#2: To Create A Business Without Money, Look Inwards. What Are You Passionate About? What Are Your Talents and Gifts?

Beyond the career you chose, your gift is bae. Your gift makes ways for you. Your gift opens doors to you. You need to discover and activate them. They would in turn generate the money you need to solve your needs. To start a business without money you need to look inwards.

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#3: Ask Yourself, “How Can You Blend Your Seed (your gifts and talents) Against The Needs Around You?”

In you lies the solution to an existing problem somewhere, discover the problem and apply your gift to solve it. Until you take steps to solve that particular problem, it remains.

Why would you fold your alms and watch people perish when the solution to their problem is already embedded into your destiny? This is an anathema! You need a rethink!

To have a successful and sustainable business, your business must be targeted at solving a particular existing or futuristic problem or challenge. Think about this! Therefore, to start a business without money you need to blend your seed against the needs around you.

#4: Bootstrap Your Way To Success (Start with what you have, from where you are):

How long would you keep complaining of lack of cash (capital) when all you need to start that business and take it to a global height is already in you? Bootstrap your way to super success in business development.

The one dollar in your pocket now is more than enough to launch you into global lime lights! Take steps towards the area of your faith. To start a business without money you need to bootstrap your way to success.  

#5: To Create A Business Without Money, Adopt Kingdom Principles of Money Making and Money Management:

The pattern of the world has failed the world. No one seems to have the solution to the existing financial problems of the world. It takes an understanding and application of higher principles to overcome the crunch of the present recession.

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If truly you serve God and adopt His principles, you, your family, and your business would be exempted from the prevalent global recession for no matter the recession in the forest (jungle) a lion would never eat grass.

You’re a lion, wake up from slumber and face realities with kingdom mindset and watch how the prevailing challenges would be melting like the wax of a candle before you. I am a living witness. Thus, to start a business without money you need to adopt kingdom principles of money making and money management.

If you would apply the above principles I itemized and discussed, believe me, you would definitely have testimonies to show. However, do you have any other strategy you adopted in starting your own business, I would like to hear from you too; use the comment session of this blog post to share your ideas with me. I would be glad reading from you too.

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