How To Start A Computer Training Institute With Less Than N1,000

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This Article Teaches How To Start A Computer Training Institute With Less Than N1,000

As a Professional Business Growth Consultant, I have studied and started different kinds of businesses. I have also observed that running a Computer Training Institute is still lucrative, especially when you focus on advanced courses instead of the basics of computer operation.

Computer Training business is really lucrative. People are really making money doing it. If you go into this business, you will definitely make money from it.

An average computer course is over N30, 000, especially around the cities like Port Harcourt and Abuja. Thus, if you can just get 20 students that’s N600,000!

With few advance courses in the Computer world introduced to your students and intending participants, you will smile with bigger profits.

Do you know that software development in NIIT is more than half a million Naira?

I remembered visiting a Computer Training Institute to acquire more training on App Development (Responsive) I was asked to pay over N80,000. Though, I walked away but at least, I learnt the actual cost of some advance courses in Computer operation. You can be rich training people on Advanced Computer Packages.

The good part is that even if you’re skilled in any of these advanced training, you can learn the course and start teaching, charging less and you will be happy at the end of the day for taking this bold step. Consider this!

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All examination bodies and schools are already online, University Students all register their courses online. Some schools even have their examinations online, example is  NOUN (National Open University Of Nigeria).

Most companies and big organizations now seek for Computer Literates for employment. Hardly can you get any employment opportunity that does not require Computer literacy.

In addition,  computer literate to gain admission into the Universities, maintain the admission or even secure a job no matter the nature of the work.

Hear My Story!

This is over a decade now that I ventured into this business with less than One Thousand Naira Only.

Today, through APPLESOFT COMPUTERS, I have trained over two thousand students globally. Calculate the profit made so far! You too can make it!

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To Your Success,

Gabriel Onyekawa,

Business Growth Blogger


Gabriel Onyekawa Consulting

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