How To Start Your Own Successful Business

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If you had ever thought of starting your own business, then, this blog post, “How To Start Your Own Successful Business” is for you. Kindly read it to the end and take appropriate action afterwards.

Thinking through without starting small is dying in gross lack. No matter how gigantic your vision might be, until you take the first step, it cannot work.

Most often, this is the minutest step you can ever take. But, when your first step is the biggest step, then something is wrong.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. Take that first step and God will manifest Himself mightily.

The reason why you have not yet achieved that goal of yours is because you have been waiting for the perfect time.

There is no perfect time. Now is the time! Step out into the seeming uncertainty otherwise you cannot achieve that vision. 

When you take that seeming small step, God goes before you and makes all the crooked ways straight (Isaiah 45:2).

Many people are deceived into thinking that they must start big to make it big…They consider what they have, where they are or what they are as too small to achieve what they want (Abioye; 2009: 21)

As long as the vision is clear, you will achieve it. However, these four questions will help you determine the clarity of the vision:

What is the vision all about?

Where am I going to establish the vision?

How am I going to do it?

When is the takeoff time?

These four questions, if graciously answered, will guarantee your understanding of your vision.

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Have you answered these four questions? Then, step out into the seeming unknown world and dominate your world!

God told Abraham, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land I will show thee…’ (Genesis 12:1). And Abraham stepped out into the unseen and uncertain world (Genesis 12:4).

It takes guts to step out of your comfort zone into an uncomfortable zone.  You do not need to go to Abuja, Abidjan or London to make it, all you need do is to locate the place of your purpose and dwell there.

What you are looking for abroad is inbroad. Stop looking! Give thoughts to environmental, financial, economical, sociological and spiritual factors to determine when to step out!

Hear this: life has never given anybody a fair chance for survival. There must be a reason or the other why things might not go well with you. It is either you are very pretty or handsome but you were born into a poor family, that can neither feed you nor train you in school or you are born with one infirmity or disability or the other. In every man’s land there are giants!

Life cannot be perfect. If it were perfect, there would not have been any reason to create man as a creator of things.

 It might be that you are resident in a place where the government of the nation or state is empty-handed and empty-headed and knows next to nothing about their expectations and responsibilities. Or, your father might have abandoned you and made you a seeming orphan.


Check it; there must be one reason or the other why things seem not to be okay. But, you need to take a chance.

Blaming others, for your failure makes you lame. Those who blame others become lame in life. Until you stop giving excuses and start taking responsibilities, you are not permitted to make it through life. Take responsibility for your life today!

God has settled your challenges and problems many years ago, through His Son, Jesus Christ (John 19:30).  Never give excuses for non-performance; otherwise you will end up in the pit of life. Never celebrate excuses!

Be determined to step out into action and achieve results. Despise not your days of little beginning. Just take a practical step and soonest the world will celebrate you.

Today, the world celebrate Mark Zukerberg of FACEBOOK who is worth over $170bn (One hundred and seventy billion dollars) having over nine hundred million members on its website database of customers. But, do you know that this ‘‘receivement’’ started with a step? He learnt and started programming and today, he has programmed his way to an unending wealth.

What do I say about Bishop David O. Oyedepo, who started ministry barely thirty three years ago, in a table tennis board, and today is the richest Pastor in Nigeria, Africa and the world?

Have you not heard the story of a woman who owns an incorporation that specializes on frying and distributing ‘Akara’ (beans ball)? 

All it takes is the determination to step out first, and then God steps in. Fortunately, God will always go before us to make all the crooked ways straight. He will always go before you when you step out to venture into that business!

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The richest country in the world is the grave yard. That is exactly where unprocessed potentials are buried and wasted. Imagine the population of the people on earth who die ‘full’ instead of ‘empty’ on a daily basis? It is not that majority of them did not discover their potentials while on earth, but they were afraid to unhold their comfort zones and hold unto the seeming uncomfortable zone.

That is why a lot of civil servants are afraid of becoming entrepreneurs. Even when they do, they often times end up in bankruptcy.

Until you step out, nothing good steps into your purse (pocket). Stop praying amiss: saying that ‘you’re waiting for God’s time’. God may be the One waiting for you to wake up from slumber. If not, why did He inspire the writing of Proverbs 6:6-11? Hear this:

Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways and be wise; which having no guide, overseer or ruler, provides her meat in the summer, and gathers her food in the harvest. How long wilt thou sleep, o sluggard? When wilt thou arise out of thy sleep? Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep; so shall thy poverty come as one that travelleth, and thy want as an armed man.  

Until you step out, nothing works. Have a big dream, split it into smaller units (phases), take the first small step and soonest the world will celebrate you. This is sure to happen! I guarantee it by the revelation of the Word of God that inspired me to write this teaching.

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