In Pursuit Of A New Year (Part Two)

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What It Takes To Make It This year (Continuous)

Happy New Year to all our readers worldwide, especially to you, for visiting again and again. We are grateful to God for bringing us into a new year. We are also grateful to Him for the extent of breakthroughs, AlaNaija News,, has enjoyed so far and the numerous encomiums pouring in. We are grateful to all that has in one way or the other commented on our comment sessions and the praises that follow. To God Alone be all the glory!

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Your Thought, Your Position
Your Thought, Your Position

In today’s article, I still want to continue with the Topic, In Pursuit Of A New Year. However, today shall be the Part Two of it. (Click Here To See Part One).



The Bible said it and I believe it, Woe is any man that puts his trust on man”. Some people are poor because they are looking up to their uncles, parents, relations and friends for financial assistance. You have been blaming your brother, who stays abroad and could not send you money, for your financial mess. Who told you that you can’t be the person sending money to Him? Who told you that you can’t be the financial pillar in your family?

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Putting trust on men is one of the major reasons why people are poor today. It has made a lot of people lose their thinking faculties.

Imagine a graduate staying at home every day, doing nothing. He claims that nobody wants to help him to secure employment. Imagine a person who has acquired skills in a particular trade or service staying at home because his /her parents and uncles fail to give him/her the required startment capital.

Until you stop looking unto man and start looking unto God as the Source of your help, you are not permitted to be prosperous. Men will fail you. Your closest friend can disappoint you. Your father can abandon you. But God can’t disappoint you.

When you blame people for your financial crisis, you become a financial leper. When you put your trust on men, God turns His back on you. Little wonder why you end up being disappointed. Your source is not man but God. When it is God guiding you, even your worst enemy can favour you. This is because God can use even stones to bring you into financial establishment.

Lay not your trust on man but God. “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof….” (Psalms 24:1)


Making money demands discipline. Money doesn’t jump on people on a silver platter. It is available to disciplined men and women. Discipline has been seen as the capital price you pay for every desired change. Discipline means doing what is required to get at what is desired. It is doing what is demanded, not what is convenient. It is the key to success. It is the gateway to distinction, the guarantee for dignity, and the key to relevance. It also means accepting full responsibilities for every outcome in one’s pursuit. Little wonder why George Washington, as quoted by Oyedepo 2005:14-15, saw discipline asthe soul of an army. It makes small number formidable; it procures success to the weak and esteem to all”. “Anyone who will move the world, must move himselfSocrates added.


It takes discipline to save and invest wisely. It takes discipline to study to this great article, not minding the time factor. It takes discipline to practice the contents. It will take discipline for you to accumulate riches.

Making money is not a game meant for the undisciplined. Discipline makes one abandon temporary enjoyment for permanent and lasting prosperity. Discipline makes one make budgets and sees to their strict execution. Discipline creates abundance. When you are not financially disciplined, life becomes a game. When life becomes a game, prosperity hangs precariously on the pendulum of chance. Living by chance does not guarantee success. Therefore, the future gets blur. This is the worst life to live: a life without focus.

Discipline creates direction. Discipline is the rudder which navigates the ship of life. Discipline is a currency of immeasurable value. It can acquire almost everything in life. It takes discipline to have faith. Faith is the currency that can buy you anything in life. But faith can’t stand where there is no discipline. Therefore, I make bold to say that discipline is the major key for human survival and prosperity.

Without discipline, life becomes disastrous. No discipline, no money. Until you embrace this truth, your struggling remains inevitable. Poverty becomes a pattern of life. Prosperity becomes impossibility.

Get disciplined, if you want to get rich. There is no better truth than this. Outstanding performance in the future is a product of qualitative discipline today.

See You In My Next Article!

To Your Success!

Gabriel Onyekawa

Field Rep,

AlaNaija News


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