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This article is about All You Need To Solve All Your Problems

This article is an excerpt of my best-selling e-book, “Strategies For Business Exploits…How To Win In Any Business Regardless Of Competitors 

Understanding is the mother of manifestation. What you do not understand, you cannot activate.

Entrepreneurship needs ‘seed’ to germinate and grow optimally. Without adequate ‘seed’, the dream for entrepreneurship becomes a mirage.

The ‘seed’ is a thought, an idea, a concept, a vision or an impulse. It could also be a pressing problem or challenge to be handled. The ‘seed’ is the ignition point of entrepreneurship. It prompts wealth creation.

On his own, Bishop David Abioye (2009:24) in his book, “Releasing the Creative Power of the Mind” noted the following:

Men of ideas rule the world. Every great enterprise we see today started as an idea. This is why thinkers occupy higher positions in the society. They are men of initiative. They initiate profitable ideas and communicate them to those who produce the desired end results by putting them to work. The world is not ruled by men of strength, but by men of sense.

Believe me, there is no solution anywhere, except in God. God releases this solution practically when you locate vision.  

However, purpose discovery is not enough, you need to plan and pursue God`s purpose for your life.     There is no free gift in life; every reward you get has a prize you pay for it. No risk, no reward.

Those who want something for nothing will always end up getting nothing in all things. You neither gamble for success nor succeed by gambling.  

You take practical steps suitable and relevant for your success and the glory goes to God.

Money making in reality is a functional exchange of virtues and values. If you do not have something to exchange for money, you end up a failure.

To make money in life, you must sell something; either you sell a product (tangible) or a service. The key to becoming a National or Global personality is becoming a National or Global problem solver.              

Those who solve problems make the money, it is either you are a problem solver or you are a problem creator. Until you solve problems, you are not permitted to step upwards in life. This is because when you are not part of those solving problems and making news, you must be among the people making noise or talking about both news makers and noise makers.

There is no middle point to these. Problem solvers are news makers. They hit global headlines of newspapers, radio station or TV programs unsolicited for, even while they are busy enjoying themselves, doing what they like.

Problem solvers look out for those problems which others hate to solve and solve them. I read with joy a story of two travelers who went to India those days, one saw a problem: the people were walking bare-footed, while the other saw an opportunity: to go back to his nation, produce foot wears, export them to that nation (India), sell to them and become a money maker.

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The one that saw a problem felt that the nation was engrossed with poverty and left the country for another; while the other that saw an opportunity executed his plan and became a multi-millionaire in a strange land. He made news by solving their problem. That is exactly how to make it in life.

Maybe, you have been crying to the Lord for solution to that predicament of yours. I bring you good news: God does not send manna from heaven anymore, but he sends ideas. Let no one confuse you.

When God says in Malachi 3:10-11, “Bring the tithe into the store house that there may be meat  in my house and prove me now herewith if I will not open the windows of heaven and pour you out my blessings that there will not be room enough to contain it and I will rebuke the devourer for your sake….’’ He was actually talking about the raination of ideas.

When your spirit is connected to the Higher Spirit (God), your spirit activates your entire body with the right steps to take, through your mind/brain (being the seat of wisdom). Thereby making you manifest and connect to divine ideas that will prosper you on earth.

As you become conscious of this operation, via your soul (will, emotion and mind), you see yourself taking practical steps towards that idea. At the end, by divine direction, you achieve results that baffle you.

Your crying of “LORD, what next!” be it in your barrenness, marital delay, academic setback, family life frustrations, ministry failures, poverty and other related problems have just one solution: GO FOR THE WORD!

A divine idea with living proves emanates from God. Ideas are seeds that are sown for great rewards. Ideas are likened to mustard seed. Just like the Biblical mustard seed, that grows into giant trees, you can`t determine the extent of growth and consequent result and reward that an idea will generate.    

Ideas breed money; ideas are all you need to solve your problems. They are heavenly seeds to man and must produce in the order of their Source. That is why when the devil gives you a seemingly idea, he sees to its destruction and termination. At the end, he takes away your soul in exchange for the shadow he gave you.

In the same vein, when your ambitious spirit gives you an idea you end up operating and achieving results with natural limits without Heavenly backup, protection and provision.

But, when it is God that gave ideas to you (Divine ideas) He provides, protects and prepares you and the ideas.

Divine ideas live longer than the receiver (the visionary, who receives the idea). Ideas don’t die easily, except if they are not from God. Any idea you get and you’re too selfish with it gets aborted on the way. Yes, it’s good to protect your idea from negative thinkers and vision killers; but, in the course of running your vision you need destiny-helpers as you go. Never go alone!This makes the idea to live and last longer.

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There are ideas that have existed and have been producing results for more than two hundred years now! Until you add value, you don’t have value.

            Ideas, when generated and run with, make you to add value. Therefore, if I were you, I would forget about my crying, complaining and murmurings and go to God in prayers for the raination of ideas upon me.

Plan and start with whatever you have and prosper by faith because “… Whatever you doeth shall prosper” (Psalms 1:3). All you need to come out of debt is in your hands now. The seemingly amount of money you have in your hand is more than enough to launch you into financial abundance. What business are you passionate about? What can you do? Why not start now! Start with any amount of money in your hand or you can even sell off those items in your house that are not necessary or in usage now: they are liabilities. Sell them! Use the proceeds to start up that business.

You can even start by preparing a business plan, feasibility studies, forms, receipt booklet pattern, invoice pattern, and other related. Communicate the vision, after praying to God for help, to people and who knows, God might send your destiny helper speedily. That was exactly how I started my first business: A Computer Training School in Nigeria. Hear this:

Back in 2005, after my NYSC (National Youth Service Corps), I enrolled for a Computer Training Programme, where I was taught a little about System Analysis for two (2) months. Immediately after the training, I never knew what to do next. Where do I go from here? Was my seemingly unending question! I had no passion for paid jobs. I wanted to be a CEO. But, how do I start?  I had no rich parents to fall back to for finances. I had no rich Uncles, Cousins or other relatives to go to for finances. I was left alone to sort out the way forward.      

Two weeks before November 20th, 2006, I caught the light, after weeping for some months because of the hydra-headed challenge that buffeted me then. I could not take care of my family, not to talk of being relevant to my society. I caught the light as I was weeping on this said day. What was the light? To start a computer training school!

Upon mediating, I had no money to compete with those in the cities; I had no computer system to start with. I had no office location. What do I do? I asked the universe to deliver the result. The idea came rushing like a mad rush of the great waters of the River Nile. It was to start with what I have, from where I was and to grow there from by faith.


I remembered that I had a sheet of paper, a pen, and one thousand Naira only (less than $7), with me. Those were the only resources I needed to start up one of the most celebrated computer schools in Nigeria today.

I drafted a form for the students’ and potential clients. I typed and designed the forms, photocopied them into one hundred pieces and traveled to one of the remotest places in my area to start up the school.

Recalling, I had only one way transport fare. Thus, I made up my mind that if I did not succeed I would become one of the residents (settlers) of the said village, but, God always has a way.

Upon arrival in the village, I was led to introduce myself to a particular Primary school, which I was divinely told to use their classrooms as the training centre. I had no money to pay them, but, I had to tell head teacher that his personal training in Computer Operation shall be the rent for using the school as a centre. I was led to organize a tuition-free Computer Training School. But, the intending participants (students) shall register with only N1200 (less than $7). Thus, based on our agreement, the headmaster and his assistance did not need to pay the registration fees. They accepted the deal and we formalized the agreement with the Local Government Educational Board. Thus, was the startment!

The good news is that by faith, I sold almost a hundred forms in the same day. I made close to eight hundred dollars ($800) in just one day. Out of this amount of money, I bought a Computer set and other facilities needed for the training program. And two weeks after, on the 20th of November, 2006, the Computer School was officially launched and lectures commenced.       

Today, the Computer School has trained more than a thousand, seven hundred persons. Then, imagine the financial status achieved by just one idea, with little or no money; but, with great faith. You too can repeat the same feat (Acts 10: 34-35). Start now!

In conclusion, I can help you overcome the hydra-headed challenges and problems of your organization. My focus is on helping my clients answer the seeming hydra-headed questions of life, even core spiritual matters that concern the devil and his cohorts, FEEL FREE TO ASK ME ANY BOGGLING QUESTION OF YOUR HEART by connecting to me through my corporate WhatsApp Number: +234 907 330 8104. And God’s wisdom, operating in me shall answer ALL your questions, to the glory of God!

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