How To Solve Marital Problems

Understanding Marital Problems And How You Can Solve Them!

why men cheat
why men cheat

Is Your Marriage Anchored On Self-Decision Or Divine Direction?

Find out in this article…

However, in the course of the numerous books and e-books I have ever written, I have come to the understanding that you can believe me if I say that some seemingly marriages today are more of rituals than divine mandates. Some people marry because they think they are up to the ages of marriage or they have the resources (money, house, business etc) needed for a blissful marriage. But, there are solutions to that!

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Are you aware that some people even marry because the girls they are emotionally connected to want to abandon them for other men who are seeking their hands in marriage? Others see marriage as a necessity for them to claim their own “rights” in their clubs, societies or associations. What nonsense!

If you marry for the wrong reason, you get the wrong result

if the reason why you want to marry is not to add value to the work the Lord gave you as your purpose and use it to transform lives; your marriage may not be enviable. Little wonder why marriages collapse and the married couples become frustrated individually.

Whatever does not bring glory to the name of the Lord is bound to collapse, even before starting. If you doubt me, ask the people that want to build a tower that will touch Heaven what happened to them? They wanted to do it to be glorified for their works but God shattered that ambition before it began.

The heartbeat of God concerning marriage is that man and woman should live together as one, after exchanging vows. Marriage is honourable (Heb. 13:4).

Every marriage that is not anchored on the Word of God soon becomes a disaster. Every decision you make about your partner that has no hand of God in it, soon suffocates you. Marriage without God is damaging without discovering it. Marriage outside the will of God is management in self-delusion.

Darkness, in marriage, is the major reason a lot of partners suffer in poverty. When it is God directing you, no devil stands against you. When there is the everlasting light of God in your marriage, no darkness comes in let alone surviving it. Darkness today illuminates in many marriages because of the fact that the hand of God is not in it.

In the beginning, God ordained marriage to be a garden of relaxation, prosperity and enjoyment galore. God purposes that there should not be suffering in marriages. Open the book of Genesis chapter 2 and see what marriage was like for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

When sin came in, man lost control of his marital rights

Man also lost control of his territorial powers. What man has been in control of became in control of man. What man has been tormenting started tormenting man. (Read Genesis 3) Adam’s marriage to Eve collapsed. Enmity came in-between them.

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This is the major reason why it takes redemption to bring restoration into existence. Sin, on the side of man, made man loose his position to devil, the deceiver. The devil hoodwinked Eve, who later used the power of a woman to influence Adam, the headman, to eat the forbidden fruit. At the end, both partners lost control of their globally cherished marriage. But that was not the reason why God instituted marriage.

God made marriage as a union of a man and a woman; the woman to be a help-mate to the man and to be submissive to the man; the man to respect the woman. God made man to extend this super-abundant supply to the woman (That is, to provide for her). He made both parties to love each other. He mandated them to be fruitful and multiply. He commanded man to subdue the earth.

Marriage was a world of peace, comfort, procreation and prosperity until sin came in. practically speaking, darkness equals ignorance. Any man who is not informed is deformed. Being redeemed is not only the guarantee for a successful marital life but you need to take an indebt study into what marriage is before you go into it. If you are already in it, and have been suffering, upon this revelation be totally redeemed!

This article was written to restore dignity and value to marriages. No one in his/her right senses would like to be wished long life and marital bondage! But everybody would gladly reply to the statement “long life and prosperity”. Prosperity in marriages is the major prosperity needed.

No matter how rich you think you are, with a wrong choice of partner, you end up in the pit of poverty and potential death. God forbid that you make wrong choices. Every feeling of choosing the wrong partner, upon these words, it is re-written! God is restoring a never-seen enjoyment in your marriage henceforth.

The greatest mistake people make before choosing their partners for marriage is lack of the discovery of what marriage is before going into it

How many books have you read about Marriages? How many seminars have you attended on marriage? How many marriages have you studied to discover what makes them thick? What do you know about marriage? In marriage, one single marital mistake can wreck a destiny!

Restoring marital bliss to broken marriages is not cheap talk. It is hard work. May be you have been married and have been suffering in your marital life for a long time now. It is not supposed to be so. Marital problems are not signs of righteousness. Marital problems are not God’s ways of punishing people. It is only the lie of the devil.

That you are suffering in your marriage today is because you chose to, by choosing the wrong partner out of ignorance. You did not consult God before making your choice. You were deceived by what the eyes can see and what your inner self (heart) is saying.

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No builder or architect commences the physical building of a house without a conceptualization of how the building will look like. God is the structural architect of all marriages. God possesses the operational manual of all marriages. The scripture is the key to all successful marriages. For partners to enjoy the best God designed for them, they should go back to God via His words for solution.

Don’t be deceived, dear. Why do you go to “houses of prayers “to determine who will be your partner? To me, this is a game of chance. It is a risky game. It is the worst game to play.

Let me ask you now: “That woman you have been going to, to help you know if that guy is your husband, to what extent is she enjoying her marriage with her husband?” Nobody gives what he/she does not have. She can’t bless you with a blessing that is not within her disposition. Shine your eyes! Don’t be deceived. God can’t be mocked. What you sow is what you reap.

You saw God as a ball and you the player; while the reverse has to be the case. That is why you have been suffering. Allow God to determine who becomes your partner, by asking Him for divine direction before choosing your partner, and you enjoy it to the fullest.

For the men, God said, “he that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtaineth favour from God. (Prov. 18:22). There are some blessings that will not come to you when you are not yet married. However, the worst is choosing the wrong wife because if you do, you can’t even have the blessings.

To choose the right wife ordained by God for you, there are salient qualities you should look for. Those qualities are what the author tries to cover in the next chapter of this book. Nevertheless, the key to making the right choice is to listen to your heart (your inner mind: that thin voice inside you that does not speak many times). That is the Holy Spirit in you, if you are redeemed. Therefore, if you are still wallowing in sin (not yet redeemed), there is no guarantee for you making the right choice. Marriages become a game of choice.

For the woman, “the honour of a woman is her husband, (The Bible says). Making the wrong choice is a detour to any woman’s destiny. If you choose wrongly, you have yourself to blame.

Research revealed to me that often, at teenage age, some girls think that marriage is the only thing that they need, without having adequate knowledge of what marriage is. However, if you can convince them to stay a little longer, they will discover that they would have made a terrible mistake if they had married then.

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What you need is not to rush into marriage but to first of all discover the life style of a married couple: what marriage is all about; how to run a successful marriage etc.

You may think that you don’t have any choice when it comes to marriage. It is a lie of the devil. You have every right. Besides, God cannot give you what you don’t desire, except He wants to use it to glorify Himself. The best man on earth is for you. You will only discover him if you know how and why you must do that. That is the thrust of this article.

Marital problem is not from God; it is from man

If there is any problem in your marriage, you are the cause; if you do the right thing, you get the right results; if you do the wrong things, you get the wrong results. Life is like a soil; whatever seed you plant in it, is what you get as harvest.

I would have liked to continue in this article, but, I just remembered that I can save you the stress and help you get the full gist in an e-book, “24th Law Of Love” (Click The Cover Page Below To DOWNLOAD and INSTANT COPY)

24th law of love
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Practice these steps and in my next article, I shall be exposing more facts to you!

See you in my next article!

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