How The Fastest Billionaires Make Money Online
How The Fastest Billionaires Make Money Online

This blog post reveals How The Fastest Billionaires Make Money Online

Learn “What Rob Moore Taught Me On How The World’s Fastest Billionaires Disrupted The Financial World”

Bill Gates once said that if you are born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it’s your mistake.

When I started writing this series of blog posts on “How To Make Money During And After COVID-19” little did I know that the readership will skyrocket and many readers would be interested in this subject.

Today’s blog post is thus a continuation of my previous article on this same subject. Of course, I would be writing on the topic, “What Rob Moore Taught Me On How The World’s Fastest Billionaires Disrupted The Financial World”

Firstly, If You Look At The Fastest Billionaires List, Nine Of The Top Ten According To The Hustle Are Post-1987

The slowest of all, surprisingly, was Bill Gates, who was also the oldest. Of the top ten, seven were online leveraging the Internet, including Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg and Sean Parker of Facebook, the founders of eBay, Groupon and of course Google.

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Secondly, You Can Exchange Money Anywhere In The World, At The Speed Of Light, From A Small Device, You Hold In Your Palm.

In the future, these transactions and exchanges will be through virtual reality, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, wearables, contactless, subcutaneous chips, and weird and wonderful means we haven’t yet dreamed up. All you need is Wi-Fi.

Thirdly, You Can Also Start Up A Shop Or Business With No Need For Staff, Inventory Or Stock, Virtually No Overheads, And On Someone Else’s Server Or Cloud

You can access a billion customers or followers for free across the globe as quickly as you can log on. You can leverage social and marketing platforms and media fast and for free. You can grow multi-million and billion-pound enterprises aggregating other people’s ownership, stock, and responsibility., the world’s largest e-commerce platform, holds no stock. AirBnB owns no hotels. Uber owns no cars. Facebook creates no content. Netflix owns no cinemas. Clever, hey?

Fourthly, Social Platforms That Have Made Zero Actual Sales Floated For Billions

Twitter’s IPO (Initial Public Offering) sold $14.2 billion of stock and there was no revenue model. Facebook raised $104 billion in its 2012 lPO before they added Facebook ads to their platform. These companies are selling ‘ethereal promises’ and ‘future sales’ for billions. Set up by teenagers living in sweaty student digs, coders and hackers are the new celebrity rich. Anyone can post a video and get millions of views if they have a strong enough opinion. And they can generate tens of thousands of pounds in additional revenue or sponsorship for videos, social media accounts, and podcasts.

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Fifthly, Our Social And Private Lives Are Now In The Public Domain

We can get anything we want at the touch of a button. The gulf between the old and the new is widening further and further.

Therefore, he concluded by saying that we should embrace the new technology age, or get left behind at an alarming and ever-increasing rate as the speed of technology compounds. Embrace and leverage technology innovations and disrupt convention, and you will get the highest margins, growth, and scale. But continually miss the boat and you will end up clinging to antiquated models in the hope that someone will come and save you. And so it is with money because the fastest billionaires make money online.

Revealing, we are in the early stages of a mass redirection of the flow of money, from banks to private investors and entrepreneurs. Trust in banks and institutions has significantly reduced, and money flows from distrust to trust.

Hear me; if you truly desire to make money online abundantly, add values to other people’s lives. The more impact you make online, the more money you make online. The fastest billionaires make money online. They rightly use online tools to make their money.

Money is nothing but a means of exchange of values. If you have no value to exchange at a reasonable price, then, you cannot attract money. Money follows values.

You need to itemize the reasons why you must be rich. This is because until you discover why you must be rich, you are not a candidate for prosperity.

Everybody knows how to be rich but it is only knowing the reason why they must be rich that is the problem.

A lot of people, especially in Africa “suffer and smile in the midst of abundant resources. People look very happy eating “junks” as foods, riding match boxes as cars, and putting on rags as clothes.

Who told you that such pitiable positions cannot be attacked? Who told you that you are destined to be poor? Wake up from slumber!

Become more aggressive in the pursuit of your purpose. Get to work now! Until you become MAD (Motivated, Aggressive and Determined) to change, your pitiable position remains. Until you say NO to poverty and YES to prosperity, struggling continues.

But, why are you still this poor? Why are you not the CEO of a company? Why are you not making money in abundance? Why?

The seed that will germinate the fruits of prosperity and financial abundance is in you.

Just go ahead, get a paper and pen, and write down at least 15 reasons why you are not yet rich. Think out practical steps on how you can change the situation and become rich.

Start from where you are, with what you have. I bet you in less than six (6) months from today, you shall become rich. Except, the Lord did not send me to you; God is too faithful. He shall confirm His Words.

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In today’s world, going to school, getting the best grades and certificates, are no longer the sure routes to lasting successes! The fastest billionaires make money online.

Need I tell you that in most conventional schools, they do not teach people how to make money. If they do, no graduate would parade the streets of our towns looking for non-available, non-existing jobs.

Have you not discovered that even those who work in the banks and oil companies still complain of lack of money at the middle of the months? The reason is that a lot of people are not financially literate.

Making money is a skill of its own. It must be acquired and put into practice before money will be made.

To acquire such skills, you need to associate with the truly rich people and discover their secrets on how they made their monies. Repeat what they did in a more creative manner, and in less than no time, you shall have money in abundance.

How do you discover this? Just read their books. My recommended books for you are:

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

Cashflow quadrant – Robert Kiyosaki

Cracking The Debt Code – Gabriel Onyekawa

Cracking The Wealth Code – Gabriel Onyekawa

And any other book you can lay your hands that teaches Financial Intelligence.

“Would you call a fisherman lucky who for years so studied the habits of the fish that with each changing wind, he could cast his nets about them?” A wise one asked.

Bishop David O. Oyedepo said it and I believe him, “There is no substitute for information in your quest for a change of position, not even intercession can substitute for information”

Fasting and praying alone cannot make you rich. Until you study and discover the secrets of making money, you are not a candidate for serious wealth. God has done his own path. Discover what you must do to make it in life.

Henry Ford rightly said it, “Anyone who stops learning is old, either at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your minds young”.

Nobody is responsible for where you are, but you; not even the devil. “You will be the same that you are in five years’ time, except for two things- the books you read and the people with whom you walk” Another wise one added; study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that will not be ashamed.

If you desire to make money like the fastest billionaires make money online, then,…


Prosperity is not in the money you saved but in what you do with the money you saved!

It is no gainsaying that some people save money only to end up buying liabilities and not assets. They save to buy designer’s shoes, designer’s clothes, live in flats, even when their salaries are not worth living in a two room apartment.

That is not how the fastest billionaires make money online! Check out people like like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and others.

What have you been doing with your savings? The last money you saved, what did you do with it? The answer to this question is the reason why you have not become rich (That is, if you used it to acquire liabilities).

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The big question is, “What are liabilities and assets?” Liabilities are those things that take away money from your pocket while assets are those things that put more money into your pocket. (Fellow Accountants pardon me for this definition, but in practice, these definitions hold true).

Hear these:

If you must make money just as the fastest billionaires make money online, then, before you spend your money always ask yourself these questions:

This thing that I want to buy, do I really need it?

Is it important?

Is it urgent?

Can it make more money for me?

Can I afford it?

Can I live without it?

What if I do not spend this money now, will I die or will something disastrous happen?

What will be my reward for spending this money? Would I make more money or reap more benefits from it or would it retard my prosperity?

A lot of people make money from Mondays to Fridays only to spend all between Saturdays and Sundays in the name of weekends. What kind of person are you? Do you not think about the future?

If you wish to make money just as the fastest billionaires make money online, then, always remember that opportunity is a haughty goddess who wastes no time with those who are unprepared (You can read more of this from one of my latest novels, Opportunity, The Haughty Goddess available globally on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, kobo, and all top-rated digital bookstores).

Becoming a money magnet requires self-mastery, self-control, and self-discipline. If you want to make money like the fastest billionaires make money online, then, taking charge of yourself, your appetites and your behavior are essential for anyone who wants to achieve success greatly.

Control your expenses with a budget. Keep a diary of every penny you spend for at least a month. It will help you cut back on the little expenses like buying snacks, beer or cigarettes (Brian Tracy added).

This is how the fastest billionaires make money online.

In my next blog post, the part two of this series on “How To Make Money During And After COVID-19”, I will be revealing more facts about money and why you should overcome money mistakes and be rich.

#StaySafe #Pray #MakeMoneyOnline and you will be glad you did!

Till I come your way in my next blog post on this series, I remain yours sincerely,


(A Google Certified Digital Marketer, Author, Publisher, Blogger, Trainer and Mentor)

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